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© Boardworks Ltd 2011 1 of 6 Case Study: Deforestation.

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1 © Boardworks Ltd 2011 1 of 6 Case Study: Deforestation

2 © Boardworks Ltd 2011 2 of 6 Learning objectives Case study: the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. What different views are there about deforestation? Icons key: Teacher’s notes included in the Notes PageFlash activity. These activities are not editable. Web addressesExtension activities Icons key: For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation Sound

3 © Boardworks Ltd 2011 3 of 6 The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in South America is a major issue facing the world today. In 2008 alone, 11,968km of rainforest was cleared. This is an area roughly the size of Jamaica. Case study: deforestation

4 © Boardworks Ltd 2011 4 of 6 What do you know about the rainforest?

5 © Boardworks Ltd 2011 5 of 6 What is the impact of deforestation?

6 © Boardworks Ltd 2011 6 of 6 Hold a class debate on the following motion: ‘Is the Amazon rainforest being developed or destroyed?’ Do some research to find out more about the viewpoint your group will represent. You should be prepared to respond to arguments from other groups. You might like to create posters or leaflets to help support your case! Debating deforestation Different groups in the class will represent the views of either: the Brazilian government tribal people environmentalists poor soya farmers.

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