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ASAP Year 2000 Detail Presentation 98/12/15, Publication Number SWEO 0000-0052. S ervices A lliance A pplication P rogram When Year 2000 Application Remediation…

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1 ASAP Year 2000 Detail Presentation 98/12/15, Publication Number SWEO 0000-0052. S ervices A lliance A pplication P rogram When Year 2000 Application Remediation… Just can’t wait !

2 The Year 2000 problem ä The two digit year format previously used in dates is inadequate for twenty first century date representation… ä Errors will arise in ä Date Arithmetic ä Date Comparisons ä Sort Order ä Areas to address ä File formats ä User interfaces ä Programs 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 03 02 01 00 99 98 97 96 95 05/31/02 = May 31, 2002 or May 31, 1902 ? Two digits can not be used to represent a post 1999 year. Real year Two digit representation

3 ä 1 in 5 companies currently has no plan ä Addressing Year 2000 is mandatory, there are no exceptions... ä The Year 2000 problem effects any computer that uses dates ä There are only 500 days to go before it all has to work ! Scale of the Year 2000 challenge Some facts and figures

4 A few Relevant Questions Scoping the problem, putting boarders around Year 2000 ä How do we address co-existence of heterogeneous software environments ä Compliance of system software ä Compliance of third party software ä Large volume data conversion ä Archived historical data ä Interfacing Systems and Files ä Inadequacy of documentation ä Embedded date fields and use of date fields as keys ä When will the problem surface or become critical ? ä How do we fix it/them ? ä Can we find a low risk solution ? ä Can the changes be made before Jan 1, 2000 ? ä How do we ensure that applications will not fail in the next century? ä How do we ensure that current applications will still work after Year 2000 changes ? ä How do we identify the programs effected?

5 Is There a Quick Fix ? ä Approach ä Tools ä Resources ä Experience What is need for a successful Year 2000 program: A ready made solution SWEO

6 The Approach Strategy, Analysis, Convert, Test and Implement ! ä Strategy Formulation ä Analysis ä Conversion ä Acceptance Testing ä Retro-fitting ä Implementation Automation Adherence to Process Quality Management Project phases with clear objectives Effective Project management Customer Participation

7 The Strategy What do we have to consider when addressing Year 2000 Build Estimates and Management Overviews ä Estimate schedules and budgets plan for each application ä Provide estimates for "Analysis Phase" for each groupings ä Provide budgetary estimates for the entire Year 2000 conversion effort ä Prepare a high-level project plan Interact via Interviews and Workshops for each Application ä Prepare and complete a comprehensive inventory questionnaire ä Collect and verify inventory information Collect and verify information on standards, date patterns ä Assess extent of documentation Assess extent of test plan availability ä Identify action points for each application Enterprise Level Planning ä Retire, replace or renovate option where appropriate. ä Build program Inventory with grouping and prioritization ä Review and document Year 2000 compliance strategy for interfaces to third party software and packages. Business Portfolio Analysis ä Areas in the overall IS environment ä Identify risks after categorizing software suitably ä Key processes

8 Typical Issues and Unknowns What we know we don’t know !!!! ä What is the magnitude of the task ? ä How much resources will be required ? ä What would it cost ? ä Can this be undertaken by internal resources alone ? ä What do we do with third party packages ? ä What is the risk from external agencies passing interface data ? ä What about operating systems / networking and other critical system software ? ä How do we prioritize the software for conversion?

9 A few Guide Lines Fix the Year 2000 and minimize other re-engineering. ä User Interfaces No change recommended Programs All internal date fields to have 4 digit year Data Storage 3 Alternatives è 2 digit year Needs interpretation (e.g. 50 means 19) Used where data file conversion is difficult No file conversion Ad hoc queries difficult è 4 digit year Needs file conversion using a data migration tool Best option è 2 digit year + century flag (0 could mean current century, 1 could mean the next century)

10 The Analysis It’s complicated and need a methodology to analyze the problem ! ä Scan all programs into repository ä Identify date fields in files based on ä User Input ä Naming conventions ä Date like patterns ä Treated like date field ä Identify impacted programs ä Decide conversion method for files ä Plan phasing of conversion

11 Analysis Process Analysis is a highly interactive with lots of feedback loops 1. Take inventory of programs 4. Determine select criteria for date field 5. Print reports containing list of probable date fields 6. Check reports 7. Quality Assurance 8. Confirm date fields 2. Quality Assurance and Inspection 1. Finalize strategies New Date formats ID for multiple record types Conversion phasing Identify missing items 3. Load into repository 2. Scan source programs, JCLs, and load modules 3. Generate Final reports The Client Control Check Check Bridge Files Dead Programs Date fields

12 Analysis Reports A summary that describe the various risks as numerical values ä Missing components report ä Possible date fields report ä Confirmed date fields report ä Confirmed non-date fields report ä Equivalence report of confirmed date fields with unconfirmed date fields ä Undecided fields report ä Impacted programs report ä Clear programs report Possible date fields report 34 programs scanned 421 dates detected 123 possible date 493 string scanned 23 unresolved strings

13 The Conversion ä Automated program conversion tool that identifies and changes date fields in programs: ä File As per strategy ä User InterfaceUnchanged ä OtherAlways Four digit ä Automated file conversion tool ä Accepts file formats (old, new) ä Generates file conversion programs ä Testing ä For operation in 20th century (current) ä For operation in 21st century (next) ä Acceptance Y2K Methodology Electronic Business Software Organization

