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Recognising and Responding to Racist Incidents Workshop.

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1 Recognising and Responding to Racist Incidents Workshop

2 Kenneth Faulds Education Manager Show Racism the Red Card Scotland

3 To feel more confident recognising racist incidents To understand the value of responding appropriately to racist incidents

4 Defining a Racist Incident – Take a posted note and work in pairs to agree on a definition that you believe accurately describes a racist incident. Once completed please post them on the wall.

5 Activity: Story Cards

6 Stephen Lawrence was brutally killed on 22 April 1993. Stephen was not involved in any criminal activity. He did not know his killers and his killers did not know him. He died as a result of an unprovoked racist attack. No one has yet been convicted for Stephen’s murder. Yet the determination of Stephen’s Mum and Dad to see justice done has helped many people to understand that racism is damaging and destructive and that prejudice can be murderous. Not only that, but that racism comes in many forms and in many places- not just in violent attacks in dark streets. It can be institutionalised. Their perseverance has led to a change in the law in Britain. Lesson adapted from: Coming Unstuck by Dylan Theodore, Hampshire County Council. Cards/story: Verna Allette Wilkins ‘The Life of Stephen Lawrence’ Stephen Lawrence

7 MacPherson Definition: "A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person."

8 Why do we report and record racist incidents? The Scottish Government requires all racist incidents to be monitored and reported to Local authorities. Schools need to be able to identify any patterns to racist incidents. It allows schools to monitor the success of any strategies they have put in place to prevent or reduce racism. To identify training needs for teachers, pupils and school staff. It demonstrates a positive ethos where all pupils are valued and racism and discrimination are not accepted.

9 Split into groups and explore the scenarios given to you. As you discuss the scenario complete the exercise sheet for this exercise as this will help you feedback at the end.

10 Individual Family and friends Wider community The Ripple Effect


12 “Don’t ignore it by thinking this is the other guy and I cannot be involved, I would say, you have to be involved because if not, god forbid, the same thing can happen again, no matter how wonderful a country is, you only need a couple of people that start spreading rumours and the whole darn thing can come tumbling down worse than an earthquake.” Mollie Stanber, Jewish Holocaust survivor

13 Thank You for Participating. Any Questions? Kenneth Faulds Education Manager educationcoordinator@theredcardscotland.o rg

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