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1 Caterpillar – Building Construction Products Division Ovation Award: Workplace Flexibility.

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1 1 Caterpillar – Building Construction Products Division Ovation Award: Workplace Flexibility

2 2 A History of Progress * In 1978, the company began reporting Sales & Revenues 1925: Holt & Best companies merge into Caterpillar Tractor Co. 1931: First diesel track-type tractor 1960-1970: Rapid global expansion 1986: Factory modernization 2001: Joined World Business Council for Sustainable Development 1942: Cat machines serve in World War II 1925 $13.8 Million 1930 $45.4 Million 2010 $42.5 Billion 1940 $73.1 Million 1980* $8.6 Billion 1950 $337.3 Million 1960 $716 Million 1990 $11.4 Billion 1970 $2.1 Billion 2000 $20.2 Billion 2011 2011: Acquired Bucyrus International, Inc.

3 3 A Global Reach  Global reach and presence is unmatched in the industry  Serve customers in more than 180 countries around the globe  More than half of our sales are outside the United States  Manufacturing, marketing, logistics, service, R&D and related facilities along with our dealer locations total more than 500 locations worldwide  Fortune 100 company & #27 on “World’s Most Admired” list  #12 on Forbes “Most Reputable Big Companies” list 2011 Sales & Revenues: $60 billion 2011 Profit: $4.9 billion Both all time records!

4 4 A Broad Range of Products and Industries

5 5 A Proactive Community Member Caterpillar has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DSSI) for 11 consecutive years! Examples:  Vision Zero safety culture  The Caterpillar Foundation: “Making Sustainable Progress Possible in our Communities” worldwide via investments in: – Sustainable Humanity (disaster relief, school feeding program, Charity Water) – Sustainable Education (Junior Achievement Worldwide, First Robotics) – Sustainable Environment (Great Rivers Partnership)

6 6 Critical to Caterpillar’s Success A leading exporter from the U.S. and North Carolina Poised to meet the world’s growing infrastructure needs

7 7 Building Construction Products (BCP) Skid Steer/Multi Terrain Loaders Sanford, NC Mini Hydraulic Excavator* UK (Leicester), Japan, China Compact Wheel Loader UK (Leicester) Telehandler Alliance with JLG Backhoe Loader UK (Leicester), Brazil, India Small Wheel Loader Clayton, NC, Brazil, India, Belgium, Japan Small Track Type Tractor* Japan 7 product families 70 models Core, CCE and BHL * New facility announced to produce these in N. America

8 8 BCP – North Carolina Summary  BCP is a global division of Caterpillar –Several thousand employees, 7 manufacturing facilities, support employees in many other locations –Integrated, end-to-end business that includes its own Marketing & Distribution, Purchasing & Supply Chain, Finance, HR and Product & Systems design teams  Approximately 1,000 North Carolina employees, mostly in the Triangle region (Cary, Sanford, Clayton) –Cary – Administrative, global headquarters for BCP –Clayton Plant – major source for many Caterpillar SWL –Clayton Product Development Center – serves as a testing grounds for BCP product and home of an integrated engineering systems team –Sanford Plant – is the global source for all Caterpillar SSL, MTL, CTL

9 9 Why Workplace Flexibility?  Attraction of new employees  Engagement of current employees  Dolly Parton doesn’t work at Caterpillar! –Integral part of the “new” Total Rewards

10 10 Market Data  North Carolina “Family Friendly 50” honors the companies that excel in their commitment to Family Friendly policies (Carolina Parenting, Inc.). 2010 data: –Bank of America, Bayer, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, CISCO, Ernst & Young, Hewitt Associates, Novo Nordisk, Progress Energy, Rex Healthcare, SAS, Caterpillar? –96% offer Flextime and Part-time Work options –94% offer Telecommuting –78% offer Compressed Work Week –52% offer Job Sharing options  Gen Ys want a rewards remix, according to "Bookend Generations," a study from the Center for Work-Life Policy. Instead of the traditional plums of prestigious title, powerful position, and concomitant compensation, they value challenging and diverse job opportunities, stimulating colleagues, a well-designed communal workspace, and flexible work options, with 89% of Ys saying flexible work options are important consideration in choosing an employer. "Millenials view work-life balance as their right," observes Ron Alsop in The Trophy Kids Grow Up. To obtain that balance, they are becoming "agents of change, pushing flexibility to the top of the workplace agenda.“Bookend GenerationsCenter for Work-Life PolicyThe Trophy Kids Grow Up  And so on……

