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Questions and answers about the Revolutionary War.

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1 Questions and answers about the Revolutionary War.

2  The were poor, indentured servants, immigrants, and landless farmers and field hands.  They were promised land, money, and freedom (indentured servants and slaves)  The war was instigated by the wealthy and fought by the poor.

3  Patriot militias would not have been possible without popular support. This support extended beyond the militias into families, merchants, farmers, and politicians.  People provided food, supplies, and shelter for those willing to fight the British

4  As Catholics they had been persecuted by the dominant religious groups in the colonies.  They lost their civil liberties and their property.  The British government officials tried to protect them from persecution

5  Felt passed over for his service to the Revolution  He became an informant for British General Clinton in NYC. He plotted to turn over West Point to the British.  After his plot was uncovered he fled and became a General in the British army and led raids against American targets. Never captured, he retired to England after the war and died in 1801

6  Trenton - The famous crossing of the Delaware on Dec. 25 1776 to defeat the Hessians.  Princeton – Jan. 3, 1777 – defeated a small British force  Small but significant victories.  They gave the Americans a moral boost and changed Washington’s strategy from offensive to defensive in nature.

7  The October 1777 defeat of the British at Saratoga led the English to consider peace negotiations with America.  France did not want favorable relations or reconciliation between the colonists and the British.  Extending the war would ultimately weaken the British.

8  The Colonists victory was a disaster for the Native Americans  While they (Native Americans) didn’t feel they had actually lost a conflict, in reality the American people would now concentrate on expansion forcing Native Americans from their land.

9  These were the people who remained loyal to the British.  Many were in the South.  Lands would no longer be confiscated, and states would be persuaded to compensate them.

10  This came to be known as the Newburgh Address.  By denouncing force by the military he set the precedent for military subordination to a civilian government

11  How did the flood of paper currency affect the American Economy in the aftermath of the Revolution?  Paper money was printed without regard to value  A lack of British goods and excess paper money led to runaway inflation.  This led to diminished confidence in the young government.

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