14 Conversion Process Conversion is a highly interactive with lots of feedback loops 13. Optional Pre-acceptance test by client Pre-conversion Activities 1. Freeze program sources Prepare test data Save test files Documentation 2. Prepare detailed schedule for current batch 3. Receive and install 4. Change source programs 5. Generate data conversion programs 6. Set up test environment 7. Test programs and data conversion programs 8. Verify results 9. Set up test environment Review procedures and tool performance Enhance procedures and Tools 10. Test programs 11. Verify results 12. Quality Assurance 14. Final inspection Current century testing Next century testing 15. Delivery Acceptance Testing Next

15 Acceptance Testing ä Test data preparation with help from the customer ä Regression testing for this century ä Simulated regression testing for next century through 'data aging' ä Generation of data conversion routines ä Use of data simulation routines Data file Comparators Source Code Converter Run time Simulators Data Converter Test Data Generator PROGRAM TESTING

16 The Implementation Move from the test system environment to the product environment ä Change required user interface date fields ä System testing and parallel runs ä Transition plan ä Development of bridge/wrapper programs ä Conversion of production data ä Communication with users ä Implement the programs in production using customer's change control procedures SWEO Implementation Plan for main data entry application

17 The Tools Tools automation is an important labor saving part of Year 2000 remediation ä Source code scanners ä Repository Loader ä CASEPAC Repository ä Impact Analyzer ä JCL Analyzer  Load Module Analyzer ä Year 2000 filter ä Program generator (for data migration) ä Test data generators ä Current century testing ä Next century testing ä System date simulators ä Data file comparators

18 HP Platform Experience ä Made MPEiX Year 2000 safe: ä MPE/ix operating system ä Databases (IMAGE) ä Networking products ä HP UX 10.X: ä HP UX operating system ä Databases (Oracle, SQL, ALLBASE/SQL) ä Networking products ä OpenView client and Web server products

19 Non-HP Platform Experience CustomerScopeEnvironmentDuration/Effor t Large insurance Company in Netherlands Impact analysis and Conversion IBM AS/400, OS/400, DB2/400, ILE COBOL/400, CL/400 6 months/ 3 person years A US based health club Conversion and major enhancements IBM AS/400, DB2/400, ILE COBOL/400 15 months/16 person years A Power and Light Company in USA Conversion and Y2K changes IBM ES-9000, DATACOM/DB, CICS, IDEAL, SAS 12 months / 9 person years A veterinary Hospital information provider Y2K enhancement IBM PS/2, SCO-Xenic, MDBS 8 person years A government agency in USA Conversion and Y2K enhancement ADABAS5 person years ä Analysis, conversion and implementation of a pilot system for a leading company in the Petroleum industry in USA (IBM Mainframe with OS/VS COBOL and IMS) ä Analysis and partial conversion for a leading telecommunications company in USA (IBM Mainframe with COBOL and IMS) ä Analysis, conversion and implementation for a leading insurance company in the USA (IBM Mainframe with COBOL and CICS) ä Analysis and conversion for a leading bank in Australia (IBM Mainframe with COBOL and IMS) ä Analysis and conversion for a leading publishing company in USA (IBM Mainframe with Assembler) ä Analysis for a leading department store in the UK (IBM Mainframe with COBOL and TELON) ä Analysis and conversion along with other re-engineering for a leading insurance company in USA (IBM Mainframe with COBOL and Assembler) Analysis for a leading bank in Scotland, UK (IBM Mainframe with “Sceptre” and Assembler) Completed Projects Pilot Projects On-going Projects n Executing projects for n 10 Insurance companies n 7 Banks n 2 Publishing companies n 2 Supermarket chains n 1 Soft Drink Company n Languages include n COBOL II, COBOL VS 1, RPG, ASM,PL/1,SAS,EASYTRIEVE DB2, IDMS, IMS

20 Customer Example HP’s Operating Assets Information System (OASIS) è Basic Environment: è HP3000 MPE, COBOL, VPLUS, IMAGE, BRW è Other languages, Software: PASCAL, C, ALLBASE è No. of programs:88 è No. of data sets and flat files: 36 è Total Lines of Code: 165,000

21 Customer Example HP’s World-Wide Orders, Shipments and Invoices è è Basic Environment: è HP9000 HP-UX, COBOL, ORACLE, SQL, C,PERL SHELL è Other languages, Software: PJCL è No. of programs:2607 è No. of data sets and flat files: 463 è Total Lines of Code: 550,000

22 Project Examples Year 2000 Pilot Projects ä A leading Oil Company in the USA ä A leading Communications Company in the USA ä A leading insurance Company in the USA  A leading Australian Bank Year 2000 Conversions ä A leading utility Company in the USA ä HP Oasis projects ä HP Order processing project

23 HP Value Proposition HP’s reliability, quality and engineering experience ! People Infrastructure ä Connected to the world-wide HP network ä HP-3000, HP-9000 Competence Centers ä Other hardware environments (IBM, VAX) through partners ä Large investments in tools development ä Established project support structure ä Availability of skills in HP platforms ä Availability of skills set in various hardware and software platforms ä Large pool of resources with ramp-up capabilities ä Accessibility to HP's technology groups ä Detailed Project plan ä Continuous monitoring ä Weekly status reports ä Issue Management ä Change Management Project Management ä Internal and External QA ä Tools review and testing ä Acceptance testing of tools ä Review of manual changes ä Review of test results ä Final Inspection of all deliverables ä ISO model plans Quality

24 SWEO is HP’s world wide software engineering operation for ASAP. Who to Contact SWEO - Japan Kazuo Okada Tn : 381 2395 SWEO - Europe Gunther Moeller Tn : 778 6220 SWEO - Americas Frank Willamson Tn : 447 1281 ASAP Marketing Program Manager : Mike Wardley, Tn 447 1169

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