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FBCB2 - BFT consists of an FBCB2 Appliqué Computer, Kontron computer, or FBCB2 Tough-book using GPS for position locating, L-Band Satellite as its means of communications and a Mission Data Loader to transfer large files. FBCB2-BFT is only approved for exchanging unclassified information. M2A2 M1A1 V4 APPLIQUE M2A3 TOUGH BOOK GPS/PLGR UH-60 TRANSCEIVER KONTRON MDL

Afghanistan/SWA L-Band Satellite FBCB2s 4 2 3 DATA SERVER Network Mgmt Facility Outside Theater 1 3 FBCB2s GCCS-J/GCCS-A

3 Current FBCB2 Capabilities
Increased Situational Awareness on the battlefield Accurate and automatic friendly force locations Accurate depiction of reported enemy locations, obstacles and known battlefield hazards Enables Common Operational Picture across the force Digital distribution of Battle Command information FRAGOs & C2 messages Graphical overlays Increased platform-level efficiency Scaleable maps & imagery “Steer-to” navigation Line of sight planning Far-target locate

4 Over 1400 BFT/FBCB2 installs completed in 6 Countries and over 20 States covering OIF Joint and Coalition Ground and Aviation Platforms

5 OIF Blue COP 25 March 2003 3ID, V Corps 1 MARDIV, I MEF
1 UK DIV, I MEF V CORPS’ 3 ID Secured objectives west of An-Najaf then attacked east of the city in order to engage and destroy the 14th BDE of the Medina Div CAV advanced up highway 8, encountering stiff resistance from paramilitary forces south of al Hillah. Despite killing an estimated 200 personnel and destroying over 30 technical vehicles, the fight continued into the evening hours. 2 mia1’s and an m3 were lost to what is believed to have been Kornet at-14 missiles. 75th XTF began a senstive site exploitation mission at the an Najaf ammunition storage facility. I UK Armored div continued to secure the Rumaila oil fields, continued to build up the port of Umm Qasr, and blocked any Iraqi forces moving south from Basrah. 1 UK is closely monitoring the civilian unrest in Basrah, and preparing to exploit a successful takeover of the city by the civilian population and begin executing humanitarian assistance to the population as required Nine time senstive targets were fired during the reporting period, focused on surface to surface missile sites. 377 TSC. LSA Adder/Cedar continues filling fuel storage bags. 500k gallons are currently on-hand. Two 3k Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems are operational and capable of producing 60k gallons per day. A large enemy ammo holding area has been discovered at tallil air base. There are 36 bunkers within the aha which contains a wide array of ammunition including some us ammo (at-4). CURRENT KIA/WIA/POW STATUS FOR OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, AS OF ZMAR03: DEATH HOSTILE: 15 (USMC), 3 (USA), 7 (UK); DEATHS NON-HOSTILE: 2 (USMC), 2 (USA), 1 (CIV), 2 (UK); WIA: 33 (USMC), 12 (USA), 2 (USN); DNBI: 6 (USMC), 16 (USA), 2 (USAF); DUSTWUN: 2 (USMC), 8 (USA); CAPTURED: 7 (USA). The following Wind Warning has been issued: WARNING #03-001: WINDS FORECAST KNOTS FROM THE SOUTH BECOMING WEST BY 26/00Z. LOCATIONS: (CENTRAL/SOUTHERN IRAQ) INCLUDES ALL AREAS FROM BAGHDAD SOUTH TO PHASE LINE FLORIDA. VALID TIME: 25/0500Z (25/0800L) till 26/0900Z (26/1200L) 1. Tallil Airfield (LSA Adder) secured and runway initial certified by STT. 2. Jalibah Airfield (LSA VIPER) I MEF reported flew in 10 C130s. 250830ZMAR03 Ambush of support vehicles at Tallil. The 3d FWD Support BN (V CORPS/3ID UNIT) received fire in an ambush one mile outside the Northern entrance to Tallil Air Base. One soldier received wounds to his shoulder. He was part of a mission to recover an NMC 113 APC. The soldier is in stable condition and receiving treatment in the 86TH CSH located at Tallil. IRAQ CURRENT WEATHER WARNINGS  WARNING RAIN GTE 2"/12 HRS 25/10-22Z N 47E N 48E   IRAQ CURRENT WEATHER WATCHES  WATCH LTG/THUNDERSTORMS Z N 44E N 48E EXCEPT KUWAIT  WATCH SFC WIND >/= 50 KNOTS 25/14-26/00Z N 45E N 48E LARGE PACKAGE OF AH-64 PARTS INBOUND. A previously scheduled package of AH-64 parts is due to arrive at KCIA Z MAR on a Boeing 747 Mission # BBRKDG50C084. The shipment is a "Boeing Theater War Supply Package". Contents of the package unknown. Package size is significant: 6 ISU-90's and 1 463L pallet's worth of parts. Coordination for receipt and distribution in progress. 1545Z CAV heavily engaged at Objective FLOYD (near Abu Sukhayr / An Najif) by light infantry. 3-7 CAV reports 2 X M-1s and 1 X BFV are disabled. CAV reinforcing with 2 X COs from 1/64 AR. MEF reports as of 2225Z Blue on Blue. Challenger engages Challenger 2 dead, 2 wounded, exact time and location unknown. 101 AA, V Corps

