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High Performance Networking in Agricultural Research

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1 High Performance Networking in Agricultural Research
Marco van den Berg William G. Padolina International Rice Research Institute

2 Exciting times in rice research
Simultaneous revolutions in biology, communications, and computational power Remote data storage and analysis capacities universally accessible Bioinformatics Vast arrays of data generated worldwide Remote computational power generates new generation of questions and applications Global Rice Science Partnership

3 Omics Genomics, Proteomics, etc. 2005 - Rice genome sequence published
SUB1 gene identified Swarna-SUB1 variety developed Released to farmers Start sequencing 10,000 varieties (500 TeraBytes raw data 4 TB net data) Drought-tolerant gene 201? - Sequenced >108,000 rice varieties

4 Rice Sequencing Consortium (2005)
National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences/Institute of the Society for Techno-innovation of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Japan The Institute for Genomic Research USA Chinese Academy of Sciences China INRA-URGV France Cirad-Amis France The University of Arizona USA Academia Sinica Taiwan National Cheng Kung University Taiwan National Yang-Ming University University of Delhi India Indian Agricultural Research Institute Rutgers University USA National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology Republic of Korea Rice Gene Discovery Unit Kasetsart University Thailand Centro de Genomica e Fitomelhoramento Brazil John Innes Centre UK Washington University USA University of Wisconsin USA Center for Information Biology and DNA Data Bank of Japan National Institute of Genetics Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences Japan Medical Research Institute Japan Biological Informatics Consortium Japan Cornell University USA Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory USA McGill University Canada York University Canada International Rice Research Institute Philippines Graduate School of Natural Sciences Nagoya City University Japan Brookhaven National Laboratory USA

5 DNA Data Transfer Building a bigger picture with advanced communications links
Dr. Detlef Weigel (Max Planck Institute): This is a milestone that is key for the next phase of exploiting the genes that have been accumulated over millennia in the many rice strains available at IRRI and in gene banks at other rice breeding institutes worldwide Dr Ken McNally (IRRI) Tens of gigabytes of data generated in the initial study were shared with collaborators and published on external databases to make them available to researchers around the world. Data volumes will rise dramatically in the future

6 Global Rice Information Gateway
Real-time crop information medium-term supply and demand outlook policy briefs comprehensive rice data sets at all levels Rice monitoring and forecasting system for each country will be developed by combining techniques such as satellite-based remote sensing with weather and crop modeling, and econometric modeling.

7 European Space Agency ENVISAT
Heavy Traffic European Space Agency ENVISAT 2011: 200 scenes x 60 MB = 12 GB 2012: 15,000 scenes = 900 GB

8 First Mile = The Farmer Connecting farmers with research
Site Specific Nutrient Management Use the farmer as the sensor Simple, local language interface Web & Voice Operational in Philippines, Android in Beta test Next: Indonesia, China, Bangladesh In development: Crop Manager

9 Decision Support Tools Web / Phone
Precision agriculture services to poor farmers Savings Loans Crop Insurance Service Platform Input Supply Farmer Guidelines Decision Support Tools Web / Phone Tools for Wise Investments Nutrient Manager Crop Manager Tools to protect investment Crop Doctor Pest Management Consolidation of Knowledge Localization Research Verification R&D Modeling Simulations Farmer Participatory Testing

10 Agricultural Research Funding Falls Short IRRI Budget 1960-2009 000 US$ 2009

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