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Police Headquarter Frankfurt am Main Crime Narcotics Directorate - K 64 - Adickesallee 70 60322 Frankfurt am Main - Germany - Thomas Zosel Chief Detective.

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1 Police Headquarter Frankfurt am Main Crime Narcotics Directorate - K 64 - Adickesallee Frankfurt am Main - Germany - Thomas Zosel Chief Detective Investigation Team Leader / Liaison Officer for Drug Services Phone: +49 (0) 69 – Fax: +49 (0) 69 – Frankfurt am Main Model for cooperation between Organisations and Police to drug related problems: so called: “Frankfurt Way”

2 2 07/03/11 City Profile Frankfurt am Main F rankfurt am Main is the largest city in Hessen. Here, more than 400 banks have their headquarters, including the European Central Bank. The City has residents and 43 local municipalities. The so called "Frankfurt Resolution" was introduced as a drug policy document in 1990 at the “1st Conference of European cities in the centre of drug trafficking, as the model “Frankfurter way". Frankfurt is often described as the city that has solved its problems with the open drug scene pretty effective.

3 Data concerning the City of Frankfurt am Main Inhabitants: German nat.: Foreign nat.: Employed: Unemployed: Commuters in: Commuters out: fair exhibitions with more than visitors Frankfurt with ist -Central Railway Station (daily average of Passengers) -The „Frankfurter Kreuz“ (east – west and north – south motorway intersection) -Rhein-Main-Airport (53 Mio. Passengers / largest Airport in Europe with freight of 2,2 Mio. metr.tons) Frankfurt am Main is an international Centre for traffic, commerce and banking Source:municipal office for statistics and elections, data from /03/11

4 4 Official commitment At the Frankfurt am Main police Station (Headquarter) a detained person with a drug addiction may not be taken to the detention cell or prison without prior medical treatment (the provision of methadone). This circumstance is obligatory for considering a person's sensivity to imprisonment.

5 5 07/03/11 Treatment of drug addicts Arrested person who committed a crime Drug Addiction (Questions: „Yes” or „No”) If „No” / Delivery and custody If “Yes” / Substitution by Methadone Clinic and then until Delivery and custody Transfer the person to the prison with note of drug addiction Continuation of treatment in custody (Methadone) and depending on the length of detention to participate in treatment programs

6 6 07/03/11 Chronology 1960 → 1975 From student protests to open scenes – From “Marijuana meadow”, from abstinence orientation and police repression 1975 → 1990 Chaos all around. Conflicts and changes (liberal-restrictive), increasing problems 1989 → 1992 In the late 1980s the city experienced a dramatic increase in social depression. With misery, deaths and overdose, with 147 deaths in 1991 the city reached the limit of what it could handle. The open scene “Taunusanlage” in a city park belt, was visited by up to addicts day and night. The availability of Heroin rose and prices fell. Adapted from: Jürgen Weimer Municipal Office For Drug Policy Frankfurt am Main

7 7 07/03/ → 1989 Working group. New guidelines. “Monday Round” - Living with drug addicts Final closure of the “Taunusanlage” with enhancement of harm Reduction facilities: - Discussions of “User rooms”, counselling services - No tolerance for drug scenes - Return of people to their original place - Coordination of activities and management (Measures became a combination of prevention, treatment and harm reduction. Reducing of the repression on drug users)

8 8 07/03/11 Installation of the Monday Round (1988) with the following person: Chair: City council (wo)man for public health Deputy Chair: Drug policy coordination office Members: -Deputy police commissioner (till 2000) -2 high ranking police officers -prosecutor district court -prosecutor high court heads of municipal officers for: -public health -public order -juvenile and social affairs -prevention council (since 2000) state officer for school affairs -2 elected members from NGO´s -vice president chamber of commerce (till 1994)

9 Monday Round / Special Task Force Chair:Drug Policy Coordination Office Task of the Monday Round - Target oriented sub teams tackling Conceptions or problems like: -Injections facilities -Crack -Main station area -Violence Cancellation after problem solving 07/03/11

