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Blue Bamboo Company Introduction

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1 Blue Bamboo Company Introduction
Simple. Reliable. Affordable Blue Bamboo Company Introduction “Dedicated to lowering the total cost of payments”

2 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
Corporate Overview Simple. Reliable. Affordable Headquartered in Shanghai, China Specialized in Payment Technologies 16-year-old Technology Company Owned by American Investors Offices in China and the United States 40 Full Time Engineering Staff In-house Manufacturing COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 2

3 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
Our Mission Simple. Reliable. Affordable “Blue Bamboo’s mission is to develop products, services, and solutions for the payments industry which deliver the lowest total cost of ownership in the marketplace.” OPEN STANDARDS OPERATING SYSTEM Java language based operating system Security for multi-application environment UNIVERSAL PLATFORMS SDK TMS Device Manager INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS Unique products with rich feature sets Modularity for communications and contactless Powerful processors with large memory Compliant with EMV and PCI COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 3

4 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
Global Aim Simple. Reliable. Affordable Blue Bamboo’s goal from day one was to be an international company with distribution and support in all the major continents of the world. Active Markets United States Brazil Russia Australia India France More… Hundreds of Solution Providers Worldwide Over 60 Processors Globally 40 Plus APPs for BB equipment on Apple's ITunes COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 4

5 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
Open Standards OS Simple. Reliable. Affordable Why is this important? Java is highly secure and well suited for payments applications especially in multi application environments Java has a huge community which ultimately leads to reduced costs and faster time to market Java is free and open source and not proprietary to Blue Bamboo Blue Bamboo’s Operating System is structured in a way to allow easy portability to new and different hardware environments and while allowing applications to be backward compatible. COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 5

6 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
Universal Platforms Simple. Reliable. Affordable All Blue Bamboo products are developed around a universal set of powerful development platforms. This greatly reduce long term costs and increase the development speed to market. BlueTools SDK BlueView TMS Device Manager Software Development Kit Universal to all products except for P25, P200, M5, M10 Easy application development GUI interface Built-in simulator Compatible with Eclipse IDE Many sample codes Compiler Terminal Management System Update terminal parameters Update terminal firmware Update or add applications Multi-application loading Web interface Certificate Authority support Over-the-air update support High performance and scalable Designed for the enterprise PC based terminal manager Windows XP/Vista/Win7 Update terminal parameters Update terminal firmware Update or add applications Multi-application loading Designed for single user Key and certification loader Retrieve terminal parameter Add font files COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 6

7 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
Ecosystem Simple. Reliable. Affordable Here you can see how we have designed our products, technology, and development tools to work together in one harmonious ecosystem. COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 7

8 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
Innovative Products Simple. Reliable. Affordable Blue Bamboo prides itself on developing interesting and innovative products which are uniquely designed for specific markets and provide the best return on your investment. Here are just a few examples of Blue Bamboo’s innovations and unique products. Printer with a built-in MSR that does 3DES (MK/SK, DUKPT) encryption at the point of swipe. Modular contactless designs allowing multiple vendor contactless chips upgradeability. Field replaceable communication modules for maximum flexibility on portable terminals. Use of off-the-shelf USB dongles for wireless communication modules to lower costs. Free source code of PA-DSS compliant mobile phone APP that works with our MSR printer. Bluetooth roaming to allow terminals to move from one Bluetooth access point to the next. We are now working on Unicode across our product range to support many languages. Blue Bamboo allows and has designed it products to be “Private Labeled” or “Co-Branded. COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 8


10 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
H50A Portable Terminal Simple. Reliable. Affordable Portable (Battery) PCI PED & EMV1/2 GPRS, Bluetooth Ethernet, Dialup MSR & IC Card Readers 2” Thermal Printer 4 Line Graphics Display 2 SAM Slots Contactless Reader (Option) Multi-application, Java OS Over The Air (OTA) Software Update COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 10

11 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
CT100 Contactless Simple. Reliable. Affordable Portable (Battery) USB Wireless Modem GPRS, CDMA Modular Contactless Design ISO1443 Type A / B Available without Keypad Two SAM Slots Multi-application, Java OS COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 11

