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Oracle - Engineered for Innovation Thomas Kyte

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1 Oracle - Engineered for Innovation Thomas Kyte

2 The Beginning... Data Model with Structure Data Independent of Code Set-oriented 1977 the work begins “A Relational Model for Large Shared Databanks” E.F. Codd - 1970

3 GPS 1978

4 First RDBMS: Version 2 June 1979 FIRST Commercial SQL RDBMS Impressive First SQL Joins, Subqueries Outer Joins, Connect By A Simple Server No transactions, ‘Limited’ Reliability Portability from the Start Written in Fortran But multi-platform – PDP11, Dec VAX

5 IBM PC – 1981 IBM model number 5150, introduced on August 12, 1981.

6 Internet (as we know it) – 1983 The first TCP/IP-based wide-area network was operational by January 1, 1983 when all hosts on the ARPANET were switched over from the older NCP protocols.

7 Portability: Version 3 March 1983 New Implementation Designed for Portability Written in ‘C’ Single Source Architectural Changes Transactions, multi-versioning, no read consistency AI/BI files Oracle Corporation – name established



10 Cooperative Server: Version 5 April 1985 My First Oracle Experience 1st Client/Server Cooperative Server Distributed Processing Parallel Server Portability V5 was first to go beyond 640K memory on PCs Single-user for Macintosh o/s SQL_TRACE select trace('sql',1),1 from dual;

11 Transaction Processing: Version 6 July 1988 New Architecture Performance (first SMP) Availability TPO PL/SQL V6 Lays Architectural Groundwork for the Future This was a rewrite of the entire database fundamentally

12 World Wide Web – 1990’ish The World Wide Web was created in 1989 by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee, working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, and released in 1992.

13 Oracle7.3 February 1996 Partitioned Views Bitmapped Indexes Asynchronous read ahead for table scans Standby Database Deferred transaction recovery on instance startup Updatable Join View SQLDBA no longer shipped. Index rebuilds DBV introduced Context Option PL/SQL - UTL_FILE  Spatial Data Option  Tablespaces changes - Coalesce, Temporary Permanent,  Trigger compilation, debug  Unlimited extents on STORAGE clause.  Some init.ora parameters modifiable - TIMED_STATISTICS  HASH Joins, Antijoins  Histograms  Oracle Trace  Advanced Replication Object Groups



16 Data Warehouses Growing Rapidly Tripling In Size Every Two Years Source: Winter TopTen Survey, Winter Corporation, Waltham MA, 2008. 200 400 600 800 1000 19982000200220042006200820102012 Terabytes of Data Size of the Largest Data Warehouses

17 Enabling the Private Database Cloud Years of continuous Oracle innovation Oracle Database 10g Oracle Database 11g Oracle Exadata Oracle9i Database Real Application Clusters Database Services CPU Resource Management Automatic Storage Management Dynamic Database Services Instance caging I/O resource management Server Pools Quality of Service Management InfiniBand support Smart Scans Smart Flash Cache Hybrid Columnar Compression © 2011 Oracle Corporation

18 Three Major Database Focus Areas Engineered for Innovation CLOUD COMPUTING PRIVATE AND PUBLIC ENGINEERED SYSTEMS BIG DATA SOCIAL BLOG SMART METER 101100101001 001001101010 101011100101 010100100101

19 Building Managed Server and Storage Pools Real Application Clusters Enterprise Manager In-Memory Database Cache Automatic Storage Management Real Application Clusters

20 Service Level Management Resource Manager and Instance Caging Resource Manager allocates CPU and Memory Instance caging allocates cores per instance Capacity-on-demand for elastic cloud computing

21 Complete Data Security Firewall, Encryption, Separation of Duty and Monitoring Applications Network SQL Monitoring and Blocking Encrypted Database Data Masking Multi-factor authorization Unauthorized DBA Activity Compliance Scan Vulnerability Scan Data Discovery Activity Audit Patch Automation

22 Provisioning Software to the Cloud Lower complexity via Reference Configurations Gold image reference configurations Standardized deployments via profiles Rapidly provision databases to the Cloud Monitor change centrally to ensure compliance Create Reference Configuration Stage as Gold Image Provision Database on Cloud Manage Centrally

23 Metering and Chargeback Enterprise Manager 12c Resource usage metering Historical usage trends Cost allocation and charge plan evaluation Reporting for cloud self- service application Discover & PlanTrack Usage Charge User

24 Optimized, Pre-Integrated Cloud Platform Oracle Exadata Database Machine Database Server Pool –Oracle Database 11g Release 2 –Oracle Real Application Clusters –Automatic Storage Management Storage Server Pool –Up to 336 TB disk –5 TB flash storage –Oracle Exadata Storage Software InfiniBand Network –40 Gb/sec redundant switches

25 Improve Data Warehouse performance 10x Exadata Smart Scans Data intensive processing runs in Exadata Storage Servers Rows and columns filtered as data streams from disks Select sum(sales) where salesdate= ‘21-Sep-2010’… Sum Filter Sales for Sep 21 2010 What Were Yesterday’s Sales?

