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Perspectives of Uzbekistan automobile, agriculture and road-construction machinery Industry Salimov U.Z. Vice-Chairman of “Uzavtosanoat” SC August 2012.

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1 Perspectives of Uzbekistan automobile, agriculture and road-construction machinery Industry
Salimov U.Z. Vice-Chairman of “Uzavtosanoat” SC August 2012

2 Total employees – 21 thousand people
UzAuto company structure SC «Uzavtosanoat» Total employees – 21 thousand people Number of Companies - 47 Passenger Cars Commercial Vehicles Component parts GENERAL MOTORS UZBEKISTAN SAMAVTO GM PT UZBEKISTAN Founders SC «Uzavtosanoat» – 75% General Motors – 25% Production Engines BDOHC 1.2L & 1.5L. MAN AUTO UZBEKISTAN 20 MAIN COMPONENT SUPPLIERS Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen: Today we have an opportunity to present one of the most fast developing sectors of Uzbekistan’s economy – the automotive industry and the successful cooperation results with General Motors . In the automotive industry the Government of Uzbekistan is represented by the Joint-Stock company “Uzavtosanoat”. SC “Uzavtosanoat” is a direct founder of 47 enterprises in production, sales, services and finance spheres including major companies of passenger car, commercial vehicles and component parts manufacturers Total number of employees – 21 ths. people 160 SMALL SUPPLIERS ONGOING PROJECTS

3 Supporting divisions Uzbekistan Sales and services divisions
Finance divisions Education divisions Sales and services divisions abroad – 247 in 12 countries Local dealers – 66 Leasing company “Uzavtosanoat-leasing” - Leasing sales of commercial vehicles Turin Polytechnic University Uzbekistan Besides main production companies Uzavto has supporting divisions in sales and services, finance and education spheres. With the help of these supporting divisions Uzavto coordinates wide-range activities in sales, export, leasing and financial operations as well as preparation of high-demanded specialist for automobile industry. Bank “Asaka” (17 % share) - Project financing - Trade financing - Banking services Turin Academic lyceum in Tashkent College in Samarkand city College in Andijan region

4 UzAuto sales volume mln. USD forecast
Uzavto sales volumes show moderate increase year by year which is a indicator of the development of the automobile industry of Uzbekistan forecast

5 Major directions of global cooperation
Alliances with Global players in automobile business including OEMs & components manufacturers Attracting of modern high technologies Education, training and experience exchange Our main goal in global cooperation is attracting of modern technologies and further development of the potential of the automobile industry. Development of R&D and Engineering

6 General Motors Uzbekistan
Founders Uzavtosanoat – 75%, General Motors – 25% Establishment March 2008 Start of production March 1996 Location Asaka city, Andijan Region Total area 720,000 m² Total area of buildings 180,000 m² Products Damas, Nexia, Matiz, Spark, Lacetti Captiva, Malibu, Cobalt Personnel Total number of employees 7.2 thousand The company was established in 2008 after bankruptcy of DAEWOO MOTORS. UzAuto holds 75 % share in the company, while GM holds 25% share. Plant location – Asaka city, Andijan. Currently 5 models are produced in the plant. By November of this new car model – Chevrolet Cobalt will be introduced. The branch of GM Uzbekistan on production of SKD cars of Captiva and Malibu is located in Tashkent.

7 General Motors Uzbekistan
The production process in Asaka plant comprises all cycles of car manufacturing starting from stamping and welding to painting and final assembly.

8 Sales volumes GM Uzbekistan
GM Uzbeksitan production and sales volumes both in domestic market and export show stable growth year by year. In 2013 our plan is production of 250 thousand cars.

9 GM Powertrain Uzbekistan»
Authorized fund SC «Uzavtosanoat» - 48%, General Motors – 52% Year of foundation 2008 Start of production March 2012 Location Tashkent Total area 40 Ha Products New generation of engines BDOHC 1,2L. and 1,5L. Personnel 1200 CJSC «GM Powertrain Uzbekistan» founded in 2008 and started production this year. Company employs 1200 people.

10 Proposals on realization of joint-projects
UzAuto UzAuto (SC «Uzavtosanoat») Proposals on realization of joint-projects

11 Iron casting and stamping
Project on iron casting and stamping Iron casting and stamping Exhaust manifold Camshaft Bearing cap Cylinder block Crankshaft Engine brackets Connecting rod Transmission gear shafts Stamping Iron casting

12 Transmission production
Main parameters of the project Model: Y4Mx (with the possibility of adding a range of other transmission models) Application: Engines with 1.2 and 1.5 liters for «Lacetti», «Spark», «Cobalt» vehicles Realization period: гг. (TBD ) Production volume: ths. units (TBD) Dislocation: Tashkent Project conception: (TBD) Stage 1: assembly of transmissions (shipping KD from Korea) Stage 2: machining of the body/ actuator/shaft Stage 3: production of actuator/shaft Project cost: mln. USD. (TBD) Pitman Pinion Gear Gear Shaft

13 General strategy of further development of Agricultural Machinery
Modernization of model range: - Energy complex - Land grading - Tillage - Seeding - Soil Cultivation - Harvesting - Trailers - Processing of agricultural products Modernization of production on the base of model range modernization: - technological equipment - engineering equipment Localization Increase of export potential New workplaces

14 - 66 projects worth 38,6 mln. USD
Main parameters of the program of modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of agricultural production in years Production and renovation of locally produced basic agricultural machinery 64 ths. units worth 2 bln. UZS during 5 year timeline. Small Tractors for gardening (70-80 h.p.) Universal Tractors for gardening and agriculture (up to 100 h.p.) General use Tractors for gardening and agriculture (up to 100 h.p.) Investment projects on production of new types of agricultural and land reclamation equipment - 66 projects worth 38,6 mln. USD Order of payment for locally produced agricultural equipment advance payment of at least 70% for 3 month prior to delivery procurement of agricultural machinery with use of the Fund of State incentives based on leasing The package of government support measures Education , Training

15 Demand for vehicles in agricultural and construction industry
Melioration and road construction machinery Crawler excavators Wheeled excavators Bulldozers Loaders Project conception: Production of Crawler and wheeled excavators and other road building machinery Realization period: (TBC ) Production volume: More than 250 units a year (TBC)

16 Excavators production project
Indicators Excavator Bulldozer Loader wheeled Crawler 1 Photo 2 Weight (tn.) 19,5-21,0 23,0-25,0 41,0-45,0 20,0-22,0 36,0-39,0 16,5-17,5 25,0-27,0 3 Engine diesel 4 Power (kWt/h.p) 105/ /173 115/ /177 190/ /271 145/ /204 250/ /345 140/ /230 259/347 5 Digging depth (meter) 5,8-6,3 7,1-7,4 8,2-8,5 - 6 Digging radius (meter) 8,5-9,1 9,5-19,0 10,4-12,2 7 Drag Force (kN) 8 Heap capacity (m3) 5,2-5,6 11,0-11,4 9 Bucket capacity (m3) 0,6-1,2 0,8-1,4 1,0-2,5 3,6-3,8 4,8-5,0 10 Load capacity (kg.) 11 Demand in гг. (units) 186 85 75 154 64 89 56

17 Thank you for attention

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