6 Sadaam Baghdad Intl Airport 04 April 2003

7 Baghdad 3ID Thunder Run 2 Liberation of Baghdad 7 April 2003
IRAQI Minister of information reports: “There are no American troops in Baghdad”

8 OIF COP Baghdad 9 April 2003 1MARDIV, I MEF link up with forces from 3ID, V CORPS units 1423Z Apr 03 V CORP: Initial Report. 3 ID reports capturing a enemy motor pool consisting of 100 tanks ( T55-62s& 72), BMPs, & tracks in motor pool formation. grid MB (NW of Objective Chargers) MANEUVER: V CORPS: 2 BCT, 3 ID attacks at ZAPR03 to destroy regime elements in Zones 38 and th Attack Regiment conducts armed recon south of Baghdad along the west bank of the Tigris River. I MEF: RCT 7 secured the International Committee of the Red Cross HQ and food warehouse (Zone 12) directed by CFLCC FRAGO 276; could not locate the psychiatric hospital in Zone 21 RCT 7 SECURES 2 ICRC BUILDINGS IN ZONE 12 ICRC BUILDING 1 (HQs) N E ICRC WAREHOUSE N E 3D ID (188/203 M1A1, 242/264 M2/M3, 17/18 AH-64, 15/16 OH58, 12/15 UH60, 52/54 M109, 33/36 MLRS) 1BCT continued securing BIAP AO and the grounds surrounding the Presidential Palace east of OBJ LIONS and attacked to seize a Special Republic Guard training compound east of OBJ LIONS. 2BCT continued to secure government buildings in Baghdad, defended against multiple attacks on the presidential palace, attacked to seize the airfield north of the palace and seized a Republican Guard HQ, destroying 1 x T72, 8 BMPs, 1 x ADA Battery, 75 x Trucks and 200 x Dismounts. 3BCT secured LOCs north and west of OBJ FLORENCE, destroyed a military compound (believed to be a Para-military training facility) and attacked east along HWY 1 destroying 1 x T72, 4 BMPs, 17 x MTLB and 6 x SA60. 3/7 CAV secured the division rear area (OBJ SAINTS) destroying 7 x T72, 6 x S60, 2 x Spoon rests, 1 x SA9 cache, 3 x BMD, 7 x MTLB, 2 x ZSU23-4 and 2 x MIG21 and continued to protect southern flank of division and ensure MSR stays clear Iraqis and Marines pull down Sadaam Monument broadcasted to the world.

