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New Technology and Challenges for Underground Coal Mining

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1 New Technology and Challenges for Underground Coal Mining
सी एम पी डी आई एक मिनि रत्न कंपनी Cmpdi (A Miniratna company) New Technology and Challenges for Underground Coal Mining B.N. Basu Director (CRD) CMPDI

2 Coal Production from underground Coal Mines
Coal mining is carried out by Surface or ‘opencast’ mining Underground or ‘deep’ mining Around 60% world coal production comes from underground mining India emerged as the largest coal producer in the world after China and USA, producing about 9% of the total global production From U/G China USA and India produce about 95%, 33% & 10% respectively

3 Trend Coal Production from CIL mines (1974-75 to 2011-12)

4 Different Mining Methods used in CIL UG mines
Conventional Bord & Pillar (B&P) system with manual loading of coal onto tubs. Semi-mechanised B&P system with loading by Side Discharge Loaders (SDLs) or Load Haul Dumpers (LHDs) or mechanised drilling by Universal Drilling Machines (UDMs). Mechanised Bord & Pillar/ Room & Pillar system with Continuous Miners (CMs). Mechanised Powered Support Longwall (PSLW) mining system. Methods with hydraulic stowing technology in conjunction with sand or alternative filling. Special methods (i.e. site specific methods), like Blasting Gallery (BG) method, Cable bolting method, wide-stall method, steep mining methods, etc.

5 Technology-wise Underground Coal Production in CIL (2011-12)
32.31, 85% 3.54, 9% 1.79, 5% 0.32, 1% 0.18, 0% 0.1, 0% 0.15, 0% B&P Intermediate technology Roadheader (LW Dev.) PSLW Shortwall (in B&P) Highwall Mining Continuous Miner Conventional B&P (& Others)

6 Application of Mass production Technologies
Continuous Miner Technology (Bord/Room & Pillar) Powered Support Longwall Technology

7 Continuous Miner technology presently in operation in CIL mines
Jhanjra, ECL – Joy Continuous Miner Sarpi, SECL – Joy Continuous Miner Tandsi, WCL - Joy Continuous Miner Kumberkhani, WCL- Sandvik LCCM NCPH, Chirimiri, SECL- Joy Continuous Miner Sheetaldhara-Kurja, SECL- Bucyrus Continuous Miner Pinoura, SECL- Bucyrus Continuous Miner Rani Atari- Sandvik LCCM

8 Continuous Miner technology proposed in CIL mines
Jhanjhra, ECL- MOU has been signed Tilaboni, ECL - Under tendering Kottadih, ECL- Under tendering Block-II, BCCL- LOA has been issued Lohapatti, BCCL- Bids under scrutiny Saoner-I,WCL- Under re-tendering Churcha, SECL- LOA has been issued for two sets

9 Continuous Miner

10 Shuttle Car & Quad Bolter

11 Proposed Power Support Longwall Technology (PSLW) in CIL mines
Jhanjhra, ECL- Agreement has been signed Moonidih seam XVI, BCCL- Bids under scrutiny Moonidih seam XV, BCCL- LOA has been issued Muraidih, BCCL- Agreement has been signed with L1 Kapuria, BCCL- LOA has been issued

12 Shearer working at Longwall face

13 Shearer Drum

14 Powered Roof Supports (Two Legged)

15 Challenges of Underground Mining in CIL mines
UG operations at shallow depth has given way to quarry or surface mining Closure of number of underground mines due to exhaustion of coal reserve or losses Reduction or stagnation in production due to attrition of workforce or natural retirement Reduced production and productivity due to old, long & arduous mines Low technological, R&D or skill-development input in underground mines A number of underground mining operations or processes involve human effort or drudgery Low productivity of manpower Geological disposition and exploration of coal seams has also affected indirectly

16 Other Constrains and challenges in U/G Mines
Size of the Mine / block Geological Complexities and Exploration Mine Approach & Development : high gestation period Technological Development & Implementation Absorption of Technology – Skill development Strata Management & Control Mechanization – Productivity Enhancement Needs Equipment Supply & Maintenance – Vendor Development Long & Arduous Travel / tramming routes – Man-riding / Material Supply Mining hazards Technological Gap – Focus on Specific R&D

17 Renewed Focus on Underground Mining
Aiming from 10% to 30% coal production by 2030 Introduction of Mass-production Technology in large scale Sharing of specific technology with other countries Focusing on Specific R&D projects

18 Alternative Underground Coal Mining Technologies
Underground Coal Gasification Coal bed Methane


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