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Country Update France Belux Netherlands. Country Update FRANCE.

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1 Country Update France Belux Netherlands

2 Country Update FRANCE

3 Agenda 1.DRIVE 2.Palo Alto Networks Giant Slalom V2 3.Marketing plan S2/2013 4.Best campaign S1/2013 5.Feedback MEE campaign

4 Drive Report 3 promotions in progress : Aerohive, Palo Alto Networks & Proofpoint 14 resellers registered & 25 users 0 meeting

5 How to promote ? Registrations have to do by Exclusive Networks Emailer/banners Organization Drive Day (oct 11th) Internal leader nominated : Y Wattel and V Pion Use blitz days organized by Palo Alto to promote Drive and register the meetings Use deal registration information to push reseller to register their meeting in Drive Testimonial reseller NB : New presentation on the last Monday during the sales meeting

6 Giant Slalom 2 Palo Alto Work with the sales specialist & sales managers Today 14 resellers concerned with 2 partners who forbid promotion Email every month to announce the intermediate results Is it possible to register the deals instead of sales ?

7 Future events - 1 Channel conference Presentation : facts & figures, strategy, new products & new features Paris Center Défense on the 11th september Obj : 250 resellers – sales & technical Morning : sales & pre-sales presentation Afternoon : technical workshops Result : 180 attendees

8 Future events - 2 Fortitour S2/2013 : 11 cities Meeting & fun Target : resellers in region – pre sales Bordeaux le 17/09 Toulouse le 18/09 Marseille le 25/09 Nice le 26/09 Tours le 1/10 Nantes le 2/10 Rennes le 3/10 Lille le 8/10 Strasbourg le 10/10 Lyon le 16/10 Etretat le 22/10

9 Future events -3 Technical workshop with Palo Alto 4 cities Target : resellers in region – prospect – pre- sales 1st step in new generation FW Toulouse le 10/10 Lille le 22/10 Nantes le 14/11 Lyon le 19/11

10 Future events - 4 Expert Days Aerohive Training during 2 days Transfer of Information Target : resellers – pres sales Toulouse 9th & 10th sept Paris 17th & 18th oct Marseille 23th & 24th oct Nantes 20th & 21th nov Lyon 27th & 28th nov

11 Partners event for end users Altius – Vidyo & Aerohive – 9th oct Boulogne Diademys withFortinet Nomios with Palo Alto Networks Addon with Nutanix Merisac/Silver Peak DCI/Fortinet Nware/Silver Peak

12 Best campaign S1/2013 NEW TECHNOLOGIES FORUM Exclusive Networks annual event for the resellers 5 cities 14 vendors – workshop and face to face 364 registrations & 230 attendees.

13 Feedback MEE campaign End users event (only) – 2 nd july in Paris Registration : 57/Attendees : 22 (big companies : bank, government, services…) – 12% projects/50% technology watch/38% other project Opportunities detected during tlmk campaign : 5 Interests : 78 – 25% projects/65% technology watch/10% other project NB : we plan to organize a second event in january around the datacenter

14 Social Networks 1.Linkedin – 502 members after 4 months 2.Facebook – no target 3.Twitter – 107 followers 4.Scoop it – news on line, real time newspaper

15 Marketing Update BeLux

16 Mobile Enterprise Eco-system 1 seminar in June – 36 attendees: 23 resellers, 13 endusers Launch of MobileIron 4 new resellers for MobileIron and Aerohive Enduser Leads:  until now, no extra business as a direct result of the campaign Aerohive: 9 FireEye: 8 Fortinet: 4 LogRhythm: 3 MobileIron: 10 Nutanix: 6 Sophos: 5

17 DRIVE 2 active promotions: Aerohive and Nutanix (special incentive, not visible on the website). 16 Resellers (MD’s) invited  6 MD’s completed Registration  4 MD’s Invited colleagues 15 Colleagues (normal reseller) invited  6 completed registration 1 Aerohive appointment has been registered How do we promote? Banner in every signature Short explanation about DRIVE in each offer Personal communication via Channel Account Manager Why does it not work? They forget … Incentive is not high enough (?) They don’t want to involve the distributor or vendor in the first meeting/contact with their (potential) customer Some MD’s block the incentive (!)

