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A cancer drug exploration

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1 A cancer drug exploration
Secrets of the Rainforest A cancer drug exploration

2 The Mysterious Green Florescent Leaves
Hi, I am Tisha While Hiking through the Andean Rain Forest, You and a friend, Tisha, obtain medicinal green leaves from Ramon You bring back to Biotex, a biotech company working on a cure for cancer

3 Green Florescent Protein
Biotex scientists determine that the leaves contain a florescent green protein DNA from the leaves is inserted into bacterial cells

4 Cloning the Gene from Mysterious Leaves

5 More on Cloning the Gene…

6 Purifying the GFP Biotex technicians need to separate the GFP from other bacterial proteins Column Chromatography separates contaminating proteins from GFP The result is a purified GFP that can be tested for its ability to cure stomach cancer

7 Testing and Placebos GFP will need to be tested on rats before it is allowed for a human trial The US Food and Drug Administration will examine Biotex’s experiments to determine if the protein is safe and cures stomach cancer without negative side effects

8 Ethics and Economics Once GFP is approved by the FDA, you will develop GFP as a commercial product You will need to be aware of the following viewpoints: FDA, social conscience, patient advocacy groups, and the employees of Biotex You must resolve the dilemmas in order to successfully market GFP

9 Final Presentations Turn in all lab work with analysis questions
Video Presentation of your marketing of GFP Address issues of all dilemmas 1-8

10 Background Information- Lesson 1
How to use Pipettes Streaking of agar plates to Produce Single Colonies (Sterile Technique)

11 Background Continued…Lessons 2 & 3
Process of Transformation (GMOs or genetic recombinants) Jellyfish , GFP and pGLO and Fluorescence Isolating Clones to Propagate in Liquid Culture Media

12 Background Continued…Lesson 4
Concentration of Bacteria from Liquid Culture Media

13 Background Continued…Lesson 5
Prepare a Bacterial Lysate for Protein Chromatography

14 Background Continued…Lesson 6
Protein Chromatography- Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) GFP is hydrophobic and will stick to hydrophobic beads in salt water buffer When salt is removed, GFP will then be collected 4 buffers: 1) Equilibration buffer (salt buffer) 2) Binding Buffer (high salt) Wash buffer (medium salt) Elution buffer (low salt)

15 Background Continued…Lessons 7-10
Lesson 7- testing and placebos Lesson 8- Advocacy Groups and Viewpoints Lesson 9-Ethics and Economics Lesson 10- Preparing and Giving Presentations

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