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Respect for Nature A Rainbow of Friendship Comenuis Project May2012 St Sylvester’s Primary Elgin, Scotland.

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1 Respect for Nature A Rainbow of Friendship Comenuis Project May2012 St Sylvester’s Primary Elgin, Scotland


3 We would like to learn… What is a rainforest? Where would you find them and where is the biggest? What is special or precious about them? What is the weather like? What animal and plant species live in Rainforests? Do people live there? Why are the rainforests in danger and what can we do to help?

4 Learning Intentions… Children will develop these skills… Interpreting maps Understand environmental impact of human activity/ develop respect for natural world. Using voice and musical instruments to communicate ideas. Creating visual art Writing skills/ creative and functional Science-Classify Living things Using Technology to research and record ideas. Teamwork/ expressing ideas/ compromise Evaluate and assess own progress/ learn form and advise others in their learning

5 Methods Cross Curricular Collaborative Work Personal Research Active Learning Using Technology Peer /Self Assessment

6 Where are the Rainforests?


8 Using ICT

9 Personal Research Titles Climate Wildlife Plants and Trees Tribes Medicines Destruction of the Rainforests Conservation of the Rainforests

10 Making our Fact Files…

11 25.4.12Layers of the Rainforest Your Task Create an annotated diagram to show the 4 layers of a rainforest. On each stage write a sentence or two about what it is like in each layer. Success Criteria It is clear and well presented. The colours are realistic I can explain my diagram and answer questions about it


13 New Vocabulary


15 30.4.12The Rainforest We are learning to - Write a report Success Criteria Include a good introduction Facts only- no opinions Capital letters and full stops Neat presentation Relevant Diagrams Sub headings- Where are the Rainforests? Climate The layers of the Rainforest `Animal and Plant Species

16 Reports

17 21.5.12Save the Rainforests We are learning to – write a persuasive text. Task – Write a piece for “Friends of the Earth” magazine which persuades people that the Rainforests are important and should be protected. List any ways people can help to save the Rainforests at the end of the article. Success Criteria Lots of facts You can also use opinion to help persuade. List the advantages of the Rainforests. Make things sound easy for people Let them know what will happen if they don’t help. Capital letters, full stops Use technical words. Add illustrations which you think will help to persuade

18 Tropical Flowers


20 Oil Pastel Drawings

21 Painting…




25 Poetry

26 Web Resources 4In0 4In0 news/6823287/video/45563477-amazon- rainforest-quot-i-m-yours-quot-by-jason-mraz news/6823287/video/45563477-amazon- rainforest-quot-i-m-yours-quot-by-jason-mraz

27 In the Rainforest… Deep in the Amazon Rainforest Away from the world as we know it Sounds and sights so mysterious, Assault my senses as I walk… I see enormous, exotic trees I hear humming birds flapping in the breeze. Twigs snapping, tiger’s growling Dolphins clicking, monkey’s howling, Tribes dancing, drums beating, Sloths snoring, crocs eating. These sights and sounds you’re sure to hear… Then you know the Amazon is really near!


29 Our Sound Poem… Children choose percussion instruments to represent the sounds of the forest…

30 Facts we learned…



33 Our Displays…


35 Working in Groups…

36 Group Posters…

37 Group Points…

38 Save the rainforests… We decided to make some things to sell at our summer fete in order to donate them to the Save the Rainforest Fund. We decided we would need… Items to sell- Calendars,? Posters to advertise the stall Information about the rainforests for people to read.

39 Making a poster..


41 Our Rainforest Pledge We believe that the rainforest is a storehouse of treasures. We vow to do everything we can to save it. With the vanishing rainforest goes the future of our planet. We have to be the generation that makes a difference!

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