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Infinitives and Gerunds

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1 Infinitives and Gerunds
Infinitiv i gerund

2 Verb +-ing (enjoy doing/stop doing)
Infinitiv: to do Gerund: doing I enjoy dancing. Would you mind closing the door? Ian suggested going to the cinema. Posle nekih glagola, kao enjoy, mind, suggest, upotrebljava se gerund.

3 Još neki glagoli s kojima ide gerund:
Stop Finish Delay Postpone Fancy Imagine Consider Avoid Admit Deny Miss Risk Involve Practice

4 Suddenly everybody stopped talking. There was silence.
I’ll do the shopping when I’ve finished cleaning the flat He tried to avoid answering my question. I don’t fancy going out this evening. Have you ever considered going to live in another country?

5 Takođe koristimo gerund s frazalnim glagolima:
Give up = stop Put off = postpone Carry on/go on = continue Keep/keep on = do something repeatedly Paula has given up smoking. We can’t go on living like this! Don’t keep interrupting me while I’m speaking.

6 Iza nekih od ovih glagola (admit, deny, suggest), umesto gerunda, možemo koristiti that rečenicu.
She denied that she had stolen the money. (ili She denied stealing the money.) Ian suggested that we went to the cinema. (Ian suggested going to the cinema.)

7 Verb + to (decide to do / forget to do)
Postoje glagoli iza kojih se upotrebljava samo infinitiv: Offer agree refuse Decide plan arrange Hope aim learn Deserve afford forget Attempt manage fail Promise threaten

8 It was late, so we decided to take a taxi home.
I agreed to lend my friend some money. How old were you when you learnt to drive? We decided not to go out because of the weather. I promised not to be late.

9 Infinitiv se takođe koristi nakon:
Seem appear Tend pretend Claim They seem to have plenty of money. I like George but he tends to talk too much. Anne pretended not to see me as she passed me in the street.

10 Verb + object + to... (I want you to...)
Want expect Ask beg Help mean Would like would prefer Would love would hate Iza ovih glagola ide infinitiv. Njihova struktura može biti dvojaka:

11 Verb + to... We expected to be late. Would you like to go now? He doesn’t want to know. Verb + object + to... We expected Tom to be late. Would you like me to go now? He doesn’t want anybody to know.

12 Verb + object + to... Tell remind Order warn Force invite
Enable persuade Teach get Can you remind me to phone Anne tomorrow? Who taught you to drive? Jim warned me not to touch the wire.

13 Advise Recommend Encourage Allow Permit Forbid Nakon ovih glagola moguće su dve strukture.

14 Verb + -ing (bez Obj) I wouldn’t recommend staying in that hotel. She doesn’t allow smoking in the house. Verb + Obj + to... I wouldn’t recommend anybody to stay in that hotel. She doesn’t allow us to smoke in the house.

15 Make i Let Ovi glagoli imaju strukturu verb + object + infinitive (bez to) The customs officer made Sally open her case. Hot weather makes me feel tired. Her parents wouldn’t let her go out alone. Let me carry your bag for you.

16 Upotreba Verb + -ing They denied stealing the money.
I enjoy going out. Ovu strukturu koristimo za radnju koja se desila pre radnje iskazane glavnim glagolom ili se desila istovremeno. Verb + to... They decided to steal the money. I want to go out. Ovu strukturu koristimo za radnju koja će se desiti posle radnje iskazane glavnim glagolom.

17 Verb + -ing or to... Remember + -ing
I remember doing something = I did it and now I remember this. Remember posle glavne radnje. I’m sure I locked the door. I clearly remember locking it. Remember + to... I remembered to do something = I remembered that I had to do it and so I did it. Remember pre glavne radnje. I remembered to lock the door but I forgot to shut the windows.

18 Regret + -ing I regret doing something = I did it and now I am sorry about it. I now regret saying what I said. Go on + -ing = continue doing the same thing. The minister went on talking for 2 hours. Regret + to... I regret to say / tell you / inform you = I have to say it and I am sorry about it. We regret to inform you that we are unable to help you. Go on + to... = do or say something new. After discussing the economy, the minister went on to talk about foreign policy.

19 Glagoli begin, start, intend, continue mogu da se koriste sa obe strukture gotovo bez razlike u značenju: It has started raining. It has started to rain. John intends buying a house. John intends to buy a house.

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