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Towards Action Planning Linda Story Air Noise and Nuisance Team.

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1 Towards Action Planning Linda Story Air Noise and Nuisance Team

2 The measures within the plans are at the discretion of the competent authorities, but should notably address priorities which may be identified by the exceeding of any relevant limit value or by other criteria chosen by the Member States, and apply in particular to the most important areas as established by strategic noise mapping.

3 An action plan must at least include the following elements: a description of the agglomeration, the major roads, the major railways or major airports and other noise sources taken into account. the authority responsible. the legal context. any limit values in place. a summary of the results of the noise mapping. an evaluation of the estimated number of people exposed to noise, identification of problems and situations that need to be improved.

4 a record of public consultations. any noise-reduction measures already in force and any projects in preparation. actions which the competent authorities intend to take in the next five years, including any measures to preserve quiet areas. long-term strategy. financial information (if available): budgets, cost-effectiveness assessment, cost-benefit assessment. provisions envisaged for evaluating the implementation and the results of the action plan.

5 Analysis of the Strategic Noise Maps The estimated number of people (in hundreds) living in dwellings that are exposed to each of the following bands of values of L den in dB 4 m above the ground on the most exposed façade: 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, > 75, separately for noise from road, rail and air traffic, and from industrial sources.

6 Checks on the ground Reality Check More detailed Modelling Measurements Further Investigation and Analysis

7 An Evaluation of Existing UK, Scottish and Local Policies, Plans and Programmes Transport Plans and Programmes Local Plans Air Quality Management Plans

8 An Evaluation of Potential Mitigation Measures

9 Other Issues to Consider Health Effects Quiet Areas

10 Towards Action Planning Contact details Linda Story Air Noise & Nuisance Team Scottish Government Area 1G North Victoria Quay Edinburgh EH6 6QQ tel. 0131 244 1521 fax. 0131 244 0211 e-mail :

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