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Px-Web API use in INSTAT

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1 Px-Web API use in INSTAT

2 Table of Contents About PX-Web API PX-Web API use in INSTAT
About Data Visualization Project Future plans

3 About PX-Web API PxWeb API
A programmatic way to access px-web database GET Request: metadata about databases, levels, tables, contents and variables of a table Returns a json format of the metadata POST Request: post a query for retrieving data from a table Returns a specified format of the filtered table (json, xml, px, csv.)

4 About PX-Web API GET Request: API/LANGUAGE/DATABASE- ID/<LEVELS>/TABLE-ID JSON metadata response POST Request: Posting a json formatted request to the above url will return a response with the data filtered according to the posted query. User specified format response

5 PX-Web API GET request Example resoponse of the GET request “/api/en”
[{"dbid":"DST","text":"Statistical database"}] Example response of the GET request “/api/en/DST/ND” [{"id":"ND0001","type":"t","text":"Constructions by their type- Riconstructions "}, {"id":"ND0002","type":"t","text":"Dwelling by prefecture by prefectures according to construction permits "}, {"id":"ND0003","type":"t","text":"Number and square meter of building permits issue for new buildings "}, {"id":"ND0004","type":"t","text":"Dwelling by district according to construction permits "}, {"id":"ND0005","type":"t","text":"Value of building permits issued by clients for buildings and civil engineering works "}, {"id":"ND0006","type":"t","text":"Approximate value- New constructions "}]

6 PxWeb API POST request Example of POST request into the url "" {"query": [{"code": "NivArsim", "selection": {"filter": "all","values": ["*"]}},{"code": "urban_rural", "selection": {"filter": "all","values": ["*"]}},{"code": "Vit", "selection": {"filter": "all", "values": ["*"] }}],"response": { "format": "json" }}: response {"columns":[{"code":"NivArsim","text":"Level of Education ","type":"d"},{"code":"urban_rural","text":"urban_rural","type":"d"},{"code":"Vit","t ext":"Year","type":"t"},{"code":"Instat1","text":"Women Percentage","type":"c"}],"comments":[],"data":[{"key":["1","1","2013"],"values":["3. 0"]},{"key":["1","2","2013"],"values":["5.9"]},{"key":["2","1","2013"],"values":["26. 9"]},{"key":["2","2","2013"],"values":["55.0"]},{"key":["3","1","2013"],"values":["46 .9"]},{"key":["3","2","2013"],"values":["33.9"]},{"key":["4","1","2013"],"values":["2 3.2"]},{"key":["4","2","2013"],"values":["5.2"]}]} 4/14/2017

7 PX-Web API use in INSTAT
Programmatic access to our pxweb database Internal use for our Data Visualization Project Charts and table data are provided from px web database using pxweb api queries Users can programmatically access our database for automatic update of figures in their reports 4/14/2017

8 PX-Web API use in INSTAT
Visualization of INSTAT publications

9 About Data Visualization Project
Visual Studio 2013 SQL Server 2012 .Net Framework 4.5 Entity Framework (Database First Model) LINQ JQuery JQPlot Pivot js

10 About Data Visualization Project
Visualization of INSTAT publications (Tables) Pivot.js

11 About Data Visualization Project
Visualization of INSTAT publications (Charts) Jqplot

12 Future plans Visualize main INSTAT publication
Create a loading application to populate the database Extend the use of the API for other purposes External users as well

13 Thank You For Your Attention!

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