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Back Cover Calling out the Left Tyler Lloyd Thanks for taking the time to read my work. If you found more value in this zine than the price of printing.

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1 Back Cover Calling out the Left Tyler Lloyd Thanks for taking the time to read my work. If you found more value in this zine than the price of printing please donate with Bitcoin to the QR code above or at the BTC address: 1LKKhuWJF9kj3qzJxcVXmwpWCR5f8pUFnq You can find more of my work at: If you choose to subscribe to please use discount code TYLERLL to save yourself some money. My Tyler Lloyd

2 Top 10 Douchey Liberal Ideas [Disclaimer] I think some of these ideas do have some truth to them, but it is that very vocal and obnoxiously rude minority within the left that gets these ideas on my Top 10. I don’t hope to alienate people who hold these beliefs, but I do want to challenge why they hold them. More often than not my experience with these ideas are that they poison the social environment. By asserting these arguments based on emotion, petty jealousy, and collectivism a serious conversation about liberty is shutdown and everyone leaves either scared or angry. I don’t actively troll liberals, but I do have a problem with them pushing their political beliefs on me. If I don’t believe in all of them, there is nothing wrong with me, and they are wrong for the imposition. There are some people who you just never want to talk to and I’ve met my fair share. Again, some of these ideas might actually have some truth to them, but the leftist approach that I will describe here demonstrates how people who actively interject these ideas into everything earn the label of “douchebag”. No movement for equality should ever start by attacking the individual based on demographics or achievement. My writing is completely satirical, so please don’t take my remarks too seriously. So many of these examples are extremely absurd and purposely offensive. All from which I can write entire articles about the hypocrisy and misguided intentions of each and every one of these issues, but this post is more of an overview. (I apologize in advance for being a white straight male who has the nerve to even talk about these issues. Psyche.)

3 President Obama has held office for more than 6 years now and people all over the political spectrum have their gripes. Whether it’s about immigration, Benghazi, the IRS & VA scandal, or Obamacare; liberals should also have problems with the way the country is operating (cough*drone strikes*cough). Yet, the left is still busy hoping for change, and giving Obama the benefit of the doubt on most, if not every issue. Even if a person has a legitimate problem with the administration, it doesn’t matter because they are just jealous a right-winger didn’t win the election. Impeach the only black president; that must be racist. 10) Blind Support for This Guy On the next page is a cartoon that was featured in that same issue of the school newspaper. Just look at how creepy they make this cartoon man seem without humanizing the honest efforts men have made to help women protect themselves. Men do care and take issue with people being raped or sexually assaulted. Don’t make problem solving harder by refusing any help honest men might try to extend. Try meeting us somewhere in the middle to protect others from these crimes Feminists seem so intent on broadcasting and sensationalizing. It might be sad to give up something you love being such a bitch about, but you can always find other things to bitch about.

4 9) Blindly Supporting Obamacare Don’t call it “Obamacare” because that is now a slur against one of the most progressive policies to ever pass the House, Senate, and Supreme Court. What does it matter if healthcare costs in the private sector are rising? They should all just go to and find a better plan that is more affordable. People who want to choose their doctor and keep their current plans are just trying to deprive the poor from their right to be, and stay healthy. Remember it was only passed for the good of everyone, so the only way to properly refer to this policy is by the “Affordable Care Act”; even if you think that’s ironic. This concludes my piece confronting an article that I felt attacked men. We all acknowledge sexual violence toward women is wrong, and that they must be respected. However, we also need to acknowledge that there are unethical people out there, and that they don’t care if what they are doing is wrong. Heads up, they probably know it’s wrong too, and they are just trying to figure out a way to get away with it. The problem I have with the actions of Feminists, within this instance, is that they demonize most men for the actions that they don’t do and have no control over. Then the state gets involved and imposes punishments and standards onto everyone to meet a threat that is marginal and exacerbated.

