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A person who wages an unofficial war on a country

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1 A person who wages an unofficial war on a country
Get your Binders and Please take a blue reading packet and the white write on sheet from the front of the room. Filibuster A person who wages an unofficial war on a country

2 Philip Nolan Description: American who threatened Spanish Rule.
Came to Texas in 1791 as a trader. Entered Texas several times with Spanish permission. Spanish suspected he was involved with Gen. Wilkinson to take Texas from Mexico Ventured deep into Central Texas made a camp on the banks of the Brazos River Spanish commander sent 100 soldiers to arrest him Decided to fight and was killed, his men were arrested and imprisoned until 1807

3 Questions What were the goals of the filibusters?
What makes you think that Philip Nolan was working with the U. S. government to take control of Texas from Spain?    The goals of the filibusters were to wage an unofficial war on Spain and take Texas territory from Spain. Some believed that Nolan was working with the US gov. for several reasons: he had been a book keeper to Wilkinson, he was mapping the areas , entered again without permission and he fought when he was caught.

4 Gutierrez-Magee Expedition
Description: Gutierrez meets Magee and they decide to continue Hidalgo’s rebellion Magee was bitter because he was passed over for a promotion Thought Spain had no right to impose its will on the Mexican people They moved into Texas in 1812 with about 130 people, citizens from the US, Mexico, Natives and French Take Nacogdoches, moved to San Antonio, follow the Spanish to La Bahia at Goliad and take the presidio Internal disagreements, confusion, and command changes weaken the expedition 1813 Republic Army is defeated at the Battle of Medina

5 Questions What disagreement weakened the Republican Army of the North?
How was the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition successful in the fight for Mexican Independence? The expedition was weakened by arguments on how a free Texas would be ruled; the US way with elections or the Spanish way with a governor and appointed official cabinet The Expedition was successful due to it’s ability to take and control Nacogdoches, La Bahia Presidio and San Antonio. It gave inspiration to others that Spain could be defeated

6 Long Expedition Description:
Long was unhappy with Adams-Onis treaty of 1819 Organized an invading force to free Texas 1819 Long captured the town of Nacogdoches, establishes a government with himself as President Long traveled to Galveston Island to get help from Jean Lafitte, he refuses Col. Perez, from SA with 500 soldiers runs Long’s supporters out of Texas Long goes to New Orleans to recruit more men and to plan another invasion. They move inland to La Bahia at Goliad. Long is forced to surrender, captured and taken to Mexico City for trial; while waiting trial he is shot and killed

7 Questions Why did Dr. James Long support Mexican independence? What was the filibuster’s attitude toward the Adams-Onis Treaty? What did James Long hope to accomplish in TX? If you were Jane Long, would you return to Texas? Explain Dr. Long supported Mexican independence because he believed that Texas belonged to the US He was unhappy about the Adams-Onis Treaty, he felt it gave US land away. Long hoped to free the territory from Spanish control and make it part of the US or an independent land. I believe she returned to Texas because she had no other options open to her. Texas was to become the land of opportunity for many.

8 Spanish Government Description: Spain sees more and more Americans crossing the Mississippi and Louisiana and settling without permission US gov. was interested in how they acquire Spanish territory 1800 Nolan is given permission to do business in Texas; he has close ties to the US gov. 1803 US acquires Louisiana Purchase; parts of Texas claimed by both Spain and the US Gen Andrew Jackson of the US followed Indians into Spanish Florida without permission and without remorse (not sorry) 1819 US gains control of land claimed by Spain, Spain ceded Florida to the US in the Adam-Onis treaty More and More illegals moving to Texas

9 Questions Which of the 3 filibusters’ expeditions seemed to be the greatest threat to the Spanish government of New Spain? Explain Why would Spain be against the independence of Mexico? Why would Spain not trust the U. S.? You pick, but defend your answer Ex: Gutierrez- Magee, they actually won and Defended the land for a time. Spain wants to control all of her colonies. She does not want to lose any more territory to anyone. Americans citizens have continued to interfere with the Spanish Gov of New Spain, They are looking for excuses to take what belongs to Spain.

10 Summary YOUR POINT OF VIEW: How do you think these events will impact Texas? Prove your point with at least 3 examples from your readings

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