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Rainforest Destruction by Rebecca Guilfoyle Trees burned by ranchers, for their livestock.

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1 Rainforest Destruction by Rebecca Guilfoyle Trees burned by ranchers, for their livestock.

2 Positives and Negative The deforestation of the rainforest poses a great problem to Latin America and the world because of the significant pros and cons to the issue. The rainforest provides a habitat to a variety of animals and people. If the rainforest was destroyed the species that reside there would become extinct, and the people would be forced to migrate. The rainforest also puts a substantial amount of oxygen into the atmosphere. In the event the rainforest was destroyed in an attempt to increase Latin America’s economy, there would be many negative consequences like a decrease in oxygen. At the same time, the rainforest holds many economic opportunities. If the rainforest continues to be destroyed, to make way for infrastructure, farming, logging, ranching, and other financial opportunities, Latin American countries will benefit economically. Since the people of Latin America have begun using the rainforest to make a living, there have been many positive effects. Brazil’s GDP has increased, and they have a trade surplus. There has also been an increase of jobs and standard of living for the people who work in industries related to the rainforest. The government of countries like Brazil are now faced with a complicated decision. They can continue destroying the rainforest, and benefit economically. Or they can preserve the rainforest, and not be faced with future problems, such as endangered species, pollution, global warming, and forced migration. Or they can attempt to do a little bit of both.

3 Solutions from the Brazilian Governments Point of View There are many solutions to the destruction of the rainforest. We must choose one that benefits our country economically, while still preserving parts of the rainforest. That’s why I believe our country should participate in Debt for Nature Swap. In this program, foreign countries and groups would pay our government to preserve areas of the rainforest. We would then use a small amount of that money to pay guards to police the areas we have agreed to save. Then we could use the rest of the money as investment capitol. The money would allow our people to open new business and utilize the rainforest, in areas not persevered by debt for nature swap. I believe this will be successful, because we are saving portions of the rainforest while continuing to grow economically and use the rainforest to our countries advantage.

4 Solutions from U.S. Politicians Point of View We cannot let the deforestation of the rainforest continue in Latin America. Those forests are vital to the world’s environment. I believe we should pass international laws limiting the amount of rainforest used for economic gain. We must work with the Brazilian government, and encourage them to find new ways to increase their economy. We could possibly participate in a Debt For Nature Swap with Brazil. However, we would have to be insured that a substantial amount of rainforest would be preserved, and that the government would pass strict laws against deforestation in those areas. I believe that by cooperating with the Brazilian government, we will come to a solution that preserves the rainforest. We must end deforestation now!

5 Critique I believe that participating in the Debt for Nature Swap has great potential to be beneficial but could also ask for great downfall since the other country could decide not to follow the pact and begin deforestation on the preserved land at any point. Creating strict laws against deforestation is a very strong solution. It would create strong boundaries and make harsher punishments for those who break the laws. The only issue with this solution is the fact that it relies so much on the people. If everyone is continuing with the destruction of the rainforest it would be difficult to punish a whole country. The first step to take in putting this plan into action is to set laws against deforestation. All in all the solutions address the problems and have great potential as long as citizens are willing to comply to new law and countries are willing to keep their word. Another solution could be to divide the land into land that will be modernized and the deforestation will be permitted on this land and have land that is reserved for wildlife. The reserved land would be preserved and it would be made illegal to trespass and to destruct any wildlife in that area.

6 Sites Used The Wiki- The Powerpoints on the Wiki- C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.ppt

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