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Introducing Oracle iSetup Kirk Williams Frontier Consulting, Inc. Senior Oracle Consultant.

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1 Introducing Oracle iSetup Kirk Williams Frontier Consulting, Inc. Senior Oracle Consultant

2 Presentation Updates Furnished by Manoj Gupta Product Director Oracle iSetup Development Oracle Corporation

3 Frontier Consulting, Inc.3 Setup Automation and Management of the Oracle e-Business Suite Oracle iSetup

4 Frontier Consulting, Inc.4 Agenda  Vision and Goals  iSetup Components and Architecture  Benefits  Release Status  Footprint  Next Steps  Q&A

5 Frontier Consulting, Inc.5 To fully automate the setup of the Oracle E-Business Suite Vision

6 Frontier Consulting, Inc.6  New Implementation Support initial implementation Simplify requirements collection Automate data setup  Management of Setup Data Automate moving setup parameters from one instance to another Extend existing data Keep track of setup data Generate Setup Reports Business Goals

7 Frontier Consulting, Inc.7 Oracle iSetup Components  iSetup Configurator  iSetup Migrator  iSetup Reporter

8 Frontier Consulting, Inc.8  For initial implementation  Collects requirements by presenting business questions  Derives setup options based on your responses  Incorporates leading business practices into template data  Loads all the setup data with the click of a button iSetup Configurator

9 Frontier Consulting, Inc.9 iSetup Configurator

10 Frontier Consulting, Inc.10  Automates moving of setup data from one instance to another  Generates additional setup data based on existing data. For example: Create a new Accounting Calendar Create a new Chart of Accounts iSetup Migrator

11 Frontier Consulting, Inc.11 iSetup Migrator

12 Frontier Consulting, Inc.12  Report on Setup data  Maintain snapshots for later reference  Compare setup data across instances  Compare setup data at different times iSetup Reporter

13 Frontier Consulting, Inc.13 iSetup Reporter

14 Frontier Consulting, Inc.14 iSetup Usage Scenario - I

15 Frontier Consulting, Inc.15 iSetup Usage Scenario - II Migrate

16 Frontier Consulting, Inc.16 iSetup Benefits  New Implementations Proven and consistent setup data Reduced risk to your implementation Reduced time to go-live Reduced ongoing maintenance and support needs

17 Frontier Consulting, Inc.17 iSetup Benefits  Existing Implementations Ease of maintenance Reduced time in administrative tasks Easier expansion of setup parameters Easier to maintain history of setup data Help in resolving system problems

18 Frontier Consulting, Inc.18 Release Status iSetup ConfiguratorIn production with R11i.8 iSetup MigratorScheduled for R11i.9 iSetup ReporterScheduled for R11i.9

19 Frontier Consulting, Inc.19 iSetup Footprint  Financial General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Fixed Assets Cash Management Purchasing

20 Frontier Consulting, Inc.20 iSetup Footprint  Manufacturing Inventory Bill of Material Engineering WIP Costing Order Management Shipping

21 Frontier Consulting, Inc.21 iSetup Footprint  Human Resources Human Resources Payroll

22 Frontier Consulting, Inc.22 Application Implementation Method

23 Frontier Consulting, Inc.23 iSetup and AIM

24 Frontier Consulting, Inc.24 iSetup Integration Strategy Business Information System Configuration Oracle iSetup Automated Test Scripts Business Flows Tutor Procedures Workflows

25 Frontier Consulting, Inc.25 iSetup and AIM Tasks  RD.020 – Conduct Current Business Baseline Complete iSetup Questionnaire  RD.050 – Gather Business Requirements Complete iSetup Questionnaire  BR.020 – Prepare Mapping Environment Run iSetup Loader  BR.100 – Define Application Setups Run iSetup Loader Edit iSetup BR.100 document  TE.060 – Prepare Testing Environments  Run iSetup Loader  PM.040 – Prepare Production Environment Run iSetup Loader

26 Frontier Consulting, Inc.26 Outsourcing Timeline Contract Signed Implementer Selected Hardware Ready Apps Installed Begin iSetup Configuration Begin Testing Load iSetup Configuration 15615171819

27 Frontier Consulting, Inc.27 Loading Multiple Instances iSetup Configurator CRP System Test Production Original Configuration Revised Configuration

28 Frontier Consulting, Inc.28 Alternate Approach iSetup Configurator CRP System Test Production Original Configuration Backup Refine

29 Frontier Consulting, Inc.29 Configuring Test Scripts  Assumptions One RT per form Data driven Dynamic linking between RTs to support any business flow iSetup Bus. Flow Setup Data Configured RT Suite Customized Data Files

30 Frontier Consulting, Inc.30 Summary  iSetup Is Not for Every Customer Situation  Advantages & Disadvantages of iSetup  Summarize Cost of Implementation or Migration Option

31 Frontier Consulting, Inc.31 Contacts  Jim Lange, Product Director E-mail: Phone: 425-820-1203  Manoj Gupta, Product Manager E-mail: Phone: 650-506-5947  Kirk Williams, Project Manager E-mail: Phone: 832-244-6255

32 A Q & Q U E S T I O N S A N S W E R S

33 Frontier Consulting, Inc.33 Frontier Consulting, Inc. Updates Provided by Jim Lange and Manoj Gupta From ORACLE

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