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The US Gets Involved in WWII

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1 The US Gets Involved in WWII
Was US involvement in World War II inevitable?

2 US wants to remain neutral (isolationist)
Problem: Great Britain is alone in fighting Hitler

3 Neutrality Acts Congress passed a series of laws known as the Neutrality Acts Purpose was to keep US out of WWII Forbid US to trade with warring nations 1939 Cash and Carry Great Britain could have what they wanted if they paid cash and came and got the stuff

4 Spring 1940 December 1940 Destroyers for Bases Deal Lend Lease Aid
US gave Great Britain war ships Great Britain gave US naval bases around the world December 1940 Lend Lease Aid Gave Great Britain whatever they needed Great Britain paid rent on stuff or promised to give it back after the war

5 Problems with Japan By 1940 Japan had taken control of most of the Pacific region Japan was threatening Great Britain’s colonies in the Pacific US did not want Great Britain to fight a two front war

6 US Takes Action Against Japan
US passes the Export control Act Embargo against Japan Would not trade steel or oil with Japan Japan’s Reaction December 7, 1941 – Bombed Pearl Harbor

7 Impact of “The Day That Will Live in Infamy”
2,403 Americans killed in surprise attack Almost all of Pacific Fleet was destroyed December 8, US declares war on Japan December 11th, Germany and Italy declare war on the US

8 The US Mobilizes for War

9 How did the War bring about change and innovation on the home front?

10 Converting the Economy
US Workers were twice as productive as German workers and five times as productive as Japanese workers US used cost – plus contracts to guarantee profits for industry Auto industry produced 1/3 of all military goods War Production Board allocated materials to industry

11 Building an Army Selective Service Act
June 1940 1st peacetime draft in American history Military faced equipment shortages at home Not very well trained American Soldiers earn the name “G.I.s”

12 African American Soldiers
Pushed for the “Double V” Victory over Hitler’s racism and Racism at home Tuskegee Airmen Broke Many Stereotypes

13 Women in the Military Barred from Combat Enlistment Slogan
“Release a man for Combat”

14 Women on the Homefront Filled factory jobs Did “Men’s Work”
Permanently changed their role in the workforce

15 Other Americans Bracero Program Native Americans
Over 200,000 Mexican farm workers came to America to help supply troops with food Native Americans Marines used Navajo Indians as “Code Talkers”

16 Japanese American Internment Camps
Removed all Japanese from their homes on the west coast Placed in internment camps for the duration of WWII Fear of spies Korematsu vs US – Internment was legal based on military urgency $20,000 give to each survivor from the Governemnt

17 Daily Life during the War
Federal Government enforced rationing Used blue and red points Coupons for goods People planted Victory Gardens Government organized scrap drives Sold bonds to help pay for the war People did what they could to win the war!!!

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