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Rainforest By Mitchell Pampu and Victoria Hudson.

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1 Rainforest By Mitchell Pampu and Victoria Hudson

2 Introduction A rainforest is an environment that has many rainfalls and lots of tall trees. There are rainforests all over the world but people mostly talk about tropical rainforests near the equator.

3 Where are the rainforests? Rainforests are all over in South America. They are in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and in the eastern Andean region of Ecuador and Peru. There are also some in Australia. The rainforests in Canada are on the western side of B.C.

4 Rainforests in Canada The Great Bear rain forest is on the north central coast of B.C. It is the largest intact temperate rain forest in the world. It is the only place to find the white Kermode bear. It is estimated to be home to 230 different bird species and 68 different mammals.

5 Facts about the rainforest Rainforests once covered 14% of the land surface. Nearly half the world’s plant and animals will be destroyed in the next 50 years. 2.47 acres may contain 750 types of trees and 1500 species of plants.

6 More Facts About The Rainforest Every second there is a foot ball field size of rainforest land being destroyed. More than 2000 different kinds of butterflies live in the rainforests. 1 out of 4 ingredients in our medicine are found in the rainforests.

7 Temperatures of Tropical Rainforests In tropical rainforests the temperature is about 35°C. And at night it only goes down about 2° or 3°C. In tropical rainforests the temperature stays pretty much the same all year.

8 Rainfall in the Rainforest Rain is common in a tropical rainforest. It can get up to 1000cm of rain in a year. Almost everyday begins with clear blue sky. By the afternoon the water has evaporated and it starts to rain heavily.

9 Plants that are in the Rainforest Some of the plants that are in the rainforest are: Bamboo,bananas,Brazil nuts,Bromeliads(pineapples ),Coconuts and Fruit

10 Animals that live in the Rainforest Some animals that live in the rainforest are: Alligators, Anacondas, Ants, Apes, Assassin Bugs, Bats, Binturong, Bonobo, Butterflies, Caterpillar, Cuckoo Birds, Dragonflies, Emerald Tree Boa, Gibbons, Gorillas, Frogs, Monkeys, Jaguars, Toucans, Mice, Owls, Tigers, Sloths, and Turtles. Tree Frog Emerald Tree Boa

11 Why are they getting rid of Rainforests The main people who are destroying rainforests are loggers. They cut down the trees for the wood but also to clear the land. They use the trees for paper, buildings, railway crosses, and furniture sold to rich countries.

12 What’s good about getting rid of Rainforests There are only a couple good reasons to get rid of rainforests. The trees make furniture and paper. We are getting rid of a lot of insects like mosquito’s.

13 What’s bad about getting rid of the Rainforests We are killing about 137 plants, animals and insects everyday because or rainforest deforestation The rainforests have many cures for serious life- threatening diseases

14 More bad things about getting rid of Rainforests People lose there homes because of rainforest deforestation The rainforests recycle most of the worlds carbon dioxide into oxygen

15 Victoria’s Credits I would like to thank Mitchell for being my partner. I would like to thank Mr. MacIntyre for showing us PowerPoint. I would like to thank Breanna, Kim, Kelsey, and Jenn for looking at my PowerPoint.

16 Mitchell’s Credits I would like to thank Hailey and Jonothan for helping me find information on the rainforest. I would also like to thank Victoria for being my partner. I would also like to thank Mr. MacIntyre for showing me powerpoint.

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20 References rgets/images/pho/t044/T044290A.jpg Pictures/Internet/CostaRica/treefrog.gif m

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