5 8) Cultural Appropriation What better way to be multicultural than by segregating cultures? We can all get mad at white people trying to act gangster or sports teams reflecting harmful racial stereotypes. However, when it comes to celebrating cultural diversity and enjoying the culture of others, you better have someone from that culture as a present and active part of your event. God forbid you throw a fiesta without it being hosted by Latinos, have a toga party without any Romans, or even dare to hold a superhero party outside of The Wayne Manor because you would then be appropriating culture. It doesn’t matter if you admire these cultures and want to take part in them. You just can’t, because your efforts at tapping into the ethnosphere are offensive. Just keep to doing whatever it is white people do. If they weren’t lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer, intersex, or asexual how else could they express their uniqueness and their need for preferential treatment? I’m not saying it is a bad thing, just that it’s really pretentious and egotistical from an outsider’s perspective. If you try to be nice to all people, instead of imposing on them how you want to be treated, then maybe people will treat you the way you want them to. Respect is a two-way street, and it is offensive to accuse people of prejudice just because they can’t keep up with your indoctrinated lingo and personal beliefs.) Serious question though: Do Microaggressions violate the Non-Aggression Principle?

6 7) Democracy Do you like having your political voice disenfranchised every election? No? Well tough, because everyone else decided to fork it over for you with their votes. You don’t vote? Well then, you have no room to talk. Don’t even try to talk about politics or US foreign policy. Your time already came and went. Voting is not immoral behavior because it forces the majority’s preferences onto the minority. You should just get more hip and informed to this representative democracy you live under. No way the system is rigged by wedge issues, and don’t consider the fact that money has more influence in Washington DC than votes do. We put them there and we can take them out. Just wait until the next election and pick someone else, that will keep the politicians honest. As the conversation around sexual assault and consent grows on the national level (Thanks again for poisoning the dating pool), it can be easy to wonder what you could possibly do to make change. Start by actively changing the way you think about women, people of color, and the LGBTQIA community (The acronym keeps growing). What are the judgments you snap to, what are the assumptions you make about these and other marginalized groups? Maybe those assumptions are absolutely wrong. If we all did that together, it could make the greatest change. (Don’t you love the way she ends this article by implicating guilt on her audience? Just cause she thinks of people through generalizations doesn’t mean you should. Also, I guess no one can be treated as an individual. I thought most people wanted to be treated with respect as a person, but if you know anything about the LGBTQIA community it is all about them and their preferences.

7 6) Cultural Marxism Who even knows what this means? It really is just a derogatory slur toward people who are trying to help the disadvantaged or oppressed minorities. The majority’s culture is destructive based on historical context and Marx had some really good ideas on how to restore equality. If you are not for social justice and equal opportunity for all, then you must be a racist, homophobic, sexist, ableist, classist, hateful piece of shit. No one should ever be proven incompetent or dumb unless they challenge our beliefs. It doesn’t matter if a person is underqualified or unmotivated to succeed; it is the problem of the successful majority to bend over backwards for them. Remember your success is a privilege, and you have a duty to the underprivileged. Maybe some people should be oppressed so that others can catch up to their standard of living. It’s only fair, based on Socio- Economic Status. That is after all, the only thing that makes us different. 3. Women owe you absolutely zero. Women don’t owe you their number, they don’t owe you a date, they don’t owe you sex, they don’t even owe you a response. If you feel like you did something nice for a woman, or she was giving you “signals” that she was into you, she still doesn’t owe you anything. I work in customer service. When a client e-mails me asking for a service, I email them back within two hours because I work for a business and the client expects me to provide for them. This makes sense for a business, that I owe them a response. But I am a person, not a service, and when a man asks something of me personally and thinks I owe him, it tells me exactly what he thinks of me, that I am a service to him. Women are not a service, we are people, stop treating us like we are something to be used. (Most men know women are not a service, but sexist Feminists assume all men objectify women. I agree women don’t owe men anything, but you have to acknowledge how women can take advantage of men. No one should have things imposed on them, but no one wants to be in a one-sided relationship either. Men are not services to be used by women either sweetheart.#HeForShe)

