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Western Democracies Stumble

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1 Western Democracies Stumble
CH. 13.2

2 Politics in the Postwar World
Post WWI Europe faced economic instability as jobs were scarce & cities were ravaged These factors led to political unrest Britain faced party unrest, growing socialism and Irish independence France Political divisions and financial scandals plagued the government U.S. not affected as much economically Red Scare uneasy about the radical ideas immigrants might bring in, limited immigration from Europe & begins a policy of isolationism

3 Post War foreign policy
Arguing Allies Peace seemed fragile France wanted to weaken Germany by enforcing the Treaty of Versailles Maginot line-France built fortifications along the border of Germany They strengthened their military and sought alliances. Britain wanted to lesson the treaty’s effect on Germany

4 Post War foreign policy
The Search for Peace Several European nations sign peace treaties during the 1920’s Kellog-Braind Pact Sponsored by the U.S. promising to renounce war as a national policy Almost every independent nation signed the agreement League’s weakness League of Nations worked toward stopping aggression dictators took note of it’s inability to stop aggression around the world


6 Postwar Economics Europe Struggles U.S. emerged as the economic leader
Europe struggled to return to a steady peacetime economy U.S. emerged as the economic leader Affluent U.S bolstered Europe’s recovery The Great Depression The U.S. stock market crashed in 1929, ushering in the Great Depression This was a global economic crisis that closed businesses and left behind many jobless, homeless, starving people

7 The Democracies React to the Depression
Democracies respond The governments of Britain, France, and the United States struggled to help their people Political radicals gained ground during this difficult time Loss of faith in Democracy As the Depression wore on, many people lost faith in the ability of democratic governments to solve problems Democracies React to the Depression Britain, France, and the United States struggled to help their people President Roosevelt's new deal programs went a long way toward helping suffering Americans


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