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Wandering Eyeball Syndrome the cure is near. By: Payton Wade.

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2 Wandering Eyeball Syndrome the cure is near. By: Payton Wade

3 What is it? Often seen in the eyes of elementary schoolers during testing. Seen in either one or both of the eyes. It is when children look from paper to paper without permission.

4 What are the symptoms? What does it look like after it happens? The symptoms are eye spasms, biting of pencils, sweaty palms,and a guilty face. After it happens their will be angry friends, an angry teacher, and no recess for the child that has wandering eyeball syndrome.

5 Some Rainforest facts. Chocolate comes from the cacao plant which is grown in the rainforest. A lot of the medicine in North America comes from the rainforest. Over half of the animals in the world come from the rainforest. Covers 12 percent of the earth.

6 Destruction of the Rainforest. Many trees are cut down every day in order to get paper. Because of deforestation we may not be able to cure wandering eyeball syndrome and the many beauties of the great forest. Also one acre of trees is cut down every 2 seconds.

7 Can the syndrome effect other people, even adults? Yes, it can affect adults even if they are much, much older than elementary schoolers. Wandering eyeball syndrome has affected high schoolers and office workers for many years. It effects high schoolers between the months of August and June. Also it effects office workers when they are trying to get a promotion and a new client.

8 The cure for adults The cure for adults is quite simple. You could research statistics if you wanted a job promotion, or you can take this small prescription pill that comes from the rainforest called the sloth. They call it the sloth because sloth’s are very slow and quite common in the canopy layer of the rainforest. Also because this pill is slow acting and takes 2 hours for the ingredients to come in effect.

9 The cure for kids still in school. The cure for kids still in school is a lot like the cure for adults, only this technique is to study before tests, or you could take a liquid medicine from the rainforest called the bromeliad fig the night before a test. It is called that because researchers found an ingredient inside the plants that helps you remember what you had learned the day before.

10 The connection between the rainforest and the syndrome The connection is that both cures for wandering eyeball syndrome comes from the rainforest. Also the names of the cures, like the sloth and bromeliad fig come from the rainforest.

11 Help us stop deforestation Please call Dr. Higginbotham at : 555-762-9284 to help us stop the deforestation that is killing our rainforests. Or you can email her at: For just 20 dollars a year you will help Dr. Higginbotham find more cures from the rainforest like wandering eyeball syndrome.

12 What’s the big deal, its not effecting us in the United States. The big deal is that, trees absorb carbon dioxide and by doing that they produce oxygen. So, that’s still not enough for you, well carbon dioxide is what we breath out, right? Correct! Also oxygen is what we breath in, right? Also correct! That’s the big deal because eventually everyone on earth will not be able to breath because there will not be enough trees to withstand all the carbon dioxide. So yes, it does effect the United States. That is why you will go to the phone right now and call, 555-762-9482 to Dr. Higginbotham and donate 20 dollars a year.

13 Another reason really? Another reason why you should call is because Peru, a country that is 318,000,000 square acres, has 1,433,333 square acres cut down every day! If Georgia, a 38,000,000 square acre state was cut down at the same rate it would take only 26 DAYS for it to be gone without any trees left! Doesn’t that just take just your breath away, so email Dr. Higginbotham to help her at:

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