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Oscar Wilde: “The Importance of Being Earnest” Fabio Pesaresi.

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1 Oscar Wilde: “The Importance of Being Earnest” Fabio Pesaresi

2 Dramatis Personae Jack Worthing  Ernest Algernon Moncrieff  Banbury Gwendolen Fairfax  lover  cousin

3 Country City Jack (Ernest) (Banbury)Algernon Cecily Gwendolen Miss Prism Lady Bracknell

4 The proposal Jack proposes to Gwendolen She accepts, because she can only love someone whose name is Ernest !!!

5 The interview Lady Bracknell asks Jack about his house, his habits his parents

6 Jack’s origin Mr Thomas Cardew found Jack in a handbag in the cloakroom at Victoria Station

7 ► Miss Prism and Cecily studying ► Miss Prism goes to see Dr Chasuble ► Algernon (Ernest) arrives In the countryside

8 Jack in mourning ► Announces that his brother has died ► Surprised by the presence of Algernon ► Tells him to go away ► Goes to Dr Chasuble to be christened with the name of Ernest

9 The proposal Algernon-Ernest proposes to Cecily who says: “We have been engaged for three months”

10 “I love you because you are so wicked and because I always wanted to marry someone whose name is Ernest !!!” Cecily:

11 ► meets Cecily ► they become friends ► They discover they are both engaged to Ernest Worthing ► They quarrel ► They quarrel with the two men Gwendolen

12 Reconciliation ► The men try to make peace with the two young women ► They announce they are going to be rechristened that afternoon

13 Lady Bracknell ► Forbids marriage between Jack and Gwendolen ► Asks about Cecily and gives consent to marriage with Algernon (she is rich!) ► Jack forbids the marriage

14 Recognition ► Miss Prism was the governess at the house of Lady Bracknell’s sister ► She lost the baby: Jack

15 New situation ► Jack is Algernon’s elder brother ► his real name is…….. Ernest

16 Commentary ► Comedy of manners: complicated plot, full of intrigue ► Nonsensical play ► Satire ► Shallow characters (no depth)

17 ► Wilde creates an entire world, frivolous and light ► Witty language ► Elegant manners

18 Misapplied logic Lady Bracknell: “Let’s go. We have already missed five, if not six, trains. To miss many more might expose us to comment on the platform”

19 Misapplied logic Jack: “I have lost both my parents.” Lady Bracknell: “Both? That seems like carelessness!”

20 Misapplied logic Algernon: “I must take the first train on Monday morning. I have a buisiness appointment I am anxious to miss.” Cecily: “Couldn’t you miss it anywhere but in London?” Algernon: “No: the appointment is in London”

21 Paradox Lady Bracknell: “You have a town house, I hope? A girl with a simple, unspoiled nature like Gwendolen could hardly be expected to live in the country.”

22 Paradox Gwendolen on her father who is not very famous in society: “I think that is quite as it should be. The home seems to me to be the proper sphere for the man.”

23 Sparkling language Algernon, about a recently widowed lady: “I hear her hair has turned quite gold from grief”

24 Sparking language Jack, about Lady Bracknell: “a monster, without being a myth, which is unfair!”

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