18 Best campaign Q3 Fortinet incentive – Rock Werchter & Roger Waters

19 Best campaign Q3 NUTANIX - 1 Million € Incentive  the first reseller with a 1.000.000 euro deal gets 5000 euro to spend in the DRIVE shop

20 Marketing Plan Q4 September – Nutanix Technical enduser workshop – Nutanix Channel training – BRUCON hacking conference

21 Marketing Plan Q4 October – Sophos Solution Day – Belgacom Security Convention – Securelink Nutanix seminar – ICT Networking Drink – NetSec2013

22 Marketing Plan Q4 November – Proofpoint Technical workshop – Arbor Technical workshop – FireEye Technical workshop – Night of the Proms

23 Marketing Plan Q4 December – Dimension Data DDshow – Belgacom Night of ICT

24 Feedback How can the Group support you better? – Think global, act local … so everything is under control Other stuff/issues? – Difficult to get funding from som evendors because there is no focus on our (small) region – Advanced marketing tools (cfr marketing automation)

25 Country Update Iberia

26 DRIVE Situation Iberia Promotion Suggestion of Improvements Next steps / Expectation for next months GIANT SLALOM V2 – Update Country marketing plan until the end of the year 3 main activities Agenda

27 Situation Iberia Spain 2 active users: Acuntia (2 nd ) & Unitronics (8th) 18 Pre-registered partners: BT, Grupo ICA, Impala, Indra (not allowed), IECISA, Ingenia, ITS, MDTel, Morse, Nextel, Powernet, S21Sec, Siemens, SCC, Tecnocom, Telefónica, Wellness 8 Drive Promotions, including Giant Slalom V2 5 Approved Meetings 2 Declined Meetings Our goal was… 12 MDs Spain (2+18) 15 Events (7 + 1 pending)

28 Situation Iberia Portugal 2 active users: Sysvalue (3rd) & Decunify (4th) 10 Pre-registered other main partners: Hardsecure, Regra, Maxiglobal, IDW, Hardsecure, Fast Call, Convex, CPC IS, Connecting, Cilnet 2 Drive Promotions, including Giant Slalom V2 4 Approved Meetings Our goal was… 10 MDs Portugal (2 + 10) 10 Events (4)

29 Promotion Vendors 8 vendors involved + Giant Slalom V2 Next vendor: Vormetric

30 Promotion Resellers 1:1 Marketing Plan for Top 20 partners Powerpoint in spanish Folder in spanish Emailing Communication On-line / Banners Social Media Webinars (pending)

31 Suggestion of improvements EASIER REGISTRATION PROCESS Now the process is a bit confusing for the users: The MD should require access > Corporate Rewards receives > Exclusive Networks approves… … And after the MD has to invite their users!! Or EXN invites MDs one by one but… Sometimes e.mails are received as a spam Most of the times companies MD = User If this people do not receive or pay attention to the e.mail, we can not send the invitation again!! We can not invite users for a company, only the MDs

32 Suggestion of improvements EXN ADMINISTRATION Manage Users: Now we can’t manage users We do not have direct access to their data, we can not edit… Just see the status and events history!

33 Suggestion of improvements EXN ADMINISTRATION Drive Campaigns: We can not create campaigns for new vendors No templates or option to duplicate existing ones How allow a vendor to approve meetings? Automated e.mails do not work properly

34 Suggestion of improvements EASIER PROCESS TO CREATE EVENTS We suggest to be able to create an event before or after it happens No need to confirm the meeting The only condition is to inform us and/or the vendor before the meeting When We, as Admin, click in “Pending Events”, no events appears but we can approve or decline…

35 Suggestion of improvements EXN ADMINISTRATION Manage Users: Now we can’t manage users We do not have direct access to their data, we can not edit… Just see the status and events history!

