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By Adriana G-A McIndoe TO SPAY OR NOT TO SPAY By Adriana G-A McIndoe

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1 By Adriana G-A McIndoe

2 What is Spaying / Neutering?
Spaying / Neutering is the removal of the animal’s reproductive organs by means of surgery. Upon reaching sexual maturity, female animals are spayed (removal of ovaries), whereas males are neutered (removal of testicles).

3 Sexual Maturity 5 – 7 months for a female cat / dog
8 – 10 months for a male cat / dog It is recommended that all dogs / cats not intended for breeding purposes be spayed / neutered.

4 Benefits of Spaying / Neutering
Spaying / Neutering is considered the most humane and economical means of addressing the problem of stray / feral cat overpopulation. It eliminates behavior problems such as, spraying of urine, fighting, and annoying late-night courting of females.

5 Other Benefits Spaying / Neutering:
Eliminates the threat of ovarian / uterine cancer, and greatly reduces the female’s chances of developing breast cancer, if done before she reaches sexual maturity 1 Eliminates the nuisance of stray male suitors Reduces the female’s desire to wander and breed Eliminates irritating heat-related behaviors Prevents unwanted pregnancies Helps control feral cat overpopulation 1 “Spay and Neuter Information.” 5 November 2000. - spayinfo

6 What is a Feral Cat? Feral cats are the “wild” offspring of domestic cats, and the end result of a pet owner’s neglect to alter his / her animals.

7 A Single Unspayed Female Cat
The Hawaii Cat Foundation estimates that a single unspayed female cat could have two to three litters YEARLY, with each containing four to six kittens. 2 2 “Feral Cats in Hawaii: Why Are There Feral Cats?” 29 October Hawaii Cat Foundation.

8 Two Unspayed Dogs Can Produce . . .
Let’s start with two dogs: Year 1: four puppies, two are female Year 2: twelve puppies, six are female Year 7: the two dogs have yielded 4,372 puppies 3 3 ”Why Spay and Neuter?” Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers.

9 Cats Are Even Worse! In four short years, two cats can produce 20,736 kittens! 4 4 “Why Spay and Neuter?” Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers.

10 Stray / Feral Cats It is estimated that 70,000 puppies / kittens are born in the United States every day. Roughly 3,500 will be saved. The rest will be euthanized, or will suffer the cruelties of disease and starvation. 5 5 “Neuter and Spay, It’s the Humane Way.” Guam Animals in Need.

11 So, Why Are More Animals Not Spayed / Neutered?
There are many misconceptions regarding the procedure. Let us address some myths, and get the facts straight!

12 Myth vs. Fact Spaying / Neutering is painful!
The procedure is done using general anesthesia. Your pet will return to normal within 24 – 72 hours. The surgery is expensive! Spaying ($29) / Neutering ($18), less than the cost of raising a litter of kittens / puppies. It’s better to have one litter first! Female dogs / cats spayed before their first heat cycle live longer, healthier lives. My pet’s personality will change! It will be less aggressive, will wander less, and its desire to spray will diminish / cease. Males don’t give birth, so we don’t need to neuter them! Remember, “it takes two to tango.” Whereas a female can have only one litter at a time, a male can impregnate several females per day. My male cat will be less of a “male!” Your male doesn’t know he’s male. 6 6 “Spay and Neuter Information.” 5 November 2000. - spayinfo

13 Be Part of the Solution! Neuter and spay; it’s the humane way!

14 Hawaiian Humane Society
Contact Information Hawaiian Humane Society 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, HI PH: (808)

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