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“Information as Combat Power” 1 M2A2 M2A2 M1A1 M1A1 M2A3 TOUGH BOOK KONTRON V4 APPLIQUE GPS/PLGR MDL The SATCOM FBCB2-BFT System FBCB2 - BFT consists of.

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Presentation on theme: "“Information as Combat Power” 1 M2A2 M2A2 M1A1 M1A1 M2A3 TOUGH BOOK KONTRON V4 APPLIQUE GPS/PLGR MDL The SATCOM FBCB2-BFT System FBCB2 - BFT consists of."— Presentation transcript:

1 “Information as Combat Power” 1 M2A2 M2A2 M1A1 M1A1 M2A3 TOUGH BOOK KONTRON V4 APPLIQUE GPS/PLGR MDL The SATCOM FBCB2-BFT System FBCB2 - BFT consists of an FBCB2 Appliqué Computer, Kontron computer, or FBCB2 Tough-book using GPS for position locating, L- Band Satellite as its means of communications and a Mission Data Loader to transfer large files. FBCB2-BFT is only approved for exchanging unclassified information. TRANSCEIVER UH-60

2 “Information as Combat Power” 2 FBCB2s L-Band Satellite FBCB2s DATA SERVER Network Mgmt Facility Outside Theater GCCS-J/GCCS-A 1 2 3 3 4 OEF/OIF FBCB2-BFT System Afghanistan/SWA

3 “Information as Combat Power” 3 Increased Situational Awareness on the battlefield – Accurate and automatic friendly force locations – Accurate depiction of reported enemy locations, obstacles and known battlefield hazards –Enables Common Operational Picture across the force Digital distribution of Battle Command information – FRAGOs & C2 messages – Graphical overlays Increased platform-level efficiency – Scaleable maps & imagery –“Steer-to” navigation – Line of sight planning – Far-target locate Current FBCB2 Capabilities

4 “Information as Combat Power” 4 Over 1400 BFT/FBCB2 installs completed in 6 Countries and over 20 States covering OIF Joint and Coalition Ground and Aviation Platforms

5 “Information as Combat Power” 5 3ID, V Corps 101 AA, V Corps 1 MARDIV, I MEF 1 UK DIV, I MEF OIF Blue COP 25 March 2003

6 “Information as Combat Power” 6 Sadaam Baghdad Intl Airport 04 April 2003 C2PC

7 “Information as Combat Power” 7 3ID Thunder Run 2 Liberation of Baghdad 7 April 2003 Baghdad IRAQI Minister of information reports: “There are no American troops in Baghdad”

8 “Information as Combat Power” 8 1MARDIV, I MEF link up with forces from 3ID, V CORPS units OIF COP Baghdad 9 April 2003 Iraqis and Marines pull down Sadaam Monument broadcasted to the world.

9 “Information as Combat Power” 9 Quotes From OIF/OEF “The V Corps COP was 90% BFT. BFT was one of two resounding successes for OIF because commanders down to Brigade level were able to track combat maneuver units in near real time.” - V Corps Operation Iraqi Freedom AAR “The single most successful C2 system fielded for OIF was the FBCB2-BFT system…BFT gave commanders situational understanding that was unprecedented in any other conflict in history” - 3 ID Operation Iraqi Freedom AAR

10 “Information as Combat Power” 10 Quotes From OIF/OEF “I’m the lead company of the lead TF of the lead Brigade…There was nobody to my front.. I was able to look at my screen and see where friendly units were to my left, right, and to my rear. I was able to pass that information immediately down to my platoons so fratricide was basically eliminated.” - CPT Stewart James, Cdr, A-2/69 AR, 3ID “When my TF seized a key highway intersection south of Baghdad, I could see the company commander icons at each blocking position and I knew we had control of the objective.” - LTC John Charlton, Cdr TF 1-15, 3 ID

11 “Information as Combat Power” 11 Quotes From OIF/OEF “The initial GAC from Kuwait to TAA Strike 1 (North of Najaf) had the brigade spread out over 400 km. Maintaining contact with serial and march unit commanders was only possible by long-haul communications. Primary means was Blue Force Tracker…The ability to look up specific units and know exactly their location and progress was very important.” - CPT Brian North, Brigade SIGO, 2 BDE, 101 st AASLT “FBCB2 is a winner! When all other means of commo failed, FBCB2 carried the day!” - LTC Richard Trietley, XO, 1 BDE 82 ABN

12 “Information as Combat Power” 12 OIF Battle Command Insights Army forces fought a net-centric fight all the way to Baghdad; integrated SA and C2 across battle space Soldiers, leaders, and units enabled by the net; 1990’s investments in digitization paid off Effective Battle Command by Army commanders; at all echelons, within the joint/coalition team, while attacking hundreds of miles throughout the non-contiguous and non-linear battle space FBCB2-BFT and Wide-band SATCOM were big winners Critical disconnect between Battle Command capability of Combat and Combat Support, Combat Service Support and SOF units Terrestrial-based communications could not support Battle Command requirements of this campaign Implications Field FBCB2- BFT/Wide-band TACSAT across the entire Army Must proliferate FBCB2-BFT across all BOS and SOF elements Address terrestrial-based communications limitations in Force XXI units

13 “Information as Combat Power” 13 KOREACONUS EUROPE 2 XX HAWAII 1 XX 25(-) 1 XX 4 III 3 3 XXX III 10 XX 82 XX 101 XX XXX I V 1 XX LT 2/25 XX GND BFT 9012 760 100 2 III 3/2 1/25 172 56/28 760815 760775 760 775 760775 760775 200 TRADOC 2478 710 1612 1583 772 APS 4 154 Inst-Kit Only APS 2 0 Inst-Kit Only APS 3 AFLOAT 227 APS 5 SWA 380 Inst-Kit Only 41 AVN BFT 537 Installation Kits 761 CATK Corps/SBCT Rqmts FBCB2s EPLRS 10,764 10,627* 22 711 35 50 256261 18 801 401 35 509 946 222 Total FBCB2 25,739 173 90 X 1/501 27 I l 288 11 123 39 114 36 41 22 30 216 553 400 1AGRI 131 X SOF XVIII 1416 FBCB2/BFT Key Leader Fielding Plan Current Force Endstate X 2AGRI 131 775 AVN EPLRS 182 202 1494 114 120 227 42 216 218 365 33 120 54 227 72 133 CDA/FBCB2-L 5500 32 946 22 227 50 170 72

14 “Information as Combat Power” 14 1003V/OIF FBCB2-BFT Distribution By Echelon & BOS Light Division

15 “Information as Combat Power” 15 1003V/OIF FBCB2-BFT Distribution By Echelon & BOS Heavy Division

16 “Information as Combat Power” 16 Key Leader 3.1.1 Option FBCB2-BFT Distro By Echelon & BOS Light Division with Handheld Systems

17 “Information as Combat Power” 17 Key Leader 3.1.1 Option FBCB2-BFT Distro By Echelon & BOS Heavy Division with Handheld Systems

18 “Information as Combat Power” 18 Key features: –FBCB2-based software –Blue/Red/Georef SA –Embedded L-band satellite transceiver –2-Way C2 Message set –Embedded GPS –CADRG maps, imagery & DTED 50 prototypes available 1 st QTR, FY04 Key features: –Aviation Mission Planning Falconview solution –JVMF Messaging –Multiple Map Scales/Formats –Mil Std 2525 Symbology –Daylight/NVG Capable –Auto Position Reporting –Blue/Red SA Available 3 rd QTR, FY04 Electronic Data Manager EDM (Knee-Board) FBCB2-Light Handheld FBCB2 FBCB2 Prototypes

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