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SolidGenius Productivity Package for OneSpace Designer Modeling.

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1 SolidGenius Productivity Package for OneSpace Designer Modeling

2 SolidGenius 2007 2 November 2006 3 different Main Standards  DIN/ISO/EN  GOST (Russia)  ANSI (USA)

3 SolidGenius 2007 3 November 2006 A rich set of Standard Parts  Number of standards (for example DIN/ISO) 40 screws 21 Pins and bolts 17 nuts 7 washers 15 circlips 2 springs 6 features 6 plain bearings 9 rolling bearings 2 fittings 2 seals 16 profiles ----------------- Total 143 DIN/ISO Standards with more than 30.000 combinations of parts

4 SolidGenius 2007 4 November 2006 2 different offerings  SolidGenius Light (Freeware version)  SolidGenius Full (Licensed version)

5 SolidGenius 2007 5 November 2006 Supported Languages  English  German  Russian  Czech  Turkish … more to follow

6 SolidGenius 2007 6 November 2006 User Interface  Icon based menus  Easy to use, easy to differentiate  Switchable between big or small icons

7 SolidGenius 2007 7 November 2006 Localisation is easy  All message files are open and editable  Translate text files to add any other language

8 SolidGenius 2007 8 November 2006 Server – client concept  Install SolidGenius one time on the server and clients can load it from the server (no need of local installations)  Save time and efforts for maintenance and security.

9 SolidGenius 2007 9 November 2006 Easy installation  Easy installation – in a couple of minutes  No entry in registry, no need for Administrator rights  SolidGenius can be even run from a CD/DVD without any installation

10 SolidGenius 2007 10 November 2006 Direct Models  SolidGenius is written completely for the Windows version of OSD Modeling  Native 3D models of OSD Modeling, no IGES, STEP or any other external formats

11 SolidGenius 2007 11 November 2006 Addition of own parts  Add your company parts and standards to SolidGenius easily by changing an open script file Powered by SpaceLibrary

12 SolidGenius 2007 12 November 2006 Menu structure  No unnecessary automatic disappearing of menus  SolidGenius runs in separate 'menu-space' - You can leave your favorite SolidGenius menu open 'on the screen' and continue with modeling - SolidGenius menus don't close automatically, when you select any other OSD Modeling command

13 SolidGenius 2007 13 November 2006 Direct Access to any Standard  All SolidGenius standard parts can be also called directly from the command line  This enables easy creation of custom toolbars with the most common used standard parts  Without opening several menus, every standard part is just a click away !

14 SolidGenius 2007 14 November 2006 Modifications of data tables  Users can change the data tables of standards any time for highest flexibility. A simple right mouse click in any standard part menu field lets you edit its data file. without having to know where the data table file is located  Since the tables are read at 'menu-activation time', data changes are immediately visible. Users don't have to re- start OSD Modeling or re-load SolidGenius to see the changes

15 SolidGenius 2007 15 November 2006 Recall Buffer for last values  SolidGenius 'remembers' the latest values automatically - even the menu was closed -, thus enabling the user to continue at the same position like last time

16 SolidGenius 2007 16 November 2006 Quick Start  It takes 10 secs to load SolidGenius !  “Load on Demand” functionality just loads the selected standard at the time when it is needed  All other standards remain unloaded, until they are needed first time.

17 SolidGenius 2007 17 November 2006 Intelligent pre-selection  User does not have to set the diameter of the screw while positioning it into an existing hole  Each time if the mid point of a circular geometry is selected as the reference point for a screw, the diameter of the screw is automatically pre-selected

18 SolidGenius 2007 18 November 2006 Easy Selection  Instead of showing all the possible (theoretical) parameters of any standard, SolidGenius only shows the main parameters, which are used in practice  One Example : For the same part SolidGenius needs only 3 parameters, whereas other Libraries may need much more

19 SolidGenius 2007 19 November 2006 Rich freeware functionality  Some of the standards  Threads  Excel input  Reliefs  Primitives  Creation of pockets, bosses  Hole patterns  And several other productivity tools LIGHT

20 SolidGenius 2007 20 November 2006 Part Assemblies  Holes, washers and nuts are automaticly added to build up a part assembly

21 SolidGenius 2007 21 November 2006 Automatically selected directions  SolidGenius intelligently pre-selects the direction automatically, if a hole or a planar geometry is selected

22 SolidGenius 2007 22 November 2006 Copy and paste functionality  The parameters of existing parts can be copied and pasted with just one mouse click

23 SolidGenius 2007 23 November 2006 Part Loader  Before placing the part to Modeling’s space, the user can preview the part and set the exact location point in space

24 SolidGenius 2007 24 November 2006 PDM Integration  WorkManager  Model Manager

25 SolidGenius 2007 25 November 2006 Pricing  Worldwide the same low-cost prices  600 Euro for licenses and 120 Euro for yearly support contracts

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