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Fit Gap Sessions State of Kansas Asset Management January 2015.

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1 Fit Gap Sessions State of Kansas Asset Management January 2015

2 2 Agenda ●Introductions ●Objectives ●Schedule ●Fit Gap –Global Enhancements with 9.2 ●Enterprise Search (Confirm the areas where it will be utilized) –Business Process Deltas between 9.0 and 9.2 ●Online Review / Offline Review ●Confirm new functionality that should be explored for system design –Workflow ●If applicable – Confirm whether AWE or Virtual Approver will be used –Interfaces ●Retrofit / Eliminate –Customizations ●Retrofit / Eliminate –Reports ●Retrofit / Eliminate –Security –Batch Schedule ●Discussion

3 3 Introductions ●Name ●Functional Area ●Role

4 4 Objectives ●Analyze the deltas between current Business processes and version 9.2. –Identify Gaps –Confirm Inventory of Interfaces, Customizations and Reports. ●Facilitate the next stage – Design and Configuration ●A list of potential post upgrade improvements requiring new or changed configuration and business process that cannot be implemented now due to upgrade constraints.

5 5 Schedule DateTimeTopics 1/21/20159:00AM – 12 PMAsset Management Session 1 1/28/20159:00AM – 12 PMAsset Management Session 2

6 6 Global Enhancements ●Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) – Provides global search capabilities that enables the user to take action from search results without navigating through the menus thereby increasing productivity –SES is implemented through the PeopleSoft Search Framework. The PeopleSoft Search Framework replaces the Verity search engine and provides a standard method to create search indexes for PeopleSoft applications –SES indexing is available in these areas of PS FSCM ●Assets, Expenses, Journals, Payments, Procurement Contracts, Purchase Orders, Receiving in Purchasing, Requisitions in Purchasing and eProcurement, Strategic Sourcing Events, Suppliers, Supplier Conversations, Vouchers

7 7 Global Enhancements ●Example

8 8 Global Enhancements

9 9

10 10 Global Enhancements ●Pivot Grids –Based on PS Query results that display results in an Excel-like pivot table, chart, or grid. ●Interactive analytical grids and charts –Accessible through pagelets added to a users Home Page, Work Center and Dashboards

11 11 Global Enhancements ●Embedded Help –Use Help Icon (?) –Explains how to perform a specific task –Message modal window can be moved

12 12 Global Enhancements ●Accessible with Apple Ipad and other tablet devices ●Certified on Safari browser running IOS version 4.2 or later ●Enables view to virtually all of the PS application pages ●Use with mobile devices

13 13 Business Processes ●Add Asset

14 14 Business Processes ●Deltas 9.0 vs 9.2 Business ProcessFeature Add Asset Transaction Loader process improvements include business unit as a selection criterion, providing you with more control over the interface rows that are processed by the Transaction Loader. Add AssetEnhanced consolidation usability improvements offer more flexibility when selecting interface rows for consolidation. Search criteria are expanded to include business unit and permit the use of combined keys

15 15 Business Processes ●Deltas 9.0 vs 9.2 Business ProcessFeature Add AssetAsset Management 9.2 automatically assigns a default online System Source for manually- entered assets.

16 16 Business Processes ●Manage Asset

17 17 Business Processes ●Deltas 9.0 vs 9.2 Business ProcessFeature Manage AssetDelivered Related Content functionality provides a complete view of Asset Cost History for an asset from any page of the Basic Add component.

18 18 Business Processes ●Deltas 9.0 vs 9.2 Business ProcessFeature Manage Asset The Printable View of Asset page is enhanced in Asset Management 9.2 to include additional asset information fields (Asset Type, Asset Subtype, Asset Retirement Obligation fields, and Capitalization Threshold). Also, a new print option formats the asset information into a more readable output for printing. Click the Print Preview (printer) icon to generate a printable pdf. Manage AssetPeopleSoft delivers the Asset Management WorkCenter and Dashboard, which offer role- specific information and allows you to tailor your views of key data to meet your specific needs. The delivered solution includes new pagelets that operate consistently, with related actions and modal window drilldown capabilities that dynamically change based on the data being viewed.

