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Charles Starkweather. Background Born on November 24, 1938, in Lincoln Nebraska 3rd of seven children Charles was bullied in school because he was born.

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1 Charles Starkweather

2 Background Born on November 24, 1938, in Lincoln Nebraska 3rd of seven children Charles was bullied in school because he was born with bowed legs and something called severe myopia (prevented him from seeing anything more than 20 feet away) which went undiagnosed until he was 15. Because of his myopia his teachers also classified him as a poor student. He became a high school drop out at the age of 16. Became romantically involved with a 13 year old Caril Ann Fugate. Became a Lorry Loader for a local newspaper, but soon moved on to be a trash collector. Charles was said to have become obsessed with the injustice of his poverty.

3 Background Around the time he dropped out of school movies like, “East of Eden” and “Rebel Without a Cause” came to the big screen. Charles was fascinated with the character James Dean played. He found he was able to relate to the character and began adopting the traits of Jim Start. He quickly became a moody teenager who was easily angered. Charles became infatuated with Caril Fugate and she adored him. His job as a trash collector allowed them to spend more time together, and when rumors started to spread that Charles and her were going to get married, her parents stepped in. The interference of Caril’s parents did little to stop them from seeing each other. Starkweather’s life started to fall apart when he father kicked him out, he lost his job, and was no longer able to see Caril.

4 Crimes Commited A week after his 19 th birthday he killed Robert Colvert, a gas station worker. When Starkweather went over to Fugate’s house to try and make peace with her parents, and argument broke out. It ended with Starkweather killing Fugate’s stepfather (Marion Bartlett), mother (Velda Bartlett), and baby sister (Betty Jean). Starkweather killed August Meyer, and old family friend, when the showed up at his house having nowhere else to go. After killing Meyer and steeling food and money from his house they hitch hiked on the high way looking for a ride. A couple named Robert Jensen, Jr. and Carol King picked them up. Starkweather took them to a storm cellar and shot them in the head.

5 Crimes Commited Starkweather and Fugate went to one of the wealthiest houses on the other side of town where Starkweather had once collected trash. He forced Clara Ward and her maid, Lilian Fencl, to wait on them, and then stabbed them to death. When Clara’s husband, Lauer Ward, got home we was shot in the head. When the car Starkweather stole was described on the news, the couple pulled over next to a man, Merle Collison, who was sleeping in his car on the side on the road. Starkweather shot and killed him. They stole is car but the push-pedal emergency brake was new to him. They staled, and when they pulled over a motorist stopped to help. Starkweather threatened him, and that’s when a deputy sheriff showed up. Fugate turned on him and Starkweather took off in a car. Only stopping was a peace of glass hit him and he thought he was bleeding to death.

6 Last Crime The last crime Starkweather committed was the murder of Merle Collison. The police spotted him near the scene of the crime, and arrested him after a high speed chase. He ended up pulling over when a piece of glass hit and cut him. Starkweather and Fugate were both scene at the crime scene. Fugate was arrested at the scene, yelling about how Charles was a killer and was holding her captive. During their trial, at first Starkweather told the police Fugate was a victim, but when he heard what Fugate was saying about him. They both blamed each other for the deaths.

7 Sentence At Starkweather's trial he was convicted of two counts of first degree murder (varies from state to state, but is generally a killing which is deliberate and premeditated). Starkweather lawyers tried to plead insanity, but Charles refused to go down in history as insane. Instead he tried to plead self defense. No one believed him and he was quickly sentenced to death. He died on June 25, 1959, by the electric chair. When asked if he would like to say any finial words he responded with a simple no. When asked if he would like to donate his eyes, his answer was, “Why should I? Nobody ever gave me anything.” Fugate was sentenced to life in prison, but obtained parole in June of 1976.

8 Social Control Theory I think Charles Starkweather can be classified in with the Social Control theory. I believe he should be in this theory of deviance because of the way he imitated Jim Start and the relationships he had growing up. Startweather grew up going to school and being made fun of everyday until he eventually had to drop out. That’s when he finally found a role model he could look up to. Jim Start was a character in “Rebel Without a Cause,” and Starkweather became fascinated with the character. He adopted the characters personality and attitude. Finally, his dad kicked him out of the house and with everyone turning their backs on him, he turned to crime. In the Social Control Theory, deviance occurs when a attachment to a social bond is broken.

9 Rehabilitated Starkweather was put to death shortly after his trail, and never got the chance to spend much time in prison. However, I believe if he was given a life sentence and not put to death, that he would have never been able to be rehabilitated. He was young, killed 11 people, and felt no guilt before he was put in the electric chair. That is not a person we want to ever be able to walk around in society.

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