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Nick Dyer Environmental Economics October 15, 2003.

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1 Nick Dyer Environmental Economics October 15, 2003

2 History The Rainforest Action Network was founded in 1985 and has worked to protect both the trees in the rainforest, and the inhabitants that dwell there. They have taken personal responsibility to promote awareness to consumers and other activist groups about the destruction of the rain forest.

3 Working in Greater Numbers R.A.N. is a group of activists from 35 different organizations that have come together to form a plan of action. Collectively, as R.A.N., they believe they will be able to influence a greater number of people and raise awareness to a level never achieved before.

4 Main Concerns The chief concerns of the Rainforest Action Network are to protect the rainforest and those animals and people that inhabit it. Rainforest provide an important habitat for many of the earth’s plants and animals; a habitat that cannot be duplicated or recreated anywhere else in the world. Even those not in the immediate area of Rainforests are affected in a positive way. They help maintain a constant global climate. Absorb carbon dioxide. Provide us with medicines and foods. Assist in the regulation of the earth’s water cycle.

5 Working as a Group As we have learned in class, groups of people and organizations are able to make more of a difference than single individuals. The power of decision. Consumers are solely responsible for the products and the companies that are successful.

6 Memberships Donating to the “Protect an Acre” program which has been very effective throughout the years. It sends your donation to those people that live in the rainforest, as well as other rainforest groups that are trying to save rainforest homes. Leave the R.A.N. network in your will so that they will get a part of your real-estate and will use it towards their cause. Give a membership as a present to someone by making a donation in their name. Membership includes a certificate with details of the project that your helped fund, along with a letter thanking you for the generous donation.

7 The finances of the Rainforest Action network come from a variety of foundations, individuals, businesses and organizations. On the R.A.N. website a list of contributors and a range in the amount of money that they have contributed. From above $250,000 to $500-$999. On average, R.A.N. collects annual revenues greater than 3.2 million dollars to be used towards a variety of projects.

8 Activities The Rainforest Action Network is involved in activities of all kinds. Burger King was importing beef that was less expensive from tropical countries where rainforests were being destroyed to produce pasture for cattle. Burger King sales dropped 12% during the boycott in 1987 and resulted in Burger King canceling 35 million dollars worth of beef contracts in Central America and announced that they would not use rainforest beef any longer. R.A.N. Gained ground in eyes of large corporations, but also gained ground in the eyes of the public.

9 Conclusion The Rainforest Action Network is an organization that is for the good of humanity. They plan to continue to increase their membership numbers and spreading their influence across the globe. By alerting people of the things that they can do besides the donation of money they are putting the power into consumer’s hands. Consumers have, and will continue to empower the people in hopes of leading an effective campaign against the destruction of one of the world’s most valuable natural resources.

10 Donate to R.A.N. Make A Difference

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