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Being a teenager. What does it mean? Let`s brainstorm the ideas. BEING A TEENAGER (on the one hand) (on the other hand) 1. great fun, exciting, wonderful.

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Presentation on theme: "Being a teenager. What does it mean? Let`s brainstorm the ideas. BEING A TEENAGER (on the one hand) (on the other hand) 1. great fun, exciting, wonderful."— Presentation transcript:

1 Being a teenager. What does it mean? Let`s brainstorm the ideas. BEING A TEENAGER (on the one hand) (on the other hand) 1. great fun, exciting, wonderful time1.very difficult, dangerous, hard time 2. falling in love 2.taking a lot of exams 3 dating 3.overcoming difficulties 4. choosing a career. 4.commiting crimes 5. important decisions 5.problems with parents, teachers, 6. having everything for the first time 6.problems with. classmates, friends

2 2. Read and translate these familiar quotations: 1."No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent" (Abraham Lincoln) 2."You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time" Abraham Lincoln) 3."Be noble in every thought and in every deed!" (Henry Long­fellow) 4."If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one" (John Galsworthy)

3 to leave school to join the army to buy alcohol to get married to get one's ears pierced to be entitled to receive full-time education to sell scrap metal ammunition

4 parents' consent soft drinks to forbid to be responsible for criminal actions to work full-time to apply for your passport to get a license

5 1)to join the army 2)to buy alcohol 3)the law forbids 4)parents' consent 5)to buy ammunition 6)to sell scrap metal 7)to borrow money from a bank 8)to get one's ears pierced 9)to buy full ticket 10)to smoke at any age 11)to be responsible for criminal actions 12)to work full-time 13)soft drinks 14)to get a license to drive a car

6 At what age do young people leave school in Britain? At what age do young people join the army in Britain? At what age do young people buy alcohol in Britain? At what age can young people get married in Britain?

7 Read each sentence and write a second sentence from the words give. 1.Tom's parents were disappointed when he decided to leave home, (they / want / Tom / stay with them) 2.Please don't tell anyone that I'm leaving my job. (I / not / want / anyone / know) 3.There's a football match next Saturday between England and Scotland. (you / want / Scotland / win?) 4.Unfortunately someone had told Sue that I was going to visit her. (I / want / it / be a surprise) 5.Jill didn't have any money. (She / want / Ann / lend her some)

8 Key: 1) They wanted Tom to stay with them. 2.I don't know anyone to know. 3.Do you want Scotland to win? 4.I wanted it to be a surprise. 5.She wanted Ann to lend her some money.

9 Translate the sentences using complex object. 1)Я хочу, чтобы вы пришла вовремя. они пригласили вас. мы выиграли матч. они могли рисовать хорошо. она не опаздывала на занятия. 2)Он заставил меня переделать работу. нас остаться дома и не ухать в плохую погоду на машине, его сделать все вовремя, ее больше заниматься.

10 Role-play "Psychologists" As far as I know some of you like to read youth magazines. You can find so-called problem pages where you read teens letters, some complains, advice. Today I`ve got three teens letters from the magazine "Speak out". Pretend you are psychologists. Read the letters attentively and give your advice to these teens. You can use key-words and of course your ideas. Don`t forget to use linking words: I think, I believe, I suppose, As for me, To my mind, In my opinion, Besides, In addition to that, To sum it up, In conclusion). Dear psychologists, My name is Martin. I`m 15. I`ve got many problems at school. In fact, I hate school. I hate doing homework. I don`t feel comfortable with my schoolmates. They call me names (дают прозвища) because I`m too tall and pale. What should I do ? Please, give me advice. KEY WORDS: Try to be tolerant Do sports, be active Don`t worry about your appearance (внешность) Do your best at school School years fly quickly Take your problems easy Try to help somebody else ---- you will be SPECIAL in their eyes.

11 Dear psychologists, My name`s Susan. I`m 14. My parents don`t understand me. They think, my favorite music is too loud, my clothes are very strange, my make-up is too bright. No one listens to me! They only grumble (ворчат). I`m fed up with it! (сыт по горло). What can you advise me? Bye, Susan. Key words: Try to be tolerant Try to understand your parents, their point of view. Try to behave (вести себя) like a real adult, not like a little girl. Help your parents and other people-they will think that you are SPECIAL. Try to bring up (воспитывать) an elegant taste in clothes.(look at fashion magazines and shows)

12 Dear psychologists, My name is Sally, I`m15. My parents don`t allow me to get a part time job. But I really need more pocket money to buy new CDs, computer games and clothes. My parents think that I should take care of my little brother and do my homework. It is so boring! As for me I have enough time to work. What should I do? Please, give me advice. Bye, Sally. Key words: Try to understand your parents worry about your future and want you to receive a good education first. Try to behave yourself (вести себя) like a real grown-up person., not a little girl. Find a compromise Be tolerant with your parents Try to persuade (убедить) your parents that you can work once or twice a week

13 Remember, every difficult situation has a solution. Some ways to help yourself in troubles. Each group receives advice from real psychologists how to overcome difficulties, how to cope with problems. Read them aloud and another group tries to translate it. ADVICE 1. Remember, you are a unique. Do not compare yourself with any one else. ADVICE 2: Do something for someone else. The people you are helping will think you are something special. ADVICE 3: Keep notes of your problems. You can do it in code if you worry about privacy. By the end of the month, you will see how many problems you really can solve ADVICE 4: Allow yourself to fail. We do learn from experience. Each failure teaches us something. ADVICE 5: Work out your own motto. For example, "I am doing my best.", "I am a great person". Repeat it wherever you start feeling blue. ADVICE 6: If we are broad-minded and tolerant, we can respect different opinions and make the world happier. Which advice do you like best? Is it useful or useless?

14 VI. Create your own T-shirts with your motto. (for example: Let`s change the world to the best Say "no" to drugs (alcohol, cigarettes) Say "yes" to freedom (piece, love, tolerance, friendship) Everyone has the right to life (non-discrimination) Put cigarettes (alcohol, drugs) out of fashion. Being a teenager means to be happy (to have great fun). Let us make a conclusion if being a teenager is difficult or not.

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