26 Storage Optimization Next Generation Compression Technology Increase compression as data ages Improve query performance for table scans Improve cache density for OLTP performance No changes to existing applications Cascade storage savings throughout data center 4X Up to OLTP Compression 50X Up to Hybrid Columnar Compression (Exadata, Pillar Axion, Sun ZFS Storage Appliance)

27 Extreme Performance for OLTP Exadata Smart Flash Cache Full rack has 5 TB of Smart Flash Cache Can process over 1 million IOs per second

28 Public Cloud Oracle Public Cloud ( Public Cloud -Self Service -Monthly Subscription -Simple Pricing Services -Application -Platform Platform Services -Java Cloud Service -Database Cloud Service

29 Database Applications in the Public Cloud Database Cloud Access and Applications RESTful Web Services Oracle Java Cloud SQL Developer Oracle Application Express Applications

30 Big Data Buzz “Keeping Afloat in a Sea of 'Big Data” ITBusinessEdge – 9/6/11 “Why big data is a big deal” InfoWorld – 9/1/11 “The challenge– and opportunity– of big data” McKinsey Quarterly—5/11 “Getting a Handle on Big Data with Hadoop” Businessweek-9/7/11 “Ten reasons why Big Data will change the travel industry” Tnooz -8/15/11 “The promise of Big Data” Intelligent Utility-8/28/11

31 Big Data Use Cases Today’s ChallengeNew DataWhat’s Possible Healthcare Expensive office visits Remote patient monitoring Preventive care, reduced hospitalization Manufacturing In-person support Product sensorsAutomated diagnosis, support Location-Based Services Based on home zip code Real time location data Geo-advertising, traffic, local search Public Sector Standardized services Citizen surveys Tailored services, cost reductions Retail One size fits all marketing Social media Sentiment analysis segmentation

32 What Makes it Big Data? VOLUMEVELOCITYVARIETYVALUE SOCIAL BLOG SMART METER 101100101001 001001101010 101011100101 010100100101



35 Make Better Decisions Using Big Data Big Data in Action ANALYZE DECIDE ACQUIRE ORGANIZE

36 Acquire all available data Big Data in Action ANALYZE DECIDE ORGANIZE ACQUIRE

37 Oracle NoSQL Database Key value pair database Dynamic data model Highly scalable, available Transparent load balancing Built using BerkeleyDB Nodes East Nodes West Nodes Central Nodes NoSQL Driver Application NoSQL Driver Application … Nodes … ReadDeleteRead Update

38 Organize and distill big data using massive parallelism Big Data in Action ANALYZE DECIDE ACQUIRE ORGANIZE

39 Analysis Sandbox Provides analysis workspace Controlled access to resources and data Doesn’t impact production system


41 Analyze all your data, at once Big Data in Action ANALYZE DECIDE ACQUIRE ORGANIZE ANALYZE

42 R Statistical Programming Language Open source language and environment Used for statistical computing and graphics Strength in easily producing publication-quality graphs Highly extensible

43 Decide based on real-time big data Big Data in Action ANALYZE ACQUIRE ORGANIZE DECIDE

44 Dashboard Analytics Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition ‒ Advanced dashboard visualization ‒ Runs BI and EPM applications Integrating R Analytics ‒ Embed R script’s web interface in BI dashboard ‒ Graphics will stream to BI dashboard

45 Oracle Integrated Solution Stack for Big Data ACQUIRE Oracle NoSQL Database HDFS Enterprise Applications ORGANIZE Hadoop (MapReduce) Oracle Loader for Hadoop Oracle Data Integrator DECIDE Analytic Applications ANALYZE In-Database Analytics Data Warehouse

46 Oracle Exalytics Hardware Engineered for extreme analytics 40 Intel processor cores 1 Terabyte main memory 40 Gb InfiniBand connection to Oracle Exadata

47 Oracle Exalytics Software Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database ‒ Adaptive in-memory caching of analytics ‒ In-memory columnar compression ‒ Tightly integrated with Oracle Exadata ‒ Enables speed-of-thought visualization Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite

48 18 Sun X4270 M2 Servers –48 GB memory per node = 864 GB memory –12 Intel cores per node = 216 cores –24 TB storage per node = 432 TB storage 40 Gb p/sec InfiniBand 10 Gb p/sec Ethernet Oracle Big Data Appliance Hardware

49 Oracle Linux Java Hotspot VM Apache Hadoop Distribution R Distribution Oracle NoSQL Database Oracle Data Integrator for Hadoop Oracle Loader for Hadoop Oracle Big Data Appliance Software

50 Oracle Strategy Engineered for Innovation Complete Stack Best-of-breed Open Vertical Integration Extreme Performance Engineered Systems Complete Customer Choice On-premise Private Cloud Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud

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