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Red Scarf Girl.

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1 Red Scarf Girl

2 Create Folders… Create tabs out of post-its for the following subjects: Blue: Journals Pink: Vocabulary Green: Characters Purple: Quizzes Place paper behind your “journal” tab, and the correct papers behind the vocabulary, characters, and quizzes tabs

3 Ch.1 Journal Prompt: Classmates decide to go to the home of a woman they don’t like and threaten her. The woman is a member of your family. You don’t want to go, but your classmates will cause trouble for you if you don’t. You cannot get help from anyone in authority, such as teachers, the school principal, or the police. What do you do?

4 Ch.2 Journal Prompt: What is the purpose of Chairman Mao’s campaign to “Destroy the Four Olds”? Does this seem like a good plan? Why, or why not? How would you describe the Four Olds?

5 Ch.3 Journal Prompt: Discuss the reasons for the student group’s criticism of Aunt Xi-wen. Do you agree with the student group? Why does Ji-li feel she has no choice but to go along?

6 Ch.1-4 Discussion When the children are making propaganda posters called da-zi-bao, they are permitted to copy articles from official newspapers. What might this tell you about what is important and unimportant to the Cultural Revolution? At the protest against her aunt Xi-wen, Ji-li hangs back and hides, but she still participates. What does this incident reveal about Ji-li’s character? Xi-reng, Ji-li’s father, comforts his children by explaining that their class status is not their fault. If you were in Ji-li’s situation, would you find his explanation comforting? Why or why not? Ji-li’s family is discriminated against because her family belonged to a group that is considered to be an enemy of the revolution. Why do you think that some people are willing to discriminate against others for things they did not do or do not control?

7 Ch.1-4 Quiz Why did Ji-Li’s father forbid her to go to the audition?
Who is Song Po Po? Who is An Yin? What is Ji-Li’s dad’s job? Why did the teenagers attack the older man on the street? What did Du Hai accuse Ji-Li’s family of doing that was a Capitalist act? The first da zi bao were written about whom? Or what? What happened to the da zi bao about Ji-Li? Ji Li was not elected to the Red Successors because her grandfather was a ______? Why did Du Hai tell Ji-Li to stay after school?

8 Ch.1-4 Quiz Answers Ji-li’s father forbid her to go to the audition because she wouldn’t pass the political background check. Song Po Po is Ji-li’s housekeeper. An Yin is Ji-li’s best friend. Ji-li’s dad is an actor. The teenagers attacked the old man because his clothes represented the four olds. Du Hai accused Ji-li’s family of committing the Capitalist Act of having a housekeeper. The first da-zi-bao were written about the teachers. The da-zi-bao was about Ji-li having a relationship with a male teacher. It was destroyed in the rain. Ji Li was not elected to the Red Successors because her grandfather was a landlord. The Red Successors wanted to speak with Ji-li after school to point out her problems.

9 Ch.4 & 5 Journal Prompt: Discuss the reaction to the announcement that graduation is automatic. Why does Ji-li’s elation evaporate as she watches Du Hai roar with laughter? What does she realize? Do you think exams are useful?

10 Ch.6 Journal Prompt: Discuss the dismissal of Song Po-po. Do you think Song Po-po felt exploited? Should Ji-li be happy that Song Po-po is gone?

11 Ch.7 Journal Prompt: What are the responsibilities of the Neighborhood Dictatorship Group? What does the detention of the ragpicker tell you about Six-Fingers’ ability to make wise decisions?

12 Ch.8 Journal Prompt: Why does Dad decide that Grandma should spend some time at the park? What does Ji-li realize as she sits with Grandma during the first visit to the park?

13 Ch.5-8 Discussion “She doesn’t seem like a landlord’s wife,” Ji-li thinks of her grandmother. “In the movies the landlord’s wife was ugly, cruel and stupid. Grandma was beautiful, kind and smart.” How do these thoughts help illustrate the theme of individuality? What is the basis of the bond that has developed between Ji-li and An Yi by the end of “A Search in Passing.” Ji-li and her family are being prosecuted for reasons beyond their control. What other stories, TV shows, or movies can you think of in which the hero or heroine faces punishment for things he or she cannot control? Give an example how one of these heroes or heroines dealt with the situation. Ji-li enjoys looking at her family’s photographs. Why do you think people enjoy looking at old family photographs?