12 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
PocketPOS™ P25 Series Printer Simple. Reliable. Affordable Portable (Battery) 2” Thermal Printer Bluetooth, USB, Serial With or without MSR MSR Encryption (MK/SK, DUKPUT) Comes with rugged case Image Printing Barcode Printing Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) 3DES Encryption method COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 12

13 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
PocketPOS™ M5 Card Reader Simple. Reliable. Affordable Fast, reliable and lightweight design MSR Reader Track 2, bidirectional Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ - 40 ℃ Storage Temperature: -20 ℃ - 50 ℃ Interfaces: 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack Ideal for payment applications developed on smart phones and tablets running Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone, RIM Blackberry OS, or Nokia Symbian COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 13

14 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
PocketPOS™ M10 Encrypted MSR Simple. Reliable. Affordable Encrypted MSR Card Reader; Safe and Secure; Fast Card Reading Speed; Reliable Card Swipe; No External Power Supply Required; No Cables Required; Non-rechargeable batteries that lasted 5 years/500,000 swipes; Bi-directional Card Reading; Track 1 & Track 2 Card Reading; Compatible with Android and iOS devices; SDK and Key Injection Application available upon request; Ideal for payment applications developed on smart phones and tablets running Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone, RIM Blackberry OS, or Nokia Symbian COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 14

15 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
PocketPOS™ M15 MSR Reader Simple. Reliable. Affordable Fast, reliable and lightweight design MSR Reader 3 track (bi-directional) USB HID interface ( HID keyboard & HID custom) Fast card feeding speed Head rated 800,000 passes; electronics rated 125,000 hours Supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS system DLL/OCX developing kit for Windows (HID custom mode) Weighs under 2.8 ounces (80g) for easy portability COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 15

16 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
BlueBox Access Point Simple. Reliable. Affordable Bluetooth Access Point 7 Simultaneous Connections Ethernet, USB 100 Meter Range Very Small (Fits in Palm of Hand) USB Wireless Modem (Option) Ideal for Restaurants and Bars COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 16

17 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
PocketPOS™ APP Simple. Reliable. Affordable Mobile Payment Application For J2ME Mobile Phones Free Source Code Available PA-DSS Compliant Ready for Backend Integration Connected to PocketPOS™ P25/ PocketPOS™ P200 Bluetooth Printer On-line Real Time Processing Multi-language Support Multi-currency Support PocketPOS™SDK, includes sample codes for the various OS and a full payment on J2ME COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 17

18 Simple. Reliable. Affordable
Mobile Solution Simple. Reliable. Affordable Sprint Biz 360 Solution USA The Challenge Some people need the printed receipts, and they can not get used to the electronic receipts. Besides, small-sized merchants need to conduct business “on the go”. They need a Bluetooth device to print paper receipts. The Solution Sprint® has launched its Biz360 TV and print campaign featuring the Blue Bamboo’s P25-M card reader and printer to be part of the $15M ad campaign, distributed by Aircharge® (, as part of its business on-the-go suite of products integrated with smart phones for mobile transaction processing. Small business owners use this Blue Bamboo’s P25-M printer to provide printed receipts for customers who request paper receipts. As part of the total solution, P25-M can connect to any mobile device (smart phones and tablets) to make it easy for merchants to do business “on the go” anytime, anywhere. COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 18

19 Universal TranWare Case Study
USA Transportation Solution Simple. Reliable. Affordable Universal TranWare Case Study The Challenge The trend of compatibility with the tablets and smart phones has become a challenge to the traditional taximeters; passengers today also expect credit or debit card payments. Taximeters communicate over serial port; while most tablets and smart phones offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Universal TranWare needed to find a solution that integrates tablets or smart phones with credit and debit card processing with the ability to fully control a taximeter. The Solution Universal TranWare selected Blue Bamboo®’s H50 Advantage (H50A) POS terminal with a Bluetooth Module (Android Tablet) for communications. This solution meets the needs of credit and debit card processing features; receipt printing; Bluetooth communications; Serial communications and the ability to create a bridge between Bluetooth and Serial ports. This Solution helped Universal TranWare to achieve: the possibility of Credit and debit card payment; printed receipts available to passengers; communications between two incompatible devices: Android tablet (Bluetooth based) and Taximeter (Serial based);Enabling passengers to swipe their credit/debit cards by themselves rather than handling those cards to taxi drivers. COMPANY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS 19

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