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牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块一 · 高一上学期 ). Project 板块:教学设计 — 课件 Unit 2 Writing a report on growing pains.

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Presentation on theme: "牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块一 · 高一上学期 ). Project 板块:教学设计 — 课件 Unit 2 Writing a report on growing pains."— Presentation transcript:

1 牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块一 · 高一上学期 )

2 Project 板块:教学设计 — 课件 Unit 2 Writing a report on growing pains

3 Unit 1 课件描述: 本课件以提高学生快速寻找有用信息 的能力,掌握写报告的步骤和方法为主 要目的,并结合文章,配合课内讨论, 详细的写报告流程来达到更好的课堂效 果。

4 project Lead-in Skimming Scanning Writing a report on growing pains Planning Preparing Producing Presenting Homework

5 Lead-in Do you love your parents? Do you think you show respect for your parents ?

6 Do you sometimes quarrel with your parents? Can you describe an experience with your parents that was not pleasant?

7 Besides unpleasant experiences with parents, what other kinds of growing pains have you ever experience?

8 Some of your experiences: often quarrel with your parents because they forbid listening to foreign music / chatting online / going out with friends / … have too much homework and no time to relax sometimes feel lonely and feel no one else can understand you have to depend on your parents and can’t make your own choices ……

9 Growing pains

10 Some new words in Growing pains : adolescence: t he time of life between child and adult misunderstand: n ot able to understand correctly (misunderstood, misunderstood) normal: u sual, not surprising, not strange confused: b eing unable to understand or think clearly physical changes: c hanges inside one’s body psychological changes: c hanges in one’s mind adolescence: misunderstand: normal: confused: physical changes: psychological changes:

11 Skimming Go through the text and try to answer the following question: What different kinds of growing pains are talked in the article?

12 Kinds of growing pains: physical changes—physical psychological changes—psychological how to fit in society—social

13 Scanning How many parts can this article be divided into? What is the main point for each part? Read with the tape and find out :

14 Three parts: Part 1 (Paragraphs 1&2) Part 2 (Paragraphs 3-5) Part 3 (Paragraph 6)

15 The main point of each part: Part 1: Many teenagers feel lonely and are going through many changes. These change are part of adolescence. Part 2: Physical changes and psychological changes happen inside teenagers. They become confused and want to know how to fit in society. Part 3: Growing pains do not last long. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:


17 Planning Discuss the following questions in your group: Which kind of growing pain causes teenagers the most anxiety? Why? Which kind of growing pain is the least understood by teenagers?

18 Discuss the following questions in your group: Which kind of growing pain most interests your group? Are there any other things that can be called growing pains?

19 Decide which kind of growing pain your group whishes to do a report on.

20 Assign roles to each group member and write their names beside the tasks below. Research ____________________________ Write an outline of the report ____________ Write the report _______________________ Provide art work for the report __________ Planning

21 Members doing research need to look to these resources for information. △ Books in the library △ Magazines △ the Internet △ experts (health teachers, doctors, etc.) Preparing

22 Those writing the outline need to make a draft of the outlines of the report and have it approved by the other group members.

23 Those providing art work need to decide what kind of art work they can use to help explain the information in the report.

24 Those who are writing the report should finish the report based on the outline and proofread it. Producing

25 Those providing the art work need to either find art work that can be used or produce it themselves.

26 All members need to check the draft before the writers can make a final version. The final version has to be approved by the whole group.

27 Choose one member to read the report in front of the class. Answer any questions your classmates may have about your report. Put your report on the wall of the classroom for your classmates to read. Presenting

28 Homework 1. Finish Ex B1, B2 on Page 95 and D1 on Page 97 in the Workbook. 2. Write a report on growing pains.


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