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HIGH SPEED PL MAPING SYSTEM Model : MAPLE-X208 Add.: No. 726, JhongShan S. Rd., YanMei, TaoYuan, 326, Taiwan TEL : 886-3-4852036 FAX : 886-3-4852512 Email.

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Presentation on theme: "HIGH SPEED PL MAPING SYSTEM Model : MAPLE-X208 Add.: No. 726, JhongShan S. Rd., YanMei, TaoYuan, 326, Taiwan TEL : 886-3-4852036 FAX : 886-3-4852512 Email."— Presentation transcript:

1 HIGH SPEED PL MAPING SYSTEM Model : MAPLE-X208 Add.: No. 726, JhongShan S. Rd., YanMei, TaoYuan, 326, Taiwan TEL : 886-3-4852036 FAX : 886-3-4852512 Email : Web-site : M&R M&R Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

2 CONTENTS 1.Company InformationPage A. Company Introduction3 B. Executive Summary4 C. Management Principles5 D. Company History6 E. Company Details7 F. Organizational Structure8 2. Principles of Photoluminescence 9 3. Photoluminescence Measurement 10 4. Introduction to Maple-X 208 11-17 5. Comparison 18 6. Scalability 19 7. Service Plan 20 M&R

3 1-A. Company Introduction DongWoo Optron is a technology company specialized in the field of spectroscopy. DongWoo Optron was initially established as “DongWoo Trading” in 1989 mainly focusing on introducing high quality, high precision optical instruments to South Korean market. However, 9 years relentless research and development drove DongWoo to produce its first Monochromator(s) in its own manufacturing plant in 1998. As destined in its due course DongWoo Trading renamed to “DongWoo Optron Co., Ltd.” and naturally putting all its efforts in R&D and producing high quality, high precision spectroscopy instruments. Today DongWoo has built up its reputation world wide as a high-end spectroscopy system manufacturing company. We are committed to build state-of-art optical products that customers really need. Making a perfect product takes two way communication. We will always listen to our customers’ voice whether the needs are for high-tech R&D or for high precision nano-scale production lines. Creating solutions that are tailored to best suit your developments and production requirements is our mission. We are certain that whatever your needs are DongWoo will provide just the solution where you need it the most. 3 M&R

4 Dear valuable customers, DongWoo has strived in the field of spectroscopy to develop and supply best, high quality instruments to our loyal customers consistently supporting DongWoo Optron past 20 years. Thanks to our loyal customers DongWoo Optron has consolidated its position as a high-end spectroscopy instrument manufacturing company world wide today. Many people often state that nothing much has changed past 40 years in the spectroscopy industry. But it is quite the opposite. Science and technology progresses with the time. So has the spectroscopy instruments. DongWoo Optron is always tuned to our customer’s wavelength to introduce products that are most up-to-dated. Complacence is a word that does not exist in our dictionary. Earnest and hard workings scientists and engineers are making relentless efforts to produce products that are recognized by our customers. Taking this opportunity Dongwoo Optron would like to thank all its loyal customers and new customers. C.E. O Richard Lin 1-B. Executive Summary 4 M&R

5 DongWoo was founded upon the following three principles; 1.Earnest Hard Work 2.Eagerness for New Challenges 3.Expectation for the Best To become the Dongwoo Optron today there was one big secret behind our success and it is the Earnest Hard Work. If we were afraid of new challenges, we would have never achieved the goals we set out the first day. Regardless it is a rainy day or a bright sunny day Dongwoo Optron always prepared for tomorrow Expecting the Best. If we ever stopped what we did in the past and what we do today, we would have never achieved the things we have today. With Earnest Hard Work, Eagerness for New Changes, and the Expectation founded upon diligence, Dongwoo Optron will become the leading company in the field of spectroscopy. All these fancy words and principles will be forgotten unless we constantly remind ourselves where we were and what we wanted to achieve in the first day like we often do with the first love. C.E. O Richard Lin 1-C. Management Principles 5 M&R

6  Oct/01/1989: Established DongWoo Trading & Mfg  Feb/1998: Setup YongIn manufacturing plant & Optical System R&D Lab  June/1998: First Monochromator development commenced  Sep/1998: Joint OTDR development with KERI (2 Years)  Nov/1998: Joint development of CCD Camera with Korea Astronomy Observatory  Mar/1999: Company reformed to “DongWoo Optron” Limited Company  July/1999: First Spectrometer developed (sold over 230 units domestic and worldwide)  Apr/16/2001: Moved into DongWoo headquarter building - present  June/2006: Nominated for “Future Export” award  Sep/2006: Awarded “Industry & Energy” prize from the Ministry of Commerce  Nov/2006: Awarded “President Prize” for excellence in technology  Nov/2006: Acquired “Info-Biz” certificate from SMBC  Jan/2007: “Environmental Detection System” and “LIBD” development commenced  July/2008: Environment Detection and LIBS systems launched 1-D. Company History 6 M&R

