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Simple Key Loader (SKL) Army Fielding Strategy SYSTEM OVERVIEW.

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1 Simple Key Loader (SKL) Army Fielding Strategy SYSTEM OVERVIEW

2 COMPONENTS OF ARMY KEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The DTD is one of the three sub- systems of AKMS Local COMSEC Management Software (LCMS)/ Key Processor DTD Automated Communications Engineering Software (ACES)

3 Background-Study Data Transfer Device (DTD) Since 1998 there has been an increased need for Data Transfer Devices in the field to support data distribution Current shortfall of 21,000 devices Army wide

4 Background-Study Data Transfer Device (DTD) Issues of Concern: There is no longer a production contract for the AN/CYZ-10A Technology is obsolete i.e. - Processor Speed 4 kHz - Storage Capacity 64 kbs

5 Background-Study Data Transfer Device (DTD) THE SOLUTION The Army began the development of the Simple Key Loader (SKL) Digital Computer System, AN/PYQ-10

6 CONTRACTS AWARDED: In June 10, 2002 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) was designated as the System Integration for the SKL In Oct 2003, INTER4 Corporation, San Francisco was awarded the host contract Background-Study Data Transfer Device (DTD)

7 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION Processor 32-bit Intel® XScale™ CPU (400 MHz) RAM 64/128 MB of SDRAM ROM 64 MB of Flash Memory Graphics 2-D Accelerator Size7” x 3.5” x 1.8” Weight Approx 18 oz. 504 gms.

8 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) Ruggedized self contained unit Fits into a BDU pocket Three sources of power for operation Meets TEMPEST Requirements Fill Port connector 6-pin Utilizes a KOV-21 Card to perform key operation

9 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) KOV Light Inductive Styli Holder 4 General Purpose Buttons Brightness Controls 5-Way Control Buttons Battery Pack - Located On the Backside Zeroize Button Fill Port AC Power CIK Access Inductive Styli Brightness Controls

10 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) Three different types: – Claim Shell which holds eight AA batteries – Screw down on Battery Pack – Battery Eliminator for A/C power Battery Eliminator AC or DC Application Claim Shell Battery 30 or 40+ Hrs Rechargeable Adapter AC/DC

11 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) SKL uses an embedded KOV-21 approach NSA requires that the CIK be used to “lock” and “unlock” the KOV-21 When the CIK is inserted into the SKL and the login command is executed--- – KOV-21 is “unlocked” which is indicated by green KOV-21 Activity light – SKL decrypts, as needed, Mission Data KOV-21 CCI US Gov’t Property IIII IIIIIIIIII II IIIII IIII KOV-21X 00000 DTD Crypto-Device DTD2000 GroupTech Zero CIK

12 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) KOV-21 Card is ONLY removable from the SKL during depot level maintenance CCI US Gov’t Property IIII IIIIIIIIII II IIIII IIII KOV-21X 00000 DTD Crypto-Device DTD2000 GroupTech Zero PCMCIA Card TYPE II

13 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) Electronic key storage capacity: TEK, KEK = 77,500 Theses numbers could be plus OR minus 10%.

14 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) SKL Operating System – Win CE. NET (4.1) – NSA Approved

15 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) Logon Screen (Default) User ID: SSO (Site Security Officer)  Password: SKL123  Select OK  Select Launch (application) from drop down menu, then select Launch UAS, highlight SKL, select OK

16 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) Users: One supervisor and up to 10 operators can be assigned unique password to logon to an SKL

17 SKL PRE-SYSTEM CONFIGURATION  Set Card Time/Date - From the Tools dropdown menu select Set Card Time/Date  User Account – Select User Management option from the Tools Menu (create, delete, and change password)  View Audit Functions – (view, clear, upload, and remote)  View Host and KOV-21 Card Status – From the Tools dropdown menu select User option (Change Password, Get Card Time/Date, Get Card Status, Card Self-Test, and Zeroize).

18 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) Navigation in SKL UAS is achieved by using a Windows Explorer-type interface Startup Information Screen 1. SKL Version 2.0/3.0 2. Highest SOI Classification: 3. Highest Key Classification:

19 SKL GENERAL INFORMATION (Cont.) There are four windows explorer tree views – Platform – Equipment – Keys – SOI Platform (Plat) (Parent Record) Equipment (EQS) (Child Record) Key (Child Record)

20 SKL FIELDING PLAN Computer Based Training (CBT) Quick Reference Guide Technical Manual NSN 7010-01-517- 3587 Help Desk # (866)-651-1199

21 Fist Article Test (FAT) 8 Nov – 3 Dec 04 Full or Conditional Material Release JUN 05 Fielding Plan JUN 05 SKL TIMELINE FOR FUTURE EVENTS

22 QUESTIONS ? ? ?

23 CONTACT INFORMATION CPT Derrick McCluskey Email: Office Phone: 791-1872 DSN 780-1872

24 Simple Key Loader (SKL) Army Fielding Strategy SYSTEM OVERVIEW THANK YOU

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