8 5) White Guilt Have you ever heard of the bleeding- heart liberal? This is why their heart should bleed. Are they white, do they even know history? From the historical context of global societies, white people have had the most destructive impact. What makes you think things have changed all that much today? I hate it when a white person claims to be post-racial or colorblind. It’s like they don’t even know they dominate most of the world’s wealth and resources. How dare white people even have something to say when it comes to race? They don’t even understand the issue. We need to have a global conversation about the race problem, and white people need to shutup and just listen. Then if they don’t leave feeling guilt for the actions of their entire collective race, they must then be racist. (Women are not conditioned to say yes. That is some highly manipulative bullshit for women to latch onto and refuse to take responsibility for themselves. The real reason women are afraid to say “no” to men is because they are afraid men, and men’s reactions to rejection. I truly wish women said “no” more often because then you know where you stand with them. It would save everyone a lot of time if we could just get honest. What women won’t tell you is that by leading a guy on, even if they are not interested, they can take advantage of him in the future. Why say “no” to men if you can diversify your options of white knights that will answer at your every beck and call?) 2. When a woman says yes, but looks or sounds unsure, she probably means no. Just because someone says yes with their mouth doesn’t mean it is a contract written in stone. Again, women have been conditioned to always say yes, because when we do reject men, the repercussions are damaging. (Does that mean women can’t be held at their word like men are? So yes means no? Again, not all women are “conditioned” or indoctrinated by Feminism. This is one of the reasons why some guys don’t even want to talk to women.)

9 4) Privilege Checking These are those guys mentioned just earlier who don’t believe they should feel guilty because they’re white. They are the worst, not only because of racism but for other bigoted reasons as well. The privileged are literally the worst people, and their actions make the world a worse place everyday. They think it is a person’s choices that determine if they are poor or underemployed, and this makes them classist. They know how well they are doing, and they don’t worry (or even care) about how people around the world are struggling every single day. They try to champion individualism and working hard, when really all their success comes from the labor of other people. They are the reason minimum wage isn’t higher, why racism still exists, why women don’t make more money, and why so many people are behind bars. If they could just learn to share and take the concerns of other people more seriously, then maybe we could be closer to an egalitarian society. If someone you work with makes a dollar per hour more than you, then they best check their privilege. Do you do drugs without going to prison? You better check your privilege. You want to park in a handicap space or use the handicap stall in the restroom? You should check your privilege. Want to walk past a panhandler without giving him your spare change? You best check that privilege. Here are three things that are by no means a comprehensive list, but certainly are something more men need to think about when approaching a woman (romantic/sexual intentions or otherwise): (This will be good. I’m glad it’s not a comprehensive list because women should always be able to have more standards they wish to impose upon men.) 1. When a woman says “no” she means “no”. If you ask a girl out on a date, for her number, or even for her Facebook name, and she says no, just walk away (which most guys do). You aren’t going to wear her down, you aren’t going to convince her you’re worth it. She’s said no for a reason. It takes so much courage and strength to say no because I have spent my whole life being told by my male peers not to say no to them (doubt it, not all guys are like that). Once, several men (doubt it) told me that a girl should never say no to a date with a guy, because “the guy worked really hard to ask her out and if he gets a no, his feelings will be hurt.” (Nah, let’s drink his tears.)As a woman, I am conditioned to say yes to everything asked of me by men, regardless of my feelings about the situation, so for a woman to choose the opposite and say no, it takes so much strength.

