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2 Read Sophie's letter to the local magazine and give her some advice
Read Sophie's letter to the local magazine and give her some advice. Explain your reasons. Dear readers of "Family Life"! I'm writing to ask you for advice on a private but very important matter. My daughter is completing her school education and naturally the whole family are involved in the discussion about her future career. Yesterday my daughter said that she had made her choice and she would be a tube train driver. It sounds so weird to me! Traditionally only boys could be train drivers, and I can’t imagine my delicate girl doing a job like that! What arguments should I use to talk her out of it? Or should I accept her choice and not intervene in her life? Grateful for any comments from you. Yours, Sophie Chester

3 I won’t be what I’m not

4 Verb + Object + Infinitive
Complex Object Verb + Object + Infinitive Want Wish Would like Order Make Force Ask Advice Recommend Persuade Allow Permit Let Forbid Expect Suppose Notice See Watch Hear Feel

5 give their children lots of information about different jobs (their advantages and disadvantages)
think that they are always right give their children worth advice try to understand their children give their children more freedom help their children to cope with problems affect their children’s choice support their children’s decisions know their children (abilities, character, good and bad habits etc.) very well know what their children need better than their children DO YOU AGREE?

6 “FAMILY LIFE” Dear Sophie, Changing times, changing styles;
Remember that; Allow ; Children can …by themselves; Don’t put pressure upon …

7 Put the verbs and pronouns in the appropriate forms
1) Vlad Topalov (to be) a bully in his childhood. 2) To bring-up his mother (want, he, (to) join) ‘Neposedy’. 3) She (not to want, he, (to) be) a pop star but she (to want, Vlad, (to) be) able communicate. 4) Thanks to musical skills Vlad (to get on) well with all children, (take part) in different festivals, (to win) prizes. 5) Some yeas ago he (to be) famous as a soloist of ‘Smash’ duet.

8 Use the words in the appropriate form.
1) Peter Nalich dreamt of being a palentologist [pælien’tolegist] in his ______ ) child 2) ______ he was interested ) late in music. 3) His parents were _____ )architecture 4) They wanted Peter ____ )became an architect too. 5)But the boy prefered _____ )sing 6)His mother ______ )to disappoint 7)Peter’s _____ and ) persistent, hardworking forced_____ she to accept his choice. 8) Peter Nalich became a ____ 8)to participate of Eurovision song contest in Norway in 2010. Use the words in the appropriate form.

9 I tried as much as I could. Rather good!
I should learn English better. Not so good…

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