10 The practice quickly showed that solutions were solved from the Monday round at the "base" only means of connecting with people. The solutions had to be implemented at the base as quickly as possible. Therefore, the "Friday round" at the Drug Unit of the City of Frankfurt am Main set (Direct implementation of decisions at the operational level) Installation of the Friday Round (1989) with the following person: (Direct implementation of decisions at the operational level) Chair: Municipal Office for Drug Policy Members : -police directors of precincts -police directors of special forces -management of drug aid facilities -heads of sections of municipal offices for public order and juvenile and social affaires -delegates from the mobile projects 10 07/03/11

11 Development of injection facilities InstitutionDate of implementation No. of slotsOpening hours Drogennotdienst Elbestraße 38 Tel: +49 (0) August Daily 6.00 – incl. holidays Druckraum Niddastraße 49 Tel: +49 (0) September Monday – Tuesday – Sunday – La Strada Mainzer Landstraße 93 Tel: +49 (0) May Monday, Wednesday- Friday – Tuesday – Eastside Schielestraße 26 Tel: +49 (0) December Daily – 22:30 incl. Holiday

12 Frankfurt Projects in Drug Aid to Kick the Habit Methadone Treatment - Drug aid centre Bleichstraße - Drug councelling centre Sachsenhausen - Municipal office for public health - Drug councelling centre Merianplatz - Drug councelling centre Höchst - Councelling centre for women Councelling an Therapy - “Drop-In” Councelling centre North - Drug councelling centre Höchst - Drug councelling centre Merianplatz - Drug councelling centre Sachsenhausen - Drug councelling centre Bleichstrasse - Councelling centre for women Schooling, Job Orientation Qualification and Employment - Centre for Education, Hermann Hesse School (140 students) - Training- and job-education centre Höchst (60 trainees) - Projekt work, technics and culture (4 trainees) - Centre for Training (12 students) - Frankfurter Workshop, Jobbörse (jobs for daily wages) - Jobs provided by drug aid providers - Park project (20 Persons) - Street sweepers (40 Persons)

13 13 07/03/11 The drug policy of the City of Frankfurt am Main 4 pillar Model 1. Prevention 2. Crisis and Survival 3. Drug-free programs 4. Repression 07/03/11

14 ground level=>Drug consumption room first floor=>medical field second Floor=>Management of the institution and facility management third Floor=>Consumer café with social working fourth and fifth floor=> Accommodation for drug users 07/03/11 Division of a drug assistance facility

15 15 07/03/11 Aims 1. Prevent drug use 2. Harm reduction and social (re) integration 3. Additional support to quit drugs in order to lead to a drug-free life 4. Struggle against criminality reduction of public nuisance Target groups 1.Young persons (up to 28 years) 2.Addicts and users with problematic patterns of consumption 3.People who want to quit using drugs 4.Dealers, addicts with criminal energy and people that cause public nuisance

16 16 07/03/11 Since 2004 police and social program “OSSIP"(Pro Aktive Sozial Work Security Work Intervention and Prevention) - For a living together in Frankfurt/M. - _________________________________________________ "In order to achieve a trouble-free coexistence between drug users and citizens, police and the office from public order in the future will strictly struggle against: - public drug use - scene formation in the street - drug dealing - disturbances and - dirt

17 Development of drug-related deaths Frankfurt am Main This year up to Source: Drug Policy Coordination Office of Frankfurt am Main and Police Headquarter, Data from 2011

18 18 07/03/11 Implementation of Police drug warning system (2010) (Goal: minimizing deaths and analyzing in order to come up with warnings of available drugs) Monitoring of drug quality on the scene with consequences: - Seizure of questionable drugs - Toxicological Analysis of drugs - Feedback on the quality to the facilities and drug users - Notice to paramedics and rescue personnel to be able to offer specific treatment

19 19 07/03/11 “It's not the question "when " a person comes into contact with drugs, but what reaction does this person show when drugs are offered to him. The challenge is to make people "strong" and to aggressively elucidate people about drugs. People's rationality must prevail over their curiosity. “ Prevention is the challenge of the future Thank you for your Attention !!!! Jürgen Penschke For the Drug Division (K 64) it´s very important:

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