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A Collaborative Approach to Promoting the Rights and Responsibilities of Off-Campus Students.

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1 A Collaborative Approach to Promoting the Rights and Responsibilities of Off-Campus Students

2 Shared Goal of Campus/Community Partnership: ● To assist students in weighing housing alternatives and transitioning off-campus while promoting neighborhood livability. ● To improve cooperation and communication between the University, off-campus students, the City of Mankato, and the neighborhood associations.

3 Neighborhood Concerns  Underage drinking  Noise  Trash  Over-occupancy  Parking & traffic  Loud parties  Unkempt lawns  Unlicensed rentals

4 Student Concerns  Substandard housing  Safety  Understanding zoning & ordinances  Inadequate parking  Leases  Affordability

5 “It is highly unlikely that the adverse secondary effects associated with significant numbers of students living in rental units within city neighborhoods could ever be successfully addressed by either the city or the institution working alone.” 2005 – Neighborhood Best Practices Study (Assessment of Fargo, Mankato, Moorhead, and St. Cloud)

6 A Multifaceted Approach  Attendance at neighborhood association mtgs  Attendance at City Council mtgs  Article in Family e-newsletter  Joint City / University letter to parents  Party Smart bags with social norming messages  Housing fair presentations  Involved students in neighborhood activities  Consequences posters  Collaboration with apartment managers

7  Student Affairs staff and city officials planned collaborative initiatives in 2006.  MSU Alcohol Work Group identified environmental management recommendations, e.g. elimination of “All You Can Drink” specials.  University staff, police, and neighborhood associations strategized in 2006 to reintroduce a one year moratorium on new liquor licenses. A 2005 moratorium vote had been defeated by a 3-to-3 vote.  Community members lobbied city council reps. Police compiled data on increased calls for services, higher blood alcohol levels, and cost to tax payer. University staff wrote letters to editor and testified at public hearings in support of a moratorium.  On February 26, 2007, Mankato City Council enacted a moratorium on liquor licenses in order to conduct a best practices study.  As part of the study, Student Affairs staff provided the City with research data and attended open forums to discuss proposed liquor law changes.  President Davenport and Vice President Swatfager-Haney testified in support of revisions to city code and liquor licensing requirements.

8  November 13, 2007 Social Host law passes. Holds persons criminally responsible for underage drinking at their residence regardless of whether the host supplied the alcohol.  November 26, 2007 Sweeping changes to liquor license system <Ban on all-you-can-drink specials, e.g. Cup Night <Ban on all drink specials after 11:00 p.m. <Limits sale of alcohol to no less than 50% of normal prices to discourage irresponsible drinking <Prohibits bar employees from drinking on the job <Any new liquor establishes must also have a kitchen and sell food <All servers/sellers must annually complete the Responsible Server Training Program <Establishes a “gold star” system to reward bars that comply with the ordinance by decreasing their liquor license renewal fee Outcome of Moratorium & Study

9 Effective Regulatory Approaches  Closely advise Greeks. Natl. Assoc. of Insurance Commissioners ranks fraternity houses as a higher risk than asbestos removal contractors.  Change zoning to limit # of unrelated individuals allowed in a single- family residence.  Offer residential parking permits.  Strongly enforce zoning and public nuisance ordinances.  Educate parents about the pros and cons of buying rental property for their student.  Annually conduct safety inspections; $2,000 fines for unlicensed rentals.  Restrict parking and party patios in front of house.

10 Rental Life: The Real Story Audiences  Residence halls  FYE Seminars  Local public access channel  Greek meetings  Family Weekend  Student-Athlete meetings  MDPS Problem Solving Conferences  Resource for landlords  Required conduct sanction  Housing Fairs  International student groups  Streaming video on websites  Link in Family newsletter  Area high schools and group homes

11 Rental Life DVD Consequences Posters Reality Check Posters









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