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Challenges of Change Residential Land Use & Development in Rehoboth Beach is Undergoing Change.

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1 Challenges of Change Residential Land Use & Development in Rehoboth Beach is Undergoing Change

2 Presentation Summarize the overall symptoms of concerns that prompted today’s joint meeting. Summarize the major issues that have been recently raised by citizens. Summarize the issues and questions being raised by the Planning Commission.

3 What We Need to Do Today Develop and prioritize problem statements Discuss options to resolve or solve the problems Define collaborative course of action and next steps to select best options

4 Symptoms Increased levels of ambient continuous and intermittent nuisance noise. Deprives neighbors of the quiet enjoyment of their home. Light pollution from major amenities depriving neighbors of natural darkness. Intense illumination far exceeding the perimeter of the host property. Off street parking insufficient to support ratio of bedrooms to cars. Reduced transient parking and street navigability at peak times. Increased storm water run-off due to permeable surface loss. Loss of trees and adjacent property tree root systems due to foundations not accounted for in FAR calculation. Loss of property separation with non-roofed building in set-backs.

5 Citizen Concerns Primarily Related to Rental Property Swimming Pools Noise – People generated – Equipment generated Light Pollution Storm water runoff Damage to trees on abutting properties Issues related to large number of occupants Change in character of neighborhood Commercialization of amenity

6 Planning Commission Issues (in addition to Citizen Concerns) Ordinance enforcement – Code and Civil Law Size of houses & amenities currently allowed – Number of bedrooms & bathrooms – Pools, hot-tubs, outside showers, decks, etc. built to setback lines – Minimal natural area, lack of space for trees – Adequacy of on-site parking – Minimal permeable surface

7 Questions to Consider Are our current zoning, building, noise, and other regulations resulting in the desired outcomes? Does the City know of all the rental properties and are there adequate and on-going inspections for safety, health, & welfare issues? Is the increasing number of large “maxed-out” houses used primarily as rentals resulting in the commercialization of residential neighborhoods?

8 Possible Options to Solve Identified Problems Enforcement of existing regulations and rules: Where does this apply? Minor tweaks to existing code: Where does this apply? What are they? Building Code changes: What should be in a FAR? Options/ratios? Need for Restatement of Policies or New Policies? What are the Turning Points? What are the Breaking Points?

9 Collaborative Action and Next Steps Where do we go next ? Lets start discussing! What are our best options? How do we resolve problems today without creating unintended consequences for the future?

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