9 Quotes From OIF/OEF “The V Corps COP was 90% BFT. BFT was one of two resounding successes for OIF because commanders down to Brigade level were able to track combat maneuver units in near real time.” - V Corps Operation Iraqi Freedom AAR “The single most successful C2 system fielded for OIF was the FBCB2-BFT system…BFT gave commanders situational understanding that was unprecedented in any other conflict in history” - 3 ID Operation Iraqi Freedom AAR

10 Quotes From OIF/OEF “I’m the lead company of the lead TF of the lead Brigade…There was nobody to my front.. I was able to look at my screen and see where friendly units were to my left, right, and to my rear. I was able to pass that information immediately down to my platoons so fratricide was basically eliminated.” - CPT Stewart James, Cdr, A-2/69 AR, 3ID “When my TF seized a key highway intersection south of Baghdad, I could see the company commander icons at each blocking position and I knew we had control of the objective.” - LTC John Charlton, Cdr TF 1-15, 3 ID

11 Quotes From OIF/OEF “The initial GAC from Kuwait to TAA Strike 1 (North of Najaf) had the brigade spread out over 400 km. Maintaining contact with serial and march unit commanders was only possible by long-haul communications. Primary means was Blue Force Tracker…The ability to look up specific units and know exactly their location and progress was very important.” - CPT Brian North, Brigade SIGO, 2 BDE, 101st AASLT “FBCB2 is a winner! When all other means of commo failed, FBCB2 carried the day!” - LTC Richard Trietley, XO, 1 BDE 82 ABN

12 OIF Battle Command Insights
Army forces fought a net-centric fight all the way to Baghdad; integrated SA and C2 across battle space Soldiers, leaders, and units enabled by the net; 1990’s investments in digitization paid off Effective Battle Command by Army commanders; at all echelons, within the joint/coalition team, while attacking hundreds of miles throughout the non-contiguous and non-linear battle space FBCB2-BFT and Wide-band SATCOM were big winners Critical disconnect between Battle Command capability of Combat and Combat Support, Combat Service Support and SOF units Terrestrial-based communications could not support Battle Command requirements of this campaign Implications Field FBCB2- BFT/Wide-band TACSAT across the entire Army Must proliferate FBCB2-BFT across all BOS and SOF elements Address terrestrial-based communications limitations in Force XXI units

13 FBCB2/BFT Key Leader Fielding Plan Current Force Endstate
KOREA CONUS EUROPE XX XX XX XX 401 2 711 22 4 10 3/2 946 22 2478 1612 35 760 775 1 218 202 XX 50 227 120 227 APS 4 1 2478 1583 XX XX Inst-Kit Only 154 82 509 39 1/25 760 775 1 946 22 XXX 50 III 227 365 120 227 I 123 11 3 XX 710 772 101 553 114 172 760 775 XXX 32 41 222 30 42 365 V 120 HAWAII XXX XXX 72 256 261 X III XVIII 216 36 56/28 760 775 173 90 72 XX 801 18 25(-) 216 288 35 50 120 LT III APS 2 XX 2 Inst-Kit Only 3 114 946 22 760 815 APS 5 SWA 227 I l 41 54 2/25 Inst-Kit Only 380 760 775 1/501 27 33 TRADOC 100 200 APS 3 AFLOAT 120 Inst-Kit Only 227 X X 400 170 1AGRI 131 2AGRI 131 Installation Kits 761 SOF 1416 133 133 1494 CATK Corps/SBCT Rqmts FBCB2s EPLRS 10, ,627* AVN EPLRS 182 Total FBCB2 25,739 GND BFT 9012 AVN BFT 537 CDA/FBCB2-L 5500

14 1003V/OIF FBCB2-BFT Distribution By Echelon & BOS
Light Division

15 1003V/OIF FBCB2-BFT Distribution By Echelon & BOS
Heavy Division

16 Key Leader 3.1.1 Option FBCB2-BFT Distro By Echelon & BOS
Light Division with Handheld Systems

17 Key Leader 3.1.1 Option FBCB2-BFT Distro By Echelon & BOS
Heavy Division with Handheld Systems

18 Electronic Data Manager FBCB2-Light Handheld FBCB2
FBCB2 Prototypes Key features: FBCB2-based software Blue/Red/Georef SA Embedded L-band satellite transceiver 2-Way C2 Message set Embedded GPS CADRG maps, imagery & DTED 50 prototypes available 1st QTR, FY04 Key features: Aviation Mission Planning Falconview solution JVMF Messaging Multiple Map Scales/Formats Mil Std 2525 Symbology Daylight/NVG Capable Auto Position Reporting Blue/Red SA Available 3rd QTR, FY04 Electronic Data Manager EDM (Knee-Board) FBCB2-Light Handheld FBCB2

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