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Unit 2 Robots Reading I. YOUR SITE HERE LOGO Robots.

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1 Unit 2 Robots Reading I





6 YOUR SITE HERE LOGO What is a robot? A robot is a machine designed to do jobs that are usually done by humans.

7 YOUR SITE HERE LOGO Lead-in 1.What can robots do for us? 2.Would you like to have a robot? Why?

8 Listen and answer the questions 1.Who is the first person in Sunshine Town to own a robot? 2.Why did he buy a robot? 3.Why did the robot cause a lot of problems? 4.How did he deal with the robot in the end? Mr. Jiang is. Because it caught a virus. He returned the robot to the robot shop. In order to have more spare time.

9 Read Paragraphs 1- 2 and answer the questions 1. What does Mr. Jiang do? 2. Where did he buy the robot? He is a salesman. From a robot shop Careful reading:

10 Read Paragraphs 3 – 5 and fill in the form What did the robot do?What did Mr Jiang do? __________ breakfast _________ his shirts ________ a lunch box stayed _____ bed for___________ hour every day In the morning made ironed made in an extra

11 During the day What would the robot do?What did Mr Jiang do? He would _________ his flat. ______ the laundry, _________ the dishes, __________ the floor, ______ the bed, ______ the rooms, _________________ at the supermarket worked clean do wash sweepmake air go shopping

12 In the evening What did the robot do?What did Mr Jiang do? A __________ dinner would _____________ him on the table, ________ the dishes He _______ and _______ his favourite TV programmes delicious be ready for washed relaxed watched

13 Read Paragraphs and choose the wrong things that the robot did. 1. It cooked breakfast at the right time. 2. It woke up Mr Jiang at the wrong time. 3. It threw Mr Jiangs breakfast into the dustbin. 4. It threw Mr Jiangs clean shirts into the dustbin. 5. It moved around the house and knocked things over. 6. It went out and often lost his way home. 7. It made a mess in Mr Jiangs flat.


15 When Mr. Jiang got home, he would find his flat in a mess. food: books: mirrors: coins: was on the bed were in the rice cooker were broken were spread all over the floor

16 Good points 1. I will have a lot more time. 2. I can for a bit longer in the morning. 3. It can help Mum do the when there are dirty clothes. 4. It can my shirts after they are washed. 5. It can after dinner. 6. My will be as good as new. Daniel is thinking of the good and bad points of having a robot. Help him complete the lists below. spare stay in bed laundry iron wash the dishes flat

17 Bad points 1.If the robot catches, it will cause a lot of problems. 2.It might put my breakfast in the. 3.It might even throw my shirts into the along with the rubbish. 4.It might some things over. 5.It might make a in my flat. 6.I might have to send it back to the. a virus washing machine dustbin knock mess robot shop

18 Fill in the blanks: Mr. Jiang is and for his hobbies. So he bought to help him. It brought many changes. Mr. Jiang neednt. he could for longer. Mr. Jiang was very happy with the robot. But later, things changed. The robot and caused. Mr. Jiangs flat was Mr. Jiang was very unhappy. In the end, he decided to to the robot shop. very busyhas no time a robot do any houseworkstay in bed many problems caught a virus in a mess return the robot

19 What is your ideal robot? Name: Appearance: Ability: do the housework / tell funny jokes / teach you Chinese, English and other subjects/ play football


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