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The Parasitic Relationship between Corporations and Media Presenters: Reggie Perez Yetunde A. Odugbesan.

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1 The Parasitic Relationship between Corporations and Media Presenters: Reggie Perez Yetunde A. Odugbesan

2 Introducing… Throughout American history journalism has always prevailed as a medium for the people, by the people. Today in our society, nearly everything is being dominated by corporate ownership, especially the media. Majority of our media outlets are owned by gigantic corporate conglomerates. Such small ownership over numerous media outlets is problematic, dangerous and even detrimental.

3 The Beginnings of Journalism Journalistic freedom guaranteed by the Constitution under the 1 st Amendment. Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.” Example of how powerful and influential journalism is. How does present day journalism differ from the past?

4 The Evolution of Media Today mass media is controlled by the hands of big business. The impact and influence corporate ownership has over media is very powerful. These large corporations that own most of mass media are concerned mainly with making a profit.

5 Big Business decides what you see, hear and read… Welcome to media for profit, where the fundamental principle is to attract an audience to sell to advertisers…they may not want stories or programs that offend their advertisers or interfere with the advertising pitch. They may want to avoid stories on subjects they deem “unpopular.” Their ownership of the media gives them the potential to influence how a story is-or is not covered. (Crotaeu and Hoyne 9)

6 “Pop Culture Media” In our world today where we are so involved in with the buying and selling of celebrities, major corporations have capitalized on this fact. Turning news outlet into entertainment cash cows, providing celebrity-like anchors, glitzy news room sets and reports about Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan are the headliners. The goal of the corporation who own these media oulets in essence to make money and attract advertisers, so they will use any tactic to make sure that happens.

7 See No Evil, Hear No Evil Take for example, the CEO of Disney. After acquiring ABC in 1995, he was quoted as saying, "I would prefer ABC not to cover Disney." In a matter of days, ABC killed a "20/20" story that was critical of the Disney Corporation (Turner). This is just one of several cases in which journalists are being subjugated by the powers that be. Although these situations are becoming more prevalent as the years go on, there are still journalism institutions that continue to practice truth journalism, no matter the cost.

8 The Scope of Big Business Control

9 Does Good Journalism Still Exist? However what is in the public’s interest may not be may not be in the corporate interest. The major corporations that own media-and are often involved in many other lines of business-may not want certain embarrassing stories to be publicized very widely (or at all). They may not want to encourage critical examination of their business are supposed to be watchdog of government, but who serves as a watchdog of corporate media? This is the only one of the dilemmas facing our current media system. (Crotaeu and Hoynes 9)

10 Where Do We Go From Here? The powers that be, the moneymen, have decided over the last several years to eviscerate us. It actually costs a bit of money to produce good journalism, to travel, to investigate, to put on compelling viewing. But God forbid they should spend money on quality…no, let’s just cheapskate our way into the most demeaning, irrelevant, super-hyped sensationalism we can find. And then we wonder why people are tuning out in droves. It’s not just the new competition, it’s the drivel we spew into their living rooms…I believe that good journalism, good television, can make the world a better place. And yes, I believe good journalism is good business.

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