19 19 Business Processes ●Deltas 9.0 vs 9.2 Business ProcessFeature Manage AssetSupplemental Data – Ability to define Custom Project Attributes with the option of having edits using prompt tables or making fields required. Bug in current Image 9.2.005 which does not show the Supplemental Data.

20 20 Business Processes ●Retire/Reinstate Asset

21 21 Business Processes ●Deltas 9.0 vs 9.2 Business ProcessFeature Retire/Reinstate Asset Retirement Options - Retirement options can be configured at the asset book, asset profile, and asset ID levels to provide added flexibility when retiring assets using the disposal worksheet and batch processing. Assets can also be retired using the retirement options of Fully Depreciate with Future Expense and Fully Depreciation without Future Expense, in addition to Calculate Gain/Loss. Additionally, the allocation of proceeds and removal costs when child assets are disposed together with their parent facilitate more accurate reporting of parent and child asset retirement activity Retire/Reinstate Asset PeopleSoft Asset Management 9.2 leverages the Approval Framework to meet increasing business control requirements. The Approval Framework can be easily configured by business and functional users for self service and asset disposal. Asset Management further enhances the Approval Framework functionality for asset disposals by enabling multi-level approvals. You can view approval maps for a graphical display of the approval process. Approvals are at the line level (asset) and the approver does not need to be defined as an asset owner to access the Approve Disposals component. Access can be restricted to specific users via permission lists. Retire/Reinstate Asset PeopleSoft Asset Management 9.2 enhances the functionality of the Disposal Worksheet by greatly expanding the asset search criteria selection and by providing the ability to specify retirement convention and retirement options by asset from the worksheet

22 22 Business Processes ●Depreciation and Accounting Entries

23 23 Business Processes ●Deltas 9.0 vs 9.2 Business ProcessFeature Depreciation and Accounting Entries Cost and Depr Report Enhancements - Cost and depreciation report enhancements include a new Report Print Option Template that enables you to control which cost and amount fields to print, their order on the report, their labels as well as the length of the fields

24 24 Business Processes ●Deltas 9.0 vs 9.2 Business ProcessFeature Depreciation and Accounting Entries Combination editing enables Asset Management users to filter accounting entries before posting them to ledgers for valid and invalid ChartField combinations of the fixed asset accounts. This saves time and effort during reconciliation and closing. Depreciation and Accounting Entries Extended attachment capabilities will provide the ability to view supporting documentation from the same location as the financial transactions.

25 25 Business Processes ●Deltas 9.0 vs 9.2 Business ProcessFeature Depreciation and Accounting Entries The introduction of the Financial Audit Framework enables improved audits and controls for key transactions. Depreciation and Accounting Entries Now tracks all PeopleSoft Project Costing ChartFields. In addition to the Project ID, the following Project Costing fields are available in Asset Management: PC Business Unit, Activity ID, Resource Type, Resource Category, Resource Subcategory, and Analysis Type. Accounting entries, online inquiries, and reports have been expanded to include the additional Project Costing ChartFields.

26 26 Workflow ●AWE (Approval Workflow Engine) replaces Virtual Approver ●Currently no workflow is being utilized ●Workflow for AM Self Service and Disposals is included in the AWE.

27 27 Interfaces ●No interfaces identified in Asset Management

28 28 Customizations ●AM002 – Asset Condition –Ability to track the condition of an asset through the assets lifetime. –Drop Down on Basic Add with new record. Translate values are New, Good, Fair, Poor, Broken, Obsolete, and Impaired. –Could be replaced with Supplemental Data. Data conversion would need to occur via script to move from old field to new field. –Eliminate/Retrofit = TBD

29 29 Customizations ●AM003 – Disposal Code –Added two disposal codes ●Returned to Federal Government ●Retire to State Surplus –Eliminate/Retrofit = Retrofit

30 30 Customizations ●AM004 – Asset Status –Added two additional translate values to the Asset Status field ●Surplus – Differentiate between property available for disposal vs. property in use by State Surplus ●Inactive/Idle – Agencies to determine assets that are currently not in use but still owned by agency. –Eliminate/Retrofit = Retrofit

