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“I closed the gulf of anarchy and brought order out of chaos

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1 “I closed the gulf of anarchy and brought order out of chaos
“I closed the gulf of anarchy and brought order out of chaos. I rewarded merit regardless of birth or wealth, wherever I found it. I abolished feudalism and restored equality to all regardless of religion and before the law. I fought the decrepit monarchies of the Old Regime because the alternative was the destruction of all this. I purified the Revolution. “ Napoleon Bonaparte

2 Napoleon Bonaparte Born on the island of Corsica, this General won many battles for France. Became a French war hero. Napoleon’s followers developed a plan to overthrow the government with the military. Coup d’ Etat. (Nov 9, 1799)

3 The Consulate Napoleon reorganized and centralized the government to give himself unlimited power and renamed the French Government The Consulate. Developed three consuls to the head the government and made himself First Consul. Put the government to a vote, called a plebiscite, where the citizens could only vote yes or no.

4 Napoleon Makes France Great
Napoleon restructures the tax collecting system so that corrupt officials are not in charge. Napoleon issues lycees; or government run public schools for all children Napoleon signs the concordat (agreement) with the Pope Pius VII spelling out a new relationship between church and state. Napoleon issued the Napoleonic Code; a set of laws that gave the country a uniform set of laws but eliminated many injustices.

5 Napoleon the Emperor Napoleon made himself emperor of France.
He established the Napoleonic Code. Recognized that all men were equal before the law. Guaranteed freedom of religion and the right for a person to work in any occupation. Took away Freedom of Speech and Press Hand out Napoleonic Code

6 Napoleon Brings Order to France
The Economy Government & Society Religion Goal of the Revolution Napoleon’s Actions Results Equal Taxation Lower Inflation Less Gov’t Corruption Equal Opportunity Less powerful Catholic Church Religious Tolerance Appointed Officials by Merit Fired Corrupt Officials Recognized Catholicism as official religion of France Set up fair tax system Set up national bank Stabilize currency Religious Tolerance Gov’t recognition of church influence Equal taxation Stable Economy Honest officials Public Education (lycees)

7 Money in the Bank Napoleon has difficulty controlling the sugar plantations in Hispanola. He decides to sell the Louisiana Territory to the U.S. for 15 million dollars.

8 Napoleon Conquers Europe
Do to the threat that Napoleon had on Europe, Britain convinced Austria, Russia, and Sweden to form the Third Coalition. Napoleon defeated the Third Coalition in a series of battles, but his greatest victory was the Battle of Austerlitz and Liepzig.

9 Napoleon Goes After England
After the continent of Europe was secure under French control, Napoleon tried to defeat the British Navy at the Battle of Trafalgar but failed. The Battle had 2 major effects: The British Navy controlled the Atlantic Ocean It forced Napoleon to give up plans to invade England.


11 Napoleon gets Greedy In order to weaken Great Britain Napoleon:
Napoleon conquered all of Europe except Great Britain. In order to weaken Great Britain Napoleon: 1. Continental System- Ordered all countries not to trade with Great Britain (blockade) in order to weaken the country. The Plan backfired! Instead inflation rose rapidly throughout Europe. 2. Attacked Portugal because it was ignoring the Continental System. Napoleon removed the King of Spain and put his brother Joseph on the throne. Rebels used guerilla warfare to defeat the French Army. This weakened France.

12 Peninsular War- The series of revolts led by the Spanish people to try and dispel of the French authority. 3. Napoleon decides to invade Russia because Alexander I of Russia keeps trading with Britain. Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812 with 600,000 men. (Largest army ever assembled in Europe.) Napoleon’s Grand Army is defeated, not by battle but by the cold elements. Scorched Earth Policy- As an army retreats, they burn shelter and food.

13 Napoleonic Europe in 1810

14 The Napoleonic Empire (1805-1815)

15 Downfall of Napoleon’s Empire
Nationalism- A sense of pride for ones own country, customs, and traditions. Countries began to rebel under Napoleon’s Empire. They wanted to install their own government; but Napoleon’s army was too strong.

16 Napoleon Abdicates With an alliance of Prussia, Russia, and Great Britain Napoleon is defeated. Sent to exile on the island of Elba. Louis XVIII (brother of Louis XVI) was installed as the king of France by the allies. Napoleon learned of the discontent within the government and in France; he escapes back to France.

17 The Hundred Days The time period when Napoleon came back to rule France is known as The Hundred Days. An Alliance formed quickly (Prussia, Great Britain, Russia, and the Netherlands) met Napoleon’s army at Waterloo. After he is defeated the allies sent Napoleon to St. Helena in the South Atlantic.

18 Napoleon’s Mistakes Cause for action and effect on empire Cause: Napoleon tries to weaken Great Britain by imposing a mandatory blockade. The Continental System Effect: The blockade only weakened Europe’s economy and caused the War of 1812. Cause: Portugal ignored the Continental System. Napoleon Declares War on Portugal (The Peninsular War) Effect: The fight with Spain weakened his empire through a series of battles. Napoleon Invades Russia Cause: Alexander I kept trading with Britain Effect: Napoleon invaded Russia only to be defeated by scorched-earth policy. Lost his entire army and empire.

19 Europe in 1815

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