10 3) Gun Control Guns are scary and no one should have them. If no one had guns then no one would be shot by them, and armed robberies would decrease. Too many people die every year by guns and we need to have empathy for them and the loved ones they left behind. In fact, just because more people kill themselves with guns than kill other people means that gun owners don’t care about the suicidal. This violence must stop, and the only people who can stop it work for the government. I don’t need to worry about protecting myself because my government should do that. That is why we pay them taxes and vote them into office; to keep us safe. I think the police do a great job of that, and we need less guns on the street to keep them, as well as, us safe. We don’t need to worry about personal protection, what we need is a culture we don’t need protection from. When I see an open carrier claiming his right to “bear arms”, I’m so scared I want to grab the gun right off his hip and throw it off the nearest bridge into a river. La La La La No guns. No guns. No guns. La La La La The implementation of the required course came only a day after a crime alert notified the community of a reported sexual assault on the Monroe Park Campus. It also came a month after three VCU soccer players were sentenced to 150 days in jail with 140 days suspended for two years for the unlawful videotaping of a minor — in effect receiving only 10 days of jail time for the violation of a minor. While it is of the utmost importance that these issues are in the spotlight, it is also important to talk about the small ways women are violated everyday. (It is not of the “utmost importance” that you sketch out women every time a crime happens. The story with the soccer players is unrelated, but shows a perfect example of how Feminists celebrate kicking men out of college and hopefully getting them some jail time. Hypothetical: If you let me into your party, I get drunk and start dancing around naked, then someone films it; does that mean everyone at the party is now a sexual predator? Gotta check IDs at the door guys, and think before filming anything sexual in nature.)

11 Have you ever heard of hate speech? Well, it use to mean calling for acts of violence against other people. However, now it means saying anything that could very-well lead to even the idea of using violence for some hateful or political reason. Inclusively, if someone listens to you say something controversial and then goes out and hurts someone else, you should also be held accountable for that person’s actions. You should always watch what you say because if you are bigoted hateful things will just seep out of you, without you even knowing. We need to censor free speech and ban some words, not only because of how they could be used, but also because of how hurtful the meaning of those words are. Words just can’t have multiple meanings and some are never ok to use in whatever context. Also using curse words is just an effort of the ignorant mind trying to express itself, people are better than that. We also need to run to an authority figure whenever we read, see, or hear anything that could possibly be construed as politically incorrect. If we don’t make a big deal about what people should or shouldn’t be able to say, then we will always live in a world filled with discrimination. It is never ok to stereotype people, but it is ok to categorize people based on gender, race, class, and sexual orientation. This means some “other people” are going to have to learn why it’s ok for only certain people to say something that the “others” are never allowed to say or even talk about. In fact, if those other people could just have nothing to say on particular issues then everything would really work out. Only some people should be able to talk about some topic, and carefully dismantle such volatile elements found within language. Always remember if you think something might be politically incorrect then it already is, and you need to zip your lip and check that privilege. 2) Political Correctness ( Colleges shouldn’t have the power or jurisdiction to deal with sexual assault. It is a criminal justice issue and should be handled by the police. The real reason Feminists want to control sexual assault cases on campus is so they can expel men they don’t like by claiming victimhood. Thanks for taking student registration hostage by the way. As of now, if you don’t take and pass a mandatory multimodular test by October 15 (that the university has imposed on everyone) they will put a hold on your account; guilty until proven innocent.) This requirement comes in the wake of the federal review of four Virginia universities for alleged sexual-violence violations of Title IX, the federal law which protects against gender-based discrimination and sexual violence in any institutions that receive federal funding. These universities include James Madison University, University of Virginia, University of Richmond and The College of William & Mary. (Only two cases from VCU made it that far. It really is because one “victim” didn’t get her way, and now we are all being punished by Title IX)

