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Theory of Everything Hawking film 6. Atlantic City One side is glitzy One side is common.

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1 Theory of Everything Hawking film 6

2 Atlantic City One side is glitzy One side is common

3 Physics Laws One side is Newtonian One side is relativity

4 Trace universe backward in time: Pushed toward the very small Quantum mechanics – very small

5 TOE Large scale – Gravity rules Atomic forces – SNF Theory of everything must be unified Should be a theory that embraces all factors

6 Universe is a single point in the beginning A moment later, it is huge Intellect, intuition, experiment Observation makes inspiration SLAK, Palo Alto, CA

7 Accuracy to 15 decimal places or else universe flies apart before galaxies formed Uncanny balance between expansion and collapse Alan Guth -

8 Andrei Linde, Russian – Inflation theory (like Guth) Model – energy trapped in vacuum, energy could collapse like bubbles Balance - >>>>> Growing evenly in all directions

9 Guth – 70’s inflation Happens like water boils – one here, one there Morrass – not like what our universe looks like Published with flaws Ussr – cannot publish until all flaws worked out

10 Linde – what if just one of the bubbles inflated and our universe emerged? Difficulty with Guth collision of bubbles One bubble will be larger than the universe Linde’s theory demolished Linde gave important idea – inflation Does not explain the start of the universe

11 Run theory backwards in time Gravity field became infinitely high Logic replaced by chance Matter ruled by probability Equations blow up when it hits a singularity Quantum mechanics – strangest thing humans thought up

12 Eisenberg uncertainty principle Never know with precision where small is Add up to certainties Only makes sense as a universe as a whole only at its beginning

13 Problem of the singularity Quantum mechanics + gravity Solve simplified model of universe Imaginary time replaces singularity No boundary, no beginning, no end, just curves back on itself, no singularities Quantum mech is solution to singularity

14 No Boundaries Proposal Need gen rel and quantum mech to be unified as quantum gravity

15 One Simple Law Smolin, Lee – biology Universe choose its parameters Bio world - so many species So beautiful in so many ways Basic idea – some population – random changes on characteristics Darwin nat. selection

16 Universe invents life? How so much structure? Disc of spiral galaxy Patterns on sea shells Assembled from itself, create itself Could be wrong Not proved wrong yet

17 What preceded creation? 1985 perestroika – reconstruction – forbid sending out papers Became ill 24h to find something worth saying at conference Theory of inflation that produced multitude of universes – self-producing universe Each product of own big bang Seed others so process goes on and on

18 Single explanation of a single universe Super string theory Universe a dot Like a bowl of vibrating noodles that exploded into the diversity Kaku, M Bubbles, string

19 Not Compatible Big – Einstein (smooth) Small – quantum (grainy)

20 String Minute strands of space-time Atom size of soalr system String then size of atom Universm size of string String moves – vibrates Body is a synphony String forces curl up like gravity warp

21 Matter like atoms Forces that attract matter Dichotomy One string could be quark One a photon

22 Clouds – no symmetry Backwards to big bang – see symmetry perfect Superstring theory gives perfect symmetry as move backward Humans cannot understand equations of theory of everything at this time

23 String is no theory since it puts forth no predictions to be proved Math too difficult Theory smarter than we are Ed Witten – smartest man on earth

24 Witten Don’t have overview of all details Math constructions – want strings to describe world

25 5 theories describe universe – if one theory describes our univ. Who lives in others Duality –m relation between 2 theories that is not obvious One more useful in describing somethings

26 5 blind scientists discovered trunk, ear foot Thought 5 animals Really one elephant Witten heir apparent to Einstein

27 Sometimes you know a little bit more Witten – get as far as we can is the best we can do – sponsor for life Hawking – 20 years to find all Quantum gravity

28 Neil turok, cambridge – exploring past – make map of all maps satellite Planck explorer – map whole sky at high resolution Esa Estec project Map holds vast amt of info

29 Map of very early times – Map of temp variations on the sky Secrets, signature of creation on map Time to know ultimate truth Absence of data so theories abound Provide framework within which one can make predictions

30 Answer questions or ask more? Theories beat to death – predictions Within 10 years have data that will tell how structure formed in the universe Get busy – only have 10 years Get how but not why – know mind of God

31 End

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