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Activity 3.6: How did the Depression help the Nazis?

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1 Activity 3.6: How did the Depression help the Nazis?

2 Part 1 How did the Depression weaken the Weimar government?

3 Unpopular economic policies (1 ) Germans very proud of and sensitive about the economy Weimar government seemed to have no idea what do about poverty and unemployment No other country’s government did any better Weimar government did try measures but had limited options …

4 Unpopular economic policies (2) Weimar government afraid of repeat of 1923 inflation so Chancellor (Bruning): –raised taxes –cut wages –reduced unemployment benefit What effect do you think this would have had on attitudes towards the Weimar Republic?

5 Presidential rule Economic policies caused crisis: –Social Democrats pulled out of government coalition because of economic policies –Chancellor got President Hindenburg to use Article 48 to pass his measures –but Hindenburg was 84 and influenced by his friends – business and army leaders What was the attitude of Hindenburg and his friends towards the Weimar Republic?

6 The rise of extremism Weimar government seemed to be losing control More people became involved in politics and voted Extremist parties – Nazis and Communists – claimed they had the answers Extremism led to violence – 500 killed during 1932 elections How would these events affect people’s faith in the Weimar Republic?

7 Pause for thought The image on the next slide shows the Berlin police reacting to an emergency. In a way, the picture sums up the terrible position the Weimar Republic was in at this time. Label the picture using the framework on the next slide.

8 Weimar Germany 1929–1932: A state in crisis Factor weakening the Weimar Republic This was a major/minor threat because …

9 Part 2 How did these problems help the Nazis?

10 Nazis claimed they had the answers: –Weimar was weak – Hitler was a strong leader –unemployment – Nazis would create jobs –Communists – SA would deal with them Hitler’s public speaking and general appeal Nazi seats in Reichstag rose … –1930 – 107 seats (previously twelve) –July 1932 – 230 seats (biggest party) But why did the Nazis benefit so much rather than other parties?

11 How did the Nazis do it? (1) Organisation: –background as soldiers –local workers well trained –skilled leaders Propaganda –Hitler and Goebbels were propaganda masters –exploited anti-Communist feelings –used violence against Communists for propaganda purposes

12 How did the Nazis do it? (2) Support of industrialists –deal with Nationalists –some funding from big business Use of technology –radio –use of aircraft in 1932 presidential election –rallies, parades, marches

13 How did the Nazis do it? (3) Promises to voters: –workers were promised jobs –employers were promised profits –farmers were promised higher prices –shopkeepers were promised protection from competition Flexibility: –Dropped unpopular policies (e.g. nationalising industry) –Kept policies vague: ‘make Germany great again’

14 How did the Nazis do it? (4) Hitler the superman: –appearance on posters –Speech-making skills –no opposition leader to match him Weakness of opposition –opposition underestimated Nazis –Social Democrats thought Nazi election campaigning would not work –Social Democrats relied too heavily on their own base of supporters –Social Democrats and Communists completely refused to work together either in the Reichstag or out on the streets

15 Which was the most important factor in the Nazis’ success? Extend or shorten each bar to show the importance of each factor. A.Depression B.Govt. policies C.Presidential rule D.Extremism E.Nazi organisation F.Nazi propaganda G.Industrialists H.Technology I.Promises J.Flexibility K.Hitler L.Weak opposition

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