31 31 Customizations ●AM005 – Asset Service-Repair Details Search Page –Added Serial ID as part of the Search Record to allow agencies to search by Serial ID since the other fields may not be known. –Do agencies use Service and Repair? –Eliminate/Retrofit = Eliminate

32 32 Customizations ●AM009 – Maintenance Contract –Allow for the capability to associate service agreements to specific assets. –Do agencies use this functionality? Alternative to use Track Service And repairs to do this –Eliminate/Retrofit = Eliminate

33 33 Customizations ●AM010 – Prohibit Budgetary Only Chartfields in AM –Existing AM records allow budgetary-only chartfields to be selected directly in AM. –Case with Oracle on this to see if this can be fixed. –Eliminate/Retrofit = Retrofit

34 34 Customizations ●AMXXX – Transaction Loader Gray To Interface ID –Agency could process other agencies assets using the Range of Interface IDs –New Business Unit Criteria but not required. Could bypass using Range of Interface IDs –Eliminate/Retrofit = TBD

35 35 Reports ●Crystal, SQR, nVision, Queries, XML - Confirm Tools ●Delivered Reports that were customized – Confirm List –FD_AMAS2100 – Asset Acquisition Detail by Chartfield – KAM00006.SQR ●Department is set as the Report By Value. Allowed the ability to report by any other single chartfield. Report also designed to generate both a PDF and CSV file. ●Question – Modified to generate CSV in presentable format? ●9.2 allows to report by all chartfields –FD_AMDP2100 – Asset Net Book Value ●Add Tag Number field to delivered report ●Based on design it appears the AMDP2100.SQR file was modified directly. ●Retrofit to 9.2. –FD_AMRT2000 – Retirement Detail by Chartfield – KAM00007.SQR ●Department is set as the Report By Value. Allowed the ability to report by any other single chartfield. Report also designed to generate both a PDF and CSV file. ●Question – Modified to generate CSV in presentable format? ●Added additional fields – Retirement Date, End Depreciation Date, Disposal Code ●9.2 does not allow the report by all chartfields –FD_Asset Transfers by Chartfield ●Add Accounting Date to the existing report ●Looks like AMAS2300.SQR was customized directly?

36 36 Reports ●New custom reports created by SOK – Confirm List –FD_Asset Inventory List, FD_RPTAM004 – KAM00003.SQR ●Two requests to add Area ID, Vin Field ●Custom report ●Assume this report is used for Asset Inventories. –FD_Capital Assets Fiscal Year, FD_RPTAM031 - KAM00004.SQR ●Indicates that this report is based off of KAM00006 however I found KAM00008 and KAM00004.SQR are linked to this report. ●What is this report used for? ●One rounds and one does not. –FD_RPTAM001 – Cost Activity Detail ●AMAS2000 – Cost Activity Detail report – Is this a new report or was AMAS2000 modified? ●Don’t think anything was changed. –FD_RPTAM002 – Assets by Location – KAM00005.SQR ●Active assets by the current asset location. –FD_RPTAM003 – Asset Net Book Value Report ●Department of Administration and other agencies with unique depreciation requirements. ●Was a delivered report modified or ●Not sure if this was actually created? –FD_RPTAM006 – Assets by Custodian – KAM00002.SQR ●Active Assets with the current custodian –KANView Asset Report – Query ●Website for public for Financial transactions. ●Query named KANView Assets Query

37 37 Reports ●New custom reports created by SOK – Confirm List –Property Assets for Legislative Reporting –Query needs to come forward – latest for Legislative Reporting –Voucher with 54 Account KS_AM_VCHRS_WITH_54XXXX_ACCT (Capital Outlay Accounts) ●SOW SQR reports –KAM00002.SQR –KAM00003.SQR –KAM00004.SQR –KAM00005.SQR –KAM00006.SQR –KAM00007.SQR –KAM00008.SQR –KAMCFRPT.SQC –KAMFRPRT.SQC –KAMPROCBB.SQC ●Other Reports?

38 38 Security ●Page access – Permission lists and Roles –Custom Permission lists or using Delivered? ●Row Level Security –BU –SETID –Chartfields ●Current Design –Review security matrix

39 39 Batch Schedule ●Changes to Batch schedule?

40 40 Open Discussion & Questions

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