12 1)Rape Culture You even feminist, bro? Well, you should be, because women face so many problems that you are privileged from having; just because you are male. They are constantly objectified and have a really hard time being treated as equals. When was the last time someone came onto you, and you didn’t really like them in “that way”? It’s a really awkward situation because if you straightup reject them they could get mad and even turn violent. Some men are so misogynistic they don’t even risk the rejection and go straight to anger and violence. So you should always live in fear of men. They commit the majority of violent crime, and that includes rape. In fact, men in America are so horrible the majority of rapes are committed by men onto other men. We need to address the fear of being raped by (first) never blaming a victim, (two) always kicking an alleged rapist out of college, and (three) expect other people to keep us safe. It doesn’t even matter if a guy actually committed rape because it is still in his nature. Even if he was just accused and later proven innocent, he should still be publicly ostracized. Women would just be safer without so many men around. Therefore, always be careful if you are out in public and never trust them. Men need to just learn to not rape, but they seem incapable of simply doing that. Rape is worse than murder, because of how long it can last and how vulnerable we are to it. This is why some women think that any act of penetration, even if consensual, is still rape. Women have sadly just learned to enjoy it, and that is a problem created by the patriarchal indoctrination all women have unfortunately undergone from an early age. #YesAllWomen (First off, she does a really bad job of defining microaggression, and she misspells it in the article. Buckle in, because she is going to continue to make things seem worse than they really are to spread more of her fear and hate for men. She is, and always has been, talking about something that is uncommon and anomic. Sidenote, do microaggressions violate the NAP?) Most often when discussing the topic of consent, it is easy to limit the conversation to sexual consent (Yeah, God forbid a person questions the consent they have with government). Many colleges across the U.S. have been in the spotlight recently, criticized for how they have dealt with sexual assault and the steps they are taking to change that. In contrast, VCU has implemented a mandatory online course for students that focuses on sexual violence.

13 Criticism for a Dumb Student Opinion I have to confess something personal. I messed up when picking colleges and ended up at a pretentious liberal arts school. Even if they advance in research, medicine, engineering, and business; my slice of campus isn’t in that part of the city. I know it is unfair to lump everyone who goes there into one category or another, but this Op Ed piece is going to point out the thinking of people I have had the misfortune of meeting. Now, I understand the point of privileging new perspectives to create space for the production of cultural capital. However, what can we do if those new voices poison public discourse? This last week was really intrusive from the perspective I will explore in this article. Also, in another article I will elaborate more about how Feminists have taken my school’s student registration policy hostage. However, this piece is about the douchey pretentious beliefs found within this Student Opinion article that was published by the school newspaper. Disclaimer: Criticism is not harassment. Please don’t think I’m personally attacking the author of this article in any way, shape, or form. It is the ideas found within the article that I am writing about, not the person. I remember my first couple days at VCU. It was my first time being away from home, and the first time I had ever talked to or hung out with so many boys. There was one night where a boy my roommate had made friends with was in our room. As I was going about my business he felt the need to tell me I “looked really sexy.” I felt trapped because he had come into my space to give me his unwanted opinion of my body. (Just kick him out then, don’t go out of your way to make all men seem creepy. Maybe you are just unapproachable and men have made a mistake by even trying.) These small actions are called microaggressions and they happen everyday to every woman, every person of color, queer people, trans people, every person who does not fit the mold of the white heterosexual cisgendered male. Right now, at VCU and colleges across the country, women are entering college for the first time and experiencing these kinds of microaggressions, or even worse, situations of sexual assault and abuse.

14 So let’s get into this hit-piece: The rules of consent I wonder if there will ever be a day when I walk out of my apartment and someone doesn’t feel the need to comment on my body. Earlier this week I needed to go out to get some flu medicine for myself. As I was walking to the store, every group of men I walked past made a comment on my body. These comments made me feel overwhelmed and unsafe because there was nothing I could do to escape the situation. All I could do was smile or ignore so they wouldn’t engage me. Why do these men give out their opinion when it was unasked for? (I doubt every group of men she passed said something to her, and I don’t think she is catcalled everyday. I do not appreciate the characterization of men she provides, and I don’t believe her story. I think feminists want to be catcalled on the street just so they feel justified for starting a fight. Look out for the women you walk by in public because some might be drunk off that haterade. Also I don’t think she is much of a looker; she could just be lying to get the audience’s attention.)

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