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SPIRITS SPIRITUALISM MEDIUMS Psychics/Palm Readers/Tarot Cards... Who’s behind all of this…

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1 SPIRITS SPIRITUALISM MEDIUMS Psychics/Palm Readers/Tarot Cards... Who’s behind all of this…

2 Are We Saying that Demons are involved? Listen to what the Bible says about it: Deuteronomy 18:9-14 “There shall not be found among who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead for the nations listened to soothsayers and diviners, but as for you, the Lord you God has not appointed such for you.” “The Lord you God will raise up for you a prophet like me, from your midst, from your brethren. Him you shall hear!” [This IS Moses the prophet predicting Jesus!]

3 Divination: the practice of trying to be like The Divine One! witchcraft, to practice sorcery & Black magic; to override another’s will, to deceive and cast spells (Spells are words that curse, words that have demonic influence attached with them); to induce self fulfilling prophecy--the art of suggestion; to want power over others. Soothsaying, to foretell the future, to utter spells, to soothe and comfort (falsely) conjure up spells, in order to have power over someone else; to influence others guided by spirits. A medium, (a spiritist), someone who acts as a channel to communicate with the dead...(really, to communicate with unclean spirits). One who calls up the dead, who contacts spirits on the other side!

4 The contacts are real, but they are NOT the real people. The contacts are unclean spirits who KNOW THINGS because they saw them and who are now acting like the ones we want to contact. reincarnation influence comes from demons who possessed or strongly influenced people in times past and now have possessed or strongly influence people today. They have convinced human beings that they have had former lives. All this is to add confusion and to dissuade us from the truth of the Gospel of jesus christ. DEMONS are the source of false religions, of false gods, of false doctrines, the creation of aliens and of other worlds, of anything that denies the Bible and many other mysteries of the unknown.

5 God forbid Israel from getting in touch with unclean and evil spirits God knows the evil nature by which they operate. Evil spirits have been in the God COPYING BUSINESS from the very beginning. They are not trying to be like God to help us, but to take God’s place in our lives. Demons want our adoration, our awe, our worship, and our allegiance. They want our lives; Not to bless, but ruin, to mislead, and KEEP US FROM JESUS CHRIST. Evil spirits do know things. They have been here from the beginning, they are present in the lives of people and they are possessing the lives of many. There is power in information. There is influence in knowing things, and there is influence in convincing others to follow…

6 Jesus in his ministry cast many unclean spirits out of people. He testified (Luke 10:18) “I beheld Satan, cast down like lightning out of heaven.” Isaiah 14 describes the fall of Lucifer, son of the morning, who led a rebellion against God. Revelations 12 speaks about the great red fiery dragon who captured a third of the stars of heaven with him and they were all cast down to earth. It goes on to describe a war that broke out in heaven between Michael and his angels with the dragon and his angels.

7 John 10 says they came into the earth by robbery and thievery. They are illegitimate invaders of the earth who have come to steal, kill and destroy. Have you ever wondered why movies that depict invasions, like Independence Day, have been so successful? Somehow we all know that an invasion has taken place, in our “sixth sense” and in our collective witness. Many times these invaders come subtly, deceitfully, showing themselves to be friendly only to win our trust, then their true nature and intentions are found out. Why do horror films work? Because there are horrible spirits who want to devour, to destroy, to kill, in all the earth.

8 There is only one God who is Love, Holy, & Just. The fallen angels are evil, unclean, and selfish in nature. They are filled with hatred seeking to abuse and use people. They are predators, who con and deceive, in order to take advantage, to steal, kill, and destroy the lives of human beings (whom God loves). They are in rebellion against God, and there is no reconciliation with them. Jesus said, “Hell was created for the devil and his angels.” They know human nature, they know how to mislead us, deceive us, and blind our eyes to the TRUTH.

9 The scriptures teach us that Satan blinds the eyes of the world. The Devil’s power is the LIE. His army of demons mislead, deceive, and fool nations. Satan is not another god with a bad attitude. He is a fallen angel with high intelligence. Who’s power is derived not from personal divinity but from taking advantage of the laws of God. The laws of sowing and reaping, the laws of gravity, the laws of Genesis where everything produces after it’s own kind, the laws of inheritance, the laws of nature, etc... (I Cor. 15:57). We are bound by our own decisions and their consequences…the Demons want us to disobey God’s commands, operate poorly within the law of God, and reap the pain and suffering as a result.

10 The earth is humanity’s home, yet, it has been invaded! A multitude of unclean spirits has descended upon the earth (when Adam & Eve rebelled against God). These demons do not die and then leave, they remain here until God finally purges all evil from the earth. How do we know they are here? The common experience of every culture in such things as: superstitions, lying traditions, worship of idols and ancestors; Witchcraft, medicine men, special priests; having to deal with the gods; religious rites of animal and especially human sacrifice; Perversions from Biblical teachings such as the drinking of blood, cannibalism, and inhuman and abusive acts. In modern and developed countries they inspire the serial killers, mass murders, infanticide and abortion, the dehumanizing addictions with drugs, sex, war and violence, these and many other crimes point to the demonic side of our societies.

11 How do we know they are here? We have the Bible’s testimony, we have the Words of Christ, the apostles, and the church’s testimony for two thousand years. We have some people who act abnormal who are mentally or psychologically ill, who are certainly possessed by demons. More prevalent is the boldness of mediums, palm readers, tarot card readers, psychics, astrologists, etc. of our day. This has occurred because our nation has forsaken its Christian roots…multiculturalism has opened the door wider and wider… There has been an explosion in the media: TV, movies, radio, phone, printed materials of all kinds. I’ve been told that even our local library has patrons on a waiting list for books pertaining to spiritualism--numbering in the hundreds!

12 THE QUESTION BECOMES: Are these people (mediums, psychic, spiritualists, etc.) for real? most adamantly yes. They are really in contact with the spirit world around us. They are involved not with God, not the kingdom of light; but the kingdom of darkness. We are being warned not to be involved with such things, because demons are the source behind them! What appears to be entertaining, or innocent, or just for fun is a trap. “For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.” 2Co 11:14

13 The Spirits Copy God--Divination Demons are not everywhere present, all knowing, they don’t know the future, they don’t have power to create, to heal, to perform miracles, and their wisdom is of this world. They are copycats mimicking, and counterfeiting what God is about…truly deceiving millions from knowing, finding, and being save by the true gospel. God foretells the future, God gives us knowledge and wisdom, the gifts of the Holy Spirit operate to help lead, guide, instruct, confirm, heal, deliver, and empower believers. These operations give great power and influence in people’s lives therefore Satan’s kingdom tries to copy them in order to achieve this power and influence.

14 The prophets of old held great power and influence over Israel as long as they obeyed God. Demons want the same power without God. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are being copied in order to discredit the real thing and steal away from those that do operate in the gifts.

15 Finally, take warning… Take heed and understand that our adversary the devil roams around the earth like a lion, seeking whom he may devour (I Pet. 5:8). By getting involved with these channels, diviners, medium spiritists, we open ourselves up to demonic oppression and potential possession. God has forbidden our involvement, if we disobey, we’ll smart for it. If we have been involved, we must repent. renounce their influence and call upon the power of Jesus’ name. We are no longer to participate in evil but to turn away from it, and walk in the light of God’s kingdom.

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