11 11 Market Data Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development's survey report (UK):  “Seventy per cent of survey respondents believe that implementing flexible working practices has a positive effect on employee motivation. Over half of organizations feel that recruitment has benefited from the implementation of flexible working practices.”  “Work–life balance is identified as one of those HR policies or practices that is particularly influential on employee attitudes. Where this influence is positive, employees are more likely to exhibit ‘discretionary behavior’ or to ‘go the extra mile’ for their organization.”  “The beneficial effects of flexible working on managing absence levels were noted by almost one-quarter of survey respondents (24%). The CIPD working party made the observation that when, for example, individuals are equipped and able to work from home, they may feel able to do some work on occasions when a long commute would not be possible. One member of the working party commented that, in her organization, responsibility for devising the staffing roster has been handed over from the manager to team members. This has contributed to an improvement in absence levels (for example, employees were more easily able to swap shifts when necessary).”

12 12 Flexible Work Arrangements – Value Proposition Benefits of offering FWA:  Helps retain quality employees  Improves engagement  Can increase employee productivity  Provides a recruitment edge – it is an expectation for some talent  Creates a non-traditional pool of qualified candidates  Improves tardiness and absenteeism  Helps alleviate traffic congestion & air pollution and lowers fuel expenses  Enables employees to handle ongoing or unexpected non work-related responsibilities while fulfilling their job responsibilities  Promotes BCP’s results driven culture (Accountable for Results) BCP is committed to attracting and retaining a high performance workforce and creating a more diverse and inclusive culture, which is needed to achieve our Vision 2020 goals and beyond… B U I L D I N G C O N S T R U C T I O N P R O D U C T S FWA’s included as A Total Reward!

13 13 Flexible Work Arrangements – Examples  Telecommuting (periodic “work from home” or full-time) –Performing work in locations other than the standard office site –Telecommuting agreement needs to be made for full-time –Periodic telecommuting - only manager agreement is necessary  Flextime –Work schedules that allow employees to choose their starting and ending times within limits set by management  Compressed Work Schedule –Work schedule that allows employees to complete their regularly scheduled work in less than the usual amount of days –Typically is most applicable to production support employees in a compressed work schedule production environment  Part Time  Job Sharing –Two part time employees share responsibility of one job  Unpaid Time Off B U I L D I N G C O N S T R U C T I O N P R O D U C T S

14 14 Selling the Value  Leadership buy-in  Employee pull  Real examples of it working –Ideally, recognized top talent

15 15 Implementation  Leader-delivered announcement; HR as support  Re-enforced & integrated into regular Total Rewards and Diversity & Inclusion communications  Personal demonstration  Ask “why not”?

16 16 Results  Employee Opinion Survey scores and comments reflect positive impact of workplace flexibility efforts  Usage is contagious!  Carolina Parent’s “Family Friendly 50 Companies” in 2011  Productivity!

17 17 Specific Employee Comments – Positive  “Introducing flexible working hours policy and working from home policy has made positive impact on work environment.”  “For me work life balance has improved due to the fact that there is a lot more flexibility in the hours you can work and also the ability to work from home.”  “I feel the changes implemented by our workgroup's EOS teams and management in the last two years, such as flexible working, have addressed some of my colleagues issues and concerns resulting in a more relaxed and pleasant working environment.”  “I am very proud of our group and the improvements that have been made in the past year. The group has adopted a more flexible work schedule, which has improved employee moral and has not affected the high level of work done.”  “Flexible work schedule is now being promoted instead of allowed. The ability to take two weeks off unpaid is also a nice option.”  “Overall, personal engagement has been higher than last year. Contributors to this have been: Flexible working arrangements…”  “I appreciate the opportunities and benefits that BCP has worked to make available for their employees. From the Leadership Summit and having the chance to interact with other leaders from across the division, to benefits such as flexible work schedules and the option to take two weeks per year without pay, these add to the many reasons that make BCP a great place to work.”  “I am excited about the Flexible Work Arrangements and hope to see those implemented widely within HR. It feels as if the HR team works the most hours of any department within BCP at times. We're in a support role and tend to put ourselves last, but it's also important we take care of ourselves so we're at our best for our customers.”

18 18 Specific Employee Comments – Opportunities  “Need to continue the discussions & progress towards rolling out a flexible work schedule policy.”  “Still require more focus on work life balance and flexible working and core hours, and for management to be actively promoting it - is seen by some but not all.”  “I encourage our supervisors to talk to their employees and see if an alternative work schedule could help improve their work life balance and therefore their overall happiness with CAT and life in general.”  “Flexible time – (We need) Faster computers”

19 19 Lessons Learned & Next Steps  Implementation is not a one-time event  Resistance/reluctance should be expected  You’re never there…

20 20 Questions?

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