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Sumatra Rainforest Sumatra Rainforest By Paul Drakos 602 By Paul Drakos 602.

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1 Sumatra Rainforest Sumatra Rainforest By Paul Drakos 602 By Paul Drakos 602

2 Location Located on island of Sumatra, along equator in Southeast Asia Part of group of forests known as lungs of the world Third largest rainforest, 2.5 million hectares (4 671 000 football fields) Three national parks Gunung Leuser National Park, Kerinici Seblat National Park and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park One of most biodiverse places on earth, one of the only places where there are many different types of plant life and animals living in one place Only area in the world where tigers, rhinos, orangutans and elephants live together

3 Reasons for Deforestation 2 main reasons Pulp and paper mills to produce toilet paper and paper towels Palm oil plantations, palm oil is used in many products like soap, margarine and ice cream

4 Effects of Deforestation A result of forest fires, Sumatra rainforest is responsible for over one third of total global carbon emissions Loss of rainforest impacts animals as their area to roam is shrinking, and food they feed on is being destroyed Scientists warn many of the animals living in the Sumatran rainforest could be extinct in the next 20-30 years World Wildlife Federation states that every minute, 5 football fields of rainforest are being cleared and replaced with pulp and paper mills and palm oil plantations

5 Video rests/solutions-to-deforestation/ rests/solutions-to-deforestation/

6 Organizations World Wildlife Federation and Greenpeace work to save the animals living in the rainforest from becoming extinct Raise awareness around the world and educate people on the importance to save the rainforest and the animals that live there is a website that collects signatures to petition the government of Sumatra to stop allowing the rainforest to be destroyed

7 Let’s Save the Sumatran Tiger Sumatran Tiger is smallest tiger in tiger family Was found all across Sumatra rainforest but due to deforestation and poaching are now only found in swampy areas Sumatran Tiger is listed as critically endangered by World Wildlife Federation as less then 400 tigers live in the wild

8 Resources deforestation-tigers-palm-oil deforestation-tigers-palm-oil deforestation-tigers-palm-oil deforestation-tigers-palm-oil deforestation/ deforestation/ deforestation/ deforestation/ plantation-expansion-emit-more-greenhouse-gases-canada-2020.html plantation-expansion-emit-more-greenhouse-gases-canada-2020.html plantation-expansion-emit-more-greenhouse-gases-canada-2020.html plantation-expansion-emit-more-greenhouse-gases-canada-2020.html disaster-looms-for-rain-forests-of-sumatra/#.Uj2kAhbQlSV disaster-looms-for-rain-forests-of-sumatra/#.Uj2kAhbQlSV disaster-looms-for-rain-forests-of-sumatra/#.Uj2kAhbQlSV disaster-looms-for-rain-forests-of-sumatra/#.Uj2kAhbQlSV

9 Resources angutan_8.6.2012_Hero_and_Circle_image_XL_257636.jpg?1345592809 angutan_8.6.2012_Hero_and_Circle_image_XL_257636.jpg?1345592809 angutan_8.6.2012_Hero_and_Circle_image_XL_257636.jpg?1345592809 angutan_8.6.2012_Hero_and_Circle_image_XL_257636.jpg?1345592809 in-trees-by-sumatran-tigers-after-animals-maul-sixth-person-to-death/ in-trees-by-sumatran-tigers-after-animals-maul-sixth-person-to-death/ in-trees-by-sumatran-tigers-after-animals-maul-sixth-person-to-death/ in-trees-by-sumatran-tigers-after-animals-maul-sixth-person-to-death/ deforestation-toilet-paper_7212.jpg deforestation-toilet-paper_7212.jpg deforestation-toilet-paper_7212.jpg deforestation-toilet-paper_7212.jpg indonesian-deforestation indonesian-deforestation indonesian-deforestation indonesian-deforestation rainforest.html rainforest.html rainforest.html rainforest.html

10 Resources threatens-sumatran-tigers/ threatens-sumatran-tigers/ threatens-sumatran-tigers/ threatens-sumatran-tigers/’s-rainforests-biodiversity-and-endangered-species’s-rainforests-biodiversity-and-endangered-species’s-rainforests-biodiversity-and-endangered-species’s-rainforests-biodiversity-and-endangered-species logo.gif logo.gif logo.gif logo.gif logo.jpg Deforestation-In-Indonesia,-One-Firm-At-A-Time.html logo.jpg Deforestation-In-Indonesia,-One-Firm-At-A-Time.html logo.jpg Deforestation-In-Indonesia,-One-Firm-At-A-Time.html logo.jpg Deforestation-In-Indonesia,-One-Firm-At-A-Time.html Takes+Aerial+Tour+Deforested/4FtY7dQCmH0 Takes+Aerial+Tour+Deforested/4FtY7dQCmH0 Takes+Aerial+Tour+Deforested/4FtY7dQCmH0 Takes+Aerial+Tour+Deforested/4FtY7dQCmH0 the-bowl-clean/ the-bowl-clean/ the-bowl-clean/ the-bowl-clean/

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