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6-4 The Culture of Islam.

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1 6-4 The Culture of Islam

2 I. Centers of Learning A. The House of Wisdom was a library of famous works translated into Arabic B. Ibn Rushd was a famous scholar who wrote about Aristotle’s works

3 C. Baghdad became a center of learning and science
D. Ibn Sina was a scientist who wrote medical encyclopedias and spoke on the spread of diseases

4 II. Literature A. The Quran was the most famous literature in the Arab world B. The Arabian Nights or (The Thousand and One Nights) was a famous collection of fables and romances C. Omar Khayyam was a famous poet, astronomer and mathematician

5 III. Art and Architecture
A. Islamic Art is a combination of traditions most well represented in mosques B. The Great Mosque of Samarra was the world’s largest mosque in modern day Iraq

6 1. Minaret- the tower used to call the faithful to worship
2. Muezzin- the crier who calls the faithful to pray 5 times a day

7 C. Palaces are completely decorative and very elaborate
D. Arabesques- geometric patterns that decorate buildings E. Islamic art forbids showing the human figure 1. Because of this, Calligraphy featuring inscriptions from the Quran became the highest form of art

8 IV. Decorative Arts A. Because the Quran forbids the worship of idols, most Muslims forbid the showing of human images B. Calligraphy became the highest form of Islamic art C. Arabic inscriptions from the Koran are used as decorations

9 Suleyman Mosque

10 The Selimiye Mosque

11 The Dome of the Rock



14 The Alhambra







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