14 Ch.5-8 Quiz In “Graduation,” both Ji-li and An-li went shopping together for what? At the end of “Graduation,” what bad news did Ji-li receive from Teacher Gu? What did the drums and gongs signal? Why does Ji-li have to take on extra household duties? What does the Jiang family do in their house to prepare for a possible inspection? When Ji-li sees the people who have morning repentance sweeping the street, who does she recognize? What did Old Qian do that made the Red Guards mad at him and caused them to search his house? What terrible punishment did the Red Guards inflict on Old Qian? What were Ji-li’s parents burning in the bathroom? Why? What happens to Ji-yong to make him angry?

15 Ch.5-8 Quiz Answers Ji-li and An-li went shopping together for school supplies. Teacher Gu tells Ji-li that teacher assignments have been cancelled. The drums and gongs signal that the Red Guards are conducting searches of houses They let Song Po-Po go. To prepare for a possible inspection, the Jiangs dye their Grandmother’s old trunks and make comforters out of old clothes. During morning repentance, Ji-li recognizes her aunt. Old Qian refused to let the Red Guards borrow his bike. Old Qian had to kneel on the sharp edges of a washboard as punishment. Ji-li’s parents burned old pictures in the bathroom so the Red Guards would not find them. Ji-yong’s cap is taken and he is called a black whelp.

16 Ch.5-8 Activity In your table groups, you will receive 4 questions.
Brainstorm answers to these questions as a group, and have one person write your response (in paragraph form, 6-8 sentences) for each question, in BLACK ink, on a lined sheet of paper. Choose one scene from one of the 4 chapters and create an illustration. Choose one of the titles of the 4 chapters and use that as the title of your poster. Use construction paper to mount your questions and answers, and place on your poster! Put effort into these posters to make them look neat and decorated.

17 Ch.9 Journal Prompt: Examine the Red Guards’ reasons to have struggle meetings with teacher Wei. What methods are used against her? What does her suffering achieve for China?

18 Ch.10 Discussion: 1.How does Ji- li qualify to join the propaganda for the blackboard newspaper? Given the reaction of her classmates, why does she decide not to participate? 2. Ji-Li’s father is forced to attend a political study class. What was the purpose of political study classes for adults like Ji-li’s father. 3. How does Sun Lin-lin “rescue” Ji-li?

19 Ch.11 Journal Prompt: Discuss Jili’s encounter with the scene-shop foreman. Why does he let Jili see Dad before talking to her? What does he mean by “not come to a good end”?

20 Ch.12 Journal Prompt: Why do Jili and Chiang Hong envy each other? How do Jili and Chang Hong, a Red Guard, bridge the gap between them?

21 Ch.9-12 Quiz Why do Ji-li and An-yi worry about Teacher Wei?
What does Ji-li forget to bring to school when she finally gets to Junior High? Why won’t Shan-shan help Aunt Xi-wen when she falls down on the street? How does Ji-li react when she heard she will be asked to join the propaganda group? According to Ji-li, what was New Year’s Day like before the Revolution? What’s it like now? Why is Ji-li upset when Uncle Fan arrives at their house? According to Uncle Fan, how are people treated if they confess to the Red Guards? What if they resist? What is the Class Education Exhibit? Who finally convinces Ji-li she can overcome her family background? Why doesn’t Chang Hong stay home with her brother?

22 Ch.9-12 Quiz Answers She had been a Model teacher and is now considered a black model teacher. She is criticized at struggle meetings every day. Ji-li forgets her Precious Red Book. Shan-shan has broken relations with his mother because of their black class status. She runs off and doesn’t wait to see Teacher Zhang. See p Ji-li is upset because he has been beaten up. “Leniency to those who confess, and severity to those who resist.” It is an exhibit to expose the class enemies’ evil and remind us of the misery of the old society and our happiness today. Teacher Zhang finally convinces her. She isn’t going to allow personal matters to interfere with her revolutionary duties.

23 Ch.13 Journal Prompt: What does the article say in the Workers’ Revolt? Why does Jili suspect her parents of hiding things from her rather than offer them support? What would you do if your family were a constant source of embarrassment to you?

24 Ch.14 Journal Prompt: Why is Jili replaced at the exhibition? How does Jili react? Why won’t she respond to Bai Shan’s interest in her?

25 Ch.15 Journal Prompt: Examine more closely Chang Hong’s claim that “the sweat of honest work will wash the black stain from your back and purify your mind so that you can follow Chairman Mao’s Revolutionary line” (233). What is work like in the rice fields? How will facing the “challenge of the double rush” help Jili remold herself?

26 Ch.16 Journal Prompt: Based on the treatment the family receives from Thin-Face, what conclusions can you draw about the Cultural Revolution?

27 Ch.17 Journal Prompt: How does Jili resolve the conflict between her ties to her family and her duties to Chairman Mao? Did she prepare you throughout this book for this outcome?

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