36 Next steps / Expectations for next months >Spain In 2013 we are working with 139 Partners (160) All of them have received information about Drive by e.mail --- STILL PUSHING! Focus on Top 20, who generates almost 80% of our business (Pareto’s Law) --- Some of them has attended 1:1 presentations about Drive Only 2 Active Users: Acuntia (2 nd ) and Unitronics (8th) who generates 19% of our global business --- Our goal is to have 10 Active Users, increasing from 20 to 30 MDs

37 Next steps / Expectations for next months > Spain OUR MAIN GOAL IS TO CONVERT ALL THESE PARTNERS IN GREEN… … And to complete with other smaller and perhaps more active resellers ResellerBusiness Situation Drive Telefónica Soluciones, S.A.U12,57% 1:1 Presentation SEPT Pre-registered Acuntia, S.A.11,10% MD & USER Siemens7,83% Not allowed SCC7,81% 1:1 Presentation Pre-registered BT5,66% Pre-registered FUJITSU5,46% Not allowed Request to Corporate Rewards Unitronics3,98% MD & USER SATEC3,10% 1:1 Presentation Pre-registered Telecor, S.A.2,70% 1:1 Presentation SEPT DIDATA2,52% … Nextel, S.A.2,02% … IECISA1,94% 1:1 Presentation SEPT Brújula1,75% … Impala1,51% … Bull1,48% Internal problems Grupo I.C.A, S.L1,46% Pre-registered Indra1,41% Not allowed MDTEL1,32% … Arca1,26% … TECNOCOM1,23% … Grupo S21Sec1,11% 1:1 Presentation Pre-registered HP 1%… 80,21%

38 Next steps / Expectations for next months > Portugal In 2013 we are working with 13 Partners (26) All of them have received information about Drive by e.mail --- STILL PUSHING! Focus on Top 5, who generates almost 88,7% of our business --- All of them has attended 1:1 presentations about Drive Only 2 Active Users Sysvalue (3rd) & Decunify (4th) who generates 20% of our global business --- Our goal is to have 5 Active Users (Compta, IDW, Sysvalue, Decunify & Orbcom)

39 UPDATE GIANT SLALOM V2 Launched e.mailing during the Summer with no results… MDs/users already pre-registered: 18 Spain and 10 Portugal Our plan is to re-active now: New mailing September, 19th Jesús Sáez (BDM Palo Alto Networks Spain) is dedicated to PAN partners -He will register deals in the name of the partners with their authorization… Otherwise they will not do it  Diogo will do for portuguese partners

40 Vendors Workshops for Partners Infoblox (September)– Madrid. Just for active Partners Nutanix (October)– Madrid & on-line. Advanced and free training Nutanix (October)- Lisbon. Breakfast Meeting Palo Alto Networks (November) –Wildfire event. Madrid Others (TBC) End User Meetings Joomla Day! with Imperva in Albacete (September) Palo Alto Networks In Lisbon (October) Sophos - TBC (November) FireEye in Madrid (October) Aerohive in Lisbon, Madrid & Barcelona (October, November) Marketing Plan Q3 3 Main Activities

41 DATACENTER ECOSYSTEM (mix Partners and End Users) Marketing Plan including: Communication: press meeting, cooperations with press, press releases, advertorials… Branding & advertising DataCenter Dynamics & DataCenter Market On-line MK: microsites, newsletters, banners… Social Media Stationery: printed brochure & PDF Goodies Lead generation >MK Automation & TMK Drive Lisbon Seminar (November, 5th)- end users and partners Barcelona Seminar (November, 6th)- end users and partners Madrid Seminar (November, 12th)- end users and partners

42 Marketing Plan Other activities TradeShows: RedIris (Arbor, Infoblox, Arista and PAN) and asLAN (Zscaler & Aerohive) Seminars co-participated with partners Communication & PR Email Campaigns Regional Promotions Palo Alto Networks Aerohive Networks ProofPoint Advertising


44 How we are promoting Externally Present Drive at partner visits – invite MD at the spot Make MD invite Normal Resellers directly Present Drive in webinars Bring up Drive during quote requests Notify / Chase Resellers after POs

45 How we are promoting Internally Chase after deal registrations Chase after POS Reports Agenda item on weekly meetings Set up Drive goals for Sales Team

46 Main Issues Getting resellers into Drive Local PAN Team doesn’t want MDs to be bothered with invitation process Local EXN admin should be able to invite normal resellers directly Shouldn’t Normal Reseller users be responsible to meet their Company Compliancy rules themselves?

47 Main Issues Unattractive promotions Aerohive Networks At first- 25+ APs in oppty in Retail sector (+ invite local sales rep) Later - 50+ APs in oppty any sector (+ invite local sales rep) Palo Alto Networks Book a meeting with a TOP500 company and earn 50 Drive Points - Low reward for achievement - Not attractive for Silver partners

48 Main Issues Inefficient Processes Takeover VADition by Exclusive Networks in 2011 Local systems have been evaluated No development local systems ever since Waiting for more than 2 Yrs for new systems Small team A lot of time is spend on verifying Quotes/Purchase Orders and Sales Orders This time should be spend on Marketing! Let’s change the way we work! Let’s start with new systems ASAP!

49 Feedbacks and Country Expectations for the next months Enable EXN admin to invite normal resellers directly Set up MDs invite email to allow the users to delegate the EN admin to invite their employees on their behalf Point out opportunities with Drive Points for company

50 Invites Personal contact Prereg list

51 Register Purchase Orders since Jul – Sep to get them started Check on POS reports Chase partners to register deals Monthly “personal” update: Are they in or are you out?!

52 main activities Partner Development Aerohive Networks & Palo Alto Networks Partner Recruitment Arbor Networks, Brocade, LogRhythm, Nimble Storage & Proofpoint Event Management Enduser & Partner Events

53 Best campaign past Q Transfer of Information Session Over 60 attendees Ended with quiz / lottery Price 6x € 300 Drive Vouchers Palo Alto Networks – Partner Event

54 Country marketing plan Events 27SEP Palo Alto Network – Citrix Partner Event (Sales + Tech) OCT Create local content 5OCT Live38 XXL Enduser Social Event 9OCT/5NOV/14NOV Nimble Storage Lunch & Learns (Enduser) 23OCT Aerohive Networks Partner Event 30/31OCT Infosecurity 2013 (MEE) 30/31OCT Nimble Storage (Storage Expo) NOV LogRhythm Lunch & Learn Partner & Enduser NOV/DEC Aerohive Networks Enduser Events with Resellers 7NOV ICT in Business Enduser Event 13NOV Cyber Security Event Enduser Event (MEE) 14NOV Insign IT – Enduser Event 20NOV Palo Alto Networks Partner Event DEC Translate website + SEO DEC US Embassy – Enduser Event (MEE)

55 Seminar in a Box Create Invite Create Landing / Registration Page Telesales support Arrange Location / Catering Provide presenter Provide collateral

56 NEW EVENT IN PLANNING! CANCELLED High quality public - invitation only + 150 DMU endusers from TOP1000 Companies

57 Planned for December 2013



60 10:00 - Palo Alto Networks 10:30 - Aerohive Networks 11:00 - Palo Alto Networks 11:30 - Brocade 12:00 - Palo Alto Networks 12:30 - LogRhythm 13:00 - Palo Alto Networks 13:30 - Palo Alto Networks/LogRhythm 14:00 - Palo Alto Networks 14:30 - Aerohive Networks 15:00 - Palo Alto Networks/Brocade 15:30 - Arbor Networks 16:00 - Palo Alto Networks 16:30 - Aerohive Networks Workshop Area

61 Group Support Marketing Collateral Decision about systems

62 Any other ideas of biz to discuss Group Discount (e.g. Exhibitions, etc.) Gifts (e.g. X-mas, NY, birthday, etc.) Corp YouTube Channel

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