7 M&R Nano Technology Co., Ltd. Tuned to your wavelength President: Mr. Richard Lin Capital: US$700K Turnover (2008): US$10M Principle Place of Business: 611-5 Maesan-Ri, Opo-Eup, GwangJu-Si, GyungGi-Do, South Korea (464-893) Total Employees: 48 persons URL: http://www.dwoptron.com Company Details 1-E. Company Details 7

8 President Management PlanningHRAccounting Marketing & Sales DomesticOverseas R&D SystemMechanicalElectronicsSoftware Import & Export Optical & Bio-VisionSystems Laser & Stage Systems Production Production Planning & ManagementQualityControl / Assurance Stock Control OverseasLogistics Procurement DomesticLogistics Total Number of Employees: 48 persons Organization 1-F. Organizational Structure 8

9 2. Principles of Photoluminescence Photoluminescence (abbreviated as PL) is a process in which a substance absorbs photons (electromagnetic radiation) and then re-radiates photons. Quantum mechanically, this can be described as an excitation to a higher energy state and then a return to a lower energy state accompanied by the emission of a photon. This is one of many forms of luminescence (light emission) and is distinguished by photoexcitation (excitation by photons). The period between absorption and emission is typically extremely short, in the order of 10 nanoseconds. Under special circumstances, however, this period can be extended into minutes or hours. which a photon of a particular wavelength is absorbed and an equivalent photon is immediately emitted. This process involves no significant internal energy transitions of the chemical substrate between absorption and emission and is extremely fast, of the order of 10 nanoseconds. Testing or measurement of Photoluminescence can be performed non-descructive and comparatively fast. It is useful in determining composition, contaminants, and chemical-electrical characteristics of a substance under test. 9 M&R

10 3. Photoluminescence Measurement  Photoluminescence measurement is a most appropriate method in determining Epi-Wafer doping/coating quality just after MOCVD process in Epi-Wafer production line.  Maple-X 208 allows to rapidly check the quality of Epi-Wafers produced in the production line lot by lot providing all necessary lot based statistic data, and ultimately enables mangers to monitor and optimize MOCVD process effectively. 10 M&R

11 Features  Fully Automated with a Robot Arm  Fastest PL mapping speed  Saleable Wafer Size: 2~8 inch  Safety Cautious Design  User-friendly Software and Support  Fully CE Complied & Certified 4. Introduction to Maple-X 208 11 M&R

12  Wafer size : 2, 4, 6, 8 inch available  266, 325, 375, 405nm Laser Available  Inside two excitation source & out side additional excitation source available  Mapping step resolution : 1.0/2.0/4.0 mm  Mapping speed : <30min / 2 inch 24 cassette 2mm step resolution  Real time laser power control and monitor  Wafer auto loading & unloading by transport robot  Thin film thickness measurement by white light source  Thickness resolution : 0.25nm  Wavelength range : 200~1100nm System Main Specification 4. Introduction to Maple-X 208 12 M&R

13 Automation Hardware Sample Stage Rotary Vacuum Unit X-Stage Excitation Laser PL Signal Wafer holding stage Auto loader & aligner Aligner Wafer Transfer Robot Cassette Loader Cassette Unloader Shutter 4. Introduction to Maple-X 208 13 M&R

14 S/W Features  Peak Lambda, Peak Intensity, FHHM  Integrated Signal  Coating thickness measurement  Easy recipe control  Support of recipe file and recipe editor  Support of Susceptor viewer  Line Profile and Histogram Software for PL Mapping Data 4. Introduction to Maple-X 208 14 M&R

15 Susceptor Viewer Fully control MOCVD Process 4. Introduction to Maple-X 208 15 M&R

16 Quality control and report Line Profile and Histogram 4. Introduction to Maple-X 208 16 M&R

17 Auto Loading system & Pre aligner  2 Wafer cassette loader  Up to 48ea wafer 2~8 inch Wafer Loading Robot 4. Introduction to Maple-X 208 17 M&R

18 5. Comparison 18 Speed M&R

19 Automation  Wafer lot number auto identification  Wafer Magazine designed for Mass product  Scanning cassette Speed  2” 25ea 2mm resolution < 15min Software  Self test & diagnostic 6. Scalability 19 M&R

20 DescriptionExpected Action Response Time1. technical service by Domestic technical engineer 2. Visit to customer site within 24 hours after receipt of service call from Korea. A/S PlanStated service - Every 6 months: stated system checked based on a system checking list - Every 12months: precision stated system checked based on a checking list Emergency service - Emergency defect troubleshoot request: visit to customer site within 24hours - Replacement/repair and calibration within a minute - Operator and Engineer’s vacancy: operation training for new person Remarks- Maintenance parts control service (actual expense) - Software upgrade free of charge 7. Service Plan 20 M&R

21 Thank you very much for your attention! M&R

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