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Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation.

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1 Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation

2 Agenda 1.Bell Ringer: What is an invention today that is similar to the impact of the Printing Press? 2.Lecture: Luther, Calvin, and the Protestant Reformation, Catholic Reformation. 3.Document Analysis: 95 Theses 4.Council of Trent Primary Source 5.The hysteria… A look into witchcraft. HW: No reflection due next week, reflection #9 will be given on Monday, due the following Tuesday before break.

3 Overview Martin Luther believed he had the one true vision of the church and attempted to correct all other Christians. In the end he further subdivided the church.

4 The Sale of Indulgences In the Catholic faith, indulgences reduce penalties due for sins. Tetzel, a Dominican Friar claimed that indulgences would automatically remove guilt and the penalty. Luther claims that indulgences are wrong. Painting by Carracci

5 95 Theses He forbid the sale of indulgences. Luther felt indulgences created a middle person that interfered with God. Indulgences cannot get you out of purgatory, only God can. The focus needed to be on God, not the Pope or Priests.

6 Pope Leo X He was not in a hurry to deal with Luther. “Just a monk” He ordered a reply to the theses, but Luther increased his attack on the Papacy. 1520, Luther is excommunicated.

7 Diet of Worms 1521, Luther is granted a hearing to recant his theses. He refused, claiming that Scripture was the only source for him. Then he begins the Lutheran Church.

8 Calvinism Men and women are sinful by nature. Predestination – He already has a plan Very strict… – No card games, no dancing, no bright clothing, no sleeping in church, no art, no theater…

9 Catholic Reformation The Catholic Church waited too long to respond to the Protestant Reformation. Much of Northern England was lost to the Protestants. They sought to attain two goals. 1.Reform the Church 2.Establish countermeasures against Protestantism. There was a rigorous campaign to improve the morals of the clergy.

10 Council of Trent (1545-1563) Sought to keep a balance favorable to Rome. Reform and reinvigorate the church. Restated beliefs and corrected abuses. Simony = sale of Church positions. (outlawed) Chastity was restored. There was no compromise with Luther or Calvin.

11 Ignatius of Loyola Spanish nobleman who founded a new society based on service to the pope. He became a soldier of the lord. Founded the Jesuits. They took the monastic views of chastity, poverty, and obedience to the pope.

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