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Having little substance, flimsy tenuous. Not decisive; Unwilling to make a decision noncommittal.

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1 Having little substance, flimsy tenuous

2 Not decisive; Unwilling to make a decision noncommittal

3 To assign as a quality or attribute ascribe

4 To instruct with authority; To forbid or prohibit enjoin

5 Accidental, unintentional inadvertent

6 To persuade by flattery or guile wheedle

7 The adoption of behaviors from a surrounding society acculturation

8 Bitterly scathing; Cruel and sarcastic vitriolic

9 To detest or hate intensely abominate

10 To hasten the movement or progress of expedite

11 To make amends for expiate

12 To embezzle funds or engage in embezzlement peculate

13 Taking a roundabout, lengthy course circuitous

14 Accidental, resulting from chance adventitious

15 To feel or express sorrow or pity for; sympathize with commiserate

16 Eager to overthrow the current government; intently focused on rebellion seditious

17 Coolness and composure, especially in trying circumstances sangfroid

18 A state of agitation or turbulent change or development; To make turbulent, to excite or agitate ferment

19 To instruct with authority; To forbid or prohibit enjoin

20 A natural propensity or inclination; Tendency proclivity

21 In name only; Insignificantly small, minor nominal

22 Some men were very _____________ when the first women started voting, but their mean-hearted comments didn't discourage these brave pioneers. vitriolic

23 I made sure to _____________ his nasty review to jealousy because he must have enjoyed the book, but been jealous of my success. ascribe

24 When John Smith brought Pocahontas to his colony on the moon, she had trouble with ___________________ because she wasn't used to living somewhere without an atmosphere. acculturation

25 She did ______________ dogs because one attacked her when she was a child and she never could forgive any dog for that. abominate

26 The _______________ rebels were trying to overthrow the republic because it was a corrupt government. seditious

27 I had a(n) _____________________ stroke of luck when I rolled a seven on the craps table, winning three thousand dollars. adventitious

28 He tried to ______________________ with the mourning woman, but she didn't want anyone feeling sorry for her because of a dead parakeet. commiserate

29 The __________________ consequences of her actions were something nobody could have foreseen, but they happened nonetheless. inadvertent

30 The _____________________ woman couldn't decide what she wanted from Baskin Robbins, so the clerk helped someone else. noncommittal

31 I wanted to ___________________ the shipment of the human kidney I ordered from because time was definitely an important factor with my purchase. expedite

32 While some infantrymen freak out in their first actual combat experience, he was totally ___________________ and didn't even flinch when he was fired at. sangfroid

33 His argument was ______________ at best and I am pretty sure that he made up some of his points which would make his argument totally invalid. tenuous

34 Dad always called it a shortcut, but the __________________ path around the haunted Indian burial ground added three hours to our trip because he was a scaredy- cat. circuitous

35 By serving these annoying banner ads, we make a(n) __________________ amount of money that barely covers the costs of maintaining this website. nominal

36 The officer made a point to ________________ us from coming back to the pool hall just because we started a fight with the owner. enjoin

37 They had to _________________ the skeptical person into not only visiting the cult, but into drinking their untainted Kool-Aid as well. wheedle

38 The writer had a ________________ to keep referring to death in his sentences, which made me wonder if he was a morbid person. proclivity

39 He believed that he could _____________ his sins by confessing them on his death-bed, but I was happy confessing mine after they were committed expiate

40 He thought it would be funny to _____________ a riot by hiding behind the protesters and hurling a baseball at the police. ferment

41 When the company hired me to handle all their funds, I admit that I thought about my ability to ________________ some money for myself, but I am a law-abiding